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  1. GDT: Devils @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM

    Havnt seen a game fall apart that fast in a while.
  2. GDT: Devils @ Toronto 7pm Msg Return of the Zajac

    What a disappointing outcome. Devils really owned the OT but just couldn't buy a goal tonight.
  3. GIBBY!!!! Wood has been fantastic tonight!
  5. Wow that was a lot of finesse from the 4th line.
  6. Well i guess Wood is trying to keep this a game. Great feed by Zacha on that one as well.
  7. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    Magnificent hit by the sheriff
  8. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    Bratt got called for literally nothing wtf refs
  9. GDT Devils vs Panthers 7:00 MSG+

    First game I am able to get out to this season. Donated a bunch of cans so hopefully I can get to the dec 15 game as well. The newish biergarten is a pretty decent spot for a beer before the game. LGD
  10. GDT : Devils @ Flames - 9:00 PM - 5/11/17 (SN360, MSG+)

    The Dandy!
  11. GDT : Devils @ Flames - 9:00 PM - 5/11/17 (SN360, MSG+)

    Devils havn't made a break out pass since the first period.......