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  1. Was very impressed with Auvitu. He was able to effortlessly break apart multiple plays where I had thought a shot on goal was inevitable. I was also impressed with shero and cangelosi (hearing their names announced as assists on a goal was definitely strange). Thought they both played well and generated multiple scoring chances.
  2. I'm sure everyone has heard enough that McLeod is fast but sweet Jesus seeing it in person is different experience. Looks to have good hands as well and I have seen a few nice setups he has dished out to others.
  3. Don't forget about Quenneville. nevermind i see JQ in there
  4. Oh sh!t we still can get a forward!
  5. Nylander gone to buffalo.
  6. Didn't think Keller was going to go that early damn.
  7. Even when Edmonton doesn't win the lottery they still get a pseudo lotterypick. Amazing.
  8. It looked like a knee injury to me and when it comes to knee injuries tearing something is much worse than breaking something.
  9. fvck the Canadian Rangers. I guess tanking really is the only way to get top pick.
  10. Edmonton didn't win and the devs pick didn't move down. I guess there is some justice. Really was hoping the yotes would get Matthews if the Devs weren't gonna get him.
  11. What a game to end the season on. Rico and Palms with the 30 goal marks, Zacha with his first points, Patty and Zacha playing together with some awesome chemistry, just a really fun time. On to of that I had never been to Hobby's before today. Gotta say I was impressed. Really good stuff there. As someone who has only been watching hockey since the season after the 2012 cup run this has been a fun year. This game in particular has probably been the most enjoyable one I have ever seen. Had a great time starting some Patty chants with thecoffeecake in section 230. Also was able to get patty's signature on my jersey after the game. Got Kalinin's sig on my hat as well. For anybody not at the signing area after the game, Kalinin did a nutty burn out in his car on his way out after signing for everyone. It was pretty hilarious.
  12. Schlemko trying his best to put a goal on the board.
  13. I would entertain the option of bringing him back. I think he might still have something left. I also think it would be really cool to see Zacha play with Elias (assuming Zacha makes the line-up which is obviously not a definite). Something like a Boucher - Zacha - Elias line might work out pretty well if Patty's passing ability has held up. Also, anybody know what Zacha's speed is like?
  14. Amazing kill. Crowd's been loud in the third.