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  1. FU
  2. Any reason given as to why?
  3. I didn't say that "anyone shouldn't care more about a hockey team more than the welfare Of their" learn to read
  4. Think we need to win this one, so I am not sure thar tonight is the night to take out is Blandisi and put in Beau Bennett not that either will win this game. Go Devils
  5. Thank you. It's an opinion. Since you think I am a jackass I won't share with you how I came to that opinion.
  6. Good discussion re: Cammy. This is my thread. I agree he has zero or almost zero trade value. If you look at our present team and Albany there isn't a better option to bench him. I feel he knows he has 2 yrs at 5 M so why bust his ass and that's why he hasn't has as.many injuries this season. Sorry to say this but he already milked his daughter's pneumonia, yes it was bad but to be out so long says he doesn't care about the team. We are not going to make the playoffs IMO so now let's deal with him because it sends a bad message to the players and fans. So I propose the following: Bench him for two games. Strip him of the A, doesn't deserve it. Waivers or trade we pick up 50% of salary, sends good message to players and fans. What do you think?
  7. I have to bring this thread back. Cammy scores a goal 12/3/16, then 1/3/17 and then nothing. Thanks Lou We will be stuck with him until the end. No team wants an injury prone lefty that scores 10 goals so far this season and can't score one per month at $5M.
  8. Lots of things this team should've this season, I take the 2 pts.
  9. Terrible game. I must have missed alot because I can't understand why, Steve and Johnny Mac spoke so highly about Moore. On to Tuesday night
  10. If he retires and has his night he will wear a suit or a shirt only one Is that right? If yes how do you buy or if his jerseys?
  11. Good thought if they retire his shirt immediately this season.
  12. Sign him before March 1, 2017 for one day. Let him touch the ice for 30 seconds and then have a send off for him. Offer him a coaching job with the big team, let's see what happens. We as fans owe it to him to be positive and go crazy with a send off. Do you agree? Go Elias
  13. Great win before the 5 days off. They Go into the break with a 2 win confidence
  14. This has been a terrific game so far
  15. He been playing well for the last couple of weeks give him a break.