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  1. Holy sh!t Ottawa is going wild. This is bordering on embarrassing for the pens.
  2. This Sens team is really likeable.
  3. Guys, Shero got a 2nd round pick to take 1 year of a 4mil cap hit from the Savard deal. I would be shocked if he wasn't able to pull off a trade where we retain some salary and get something serious back.
  4. https://streamable.com/umqjr Sad Lundqvist is always funny to me.
  6. Dallas as well. this just stinks. WE MOVED UP
  7. The fvcking flyers moved up
  8. WHAT A GAME! Sens with one he'll of a comeback
  9. Sens going HARD right now.
  10. Good stuff Sens.
  11. Well if we trade for a defenceman prior to the expansion draft like many of us seem to think will happen then Merrill falls out of that spot for the traded player so it's not really all that bad if Shero makes a good move. The real question comes from what do we do if Shero somehow lands 2 good defencemen before the expansion draft? do you expose Greene or Severson? I would probably expose Andy since Sevo is so much younger and there is only so much time left before Greene's play declines far enough for him to become a liability but it would feel bad to expose the captain and someone who has been such a cornerstone of the defense for the past few years.
  12. When I saw that the rags came back to take the lead 3 - 2 I honestly wrote of the habs as being done. Good to see they tied it up in the dying seconds and won in ot. Maybe this gives them some confidence and kills any momentum the rags had. Rags didn't have that great of a home record this season so hopefully the habs can do some damage at msg.
  13. I know a lot more people though we should have gotten a pick instead of Prout in the trade with Columbus but I think (read: Hope) Shero had the plan all along to {a} see if a change in scenery worked for the guy (it didn't really) and {b} use him as a trade piece to get a defender from a team that needs an expose-able contract. I think Anahiem and Minny both will need to expose a good d-man or two just because they don't have enough expose-able contracts. Prout is worth his weight in gold in this scenario to one of those teams. You can snag a player from them on the cheap while giving them the ability to not have to expose a more valuable D man. And in the worst case for that team, Prout isn't taken by Vegas, his contract is pretty cheap (1.575 Mil cap hit) and only has 1 year left on it.
  14. I have only been watching since the 13-14 season so I am probably one of the newer fans on here.The 14-15 season was worse. That team was so slow and just terribly unexciting to watch. The roster was probably the oldest in the NHL and was going no where. There was no hope that there was anything in the pipeline coming for help any time soon. It was just misery. This year they kept it competitive until right before the trade deadline. I will admit that the last 20-25 games this year is probably the worst single stretch to suffer through though. At least we have some prospects to look forward to now.