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  1. At least Santini and Merril have been playing well lately. Gives me some hope that there is some possible help on the way there.
  2. John Moore is fvcking useless
  3. Hall wiffed on two so far. He's gotta bury those but especially the second one. A fat and juicy rebound came right to him about 5 feet from the net and he didn't put it on net. Can't let those chances slip away.
  4. Classic Zajac. Great play on defence and in the neutral zone only to miss a shot terribly.
  5. Lovejoy.....just brutal
  6. Great start!
  7. What a kill. They are playing with fire. Amazing play by hall to get that puck in front of the net for the greasy pap tap in.
  9. Lovejoy please don't push players into Cory.
  10. Great game, can't believe we only netted 2 with the way they played.
  11. OHHHH BABY PAVEL ZACHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Jajo back on the bench. Also I really don't think it was that dirty of a hit. That stanchion on the boards is always such a dangerous spot.
  13. Oh man Blandisi has to sink that. You can't let a pass like that go to waste.
  14. Lots of big hits going on tonight.