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  1. I knew I liked the cut of that kid's jib
  2. These rankings are...bananas.
  3. Gusev is a real underrated pickup by Vegas, still has another year on his KHL contract but he had a monster year with SKA last year, could be a real nice player for them in 2018-19.
  4. As a designer myself, I'm pretty ashamed in what Adidas did. They missed the mark on basic color theory, the white looks so weak because of its relationship in proximity to both the blue and gold, just adding an extra blue stripe above the white would give the White its strength back and the whole design would be more cohesive, but everything about that design instead is empty, weak, and characterless. Awful look for the Preds.
  5. This adds another dynamic to the whole thing, it's not like SJ just gave the guy away to the first team that came knocking.
  6. Please, anybody but Ivan Khomutov.
  7. Clearly the rationale for this trade is that Shero and co. believe Mueller is better than any defenseman they could have selected at 49th Overall, which I agree with. Kid is pushing 6'4", left shot, good skater, smart and efficient player, he's not sexy but I think he can grow into a solid 2nd pairing defenseman, would have told you the same about the kid before yesterday as well.
  8. I think Mueller is better than anyone we could have gotten at 49th, so I'm pumped honestly. Good move Ray.
  9. I like Mueller a lot, two-way defenseman with some good mobility, 18th Overall Pick back in his draft year, I could see him panning out into a 2nd pairing defenseman. Like this move a lot.
  10. I don't think Arizona is trading any of those guys, especially not for Stepan. I could see the Yotes parting with someone like Crouse or Merkley but certainly none of their big 3.
  11. I like the Sergachev-Drouin deal for both teams. I had Sergachev rated as the best defenseman in 2016, think the kid has top pairing dman written all over him, and he comes as a non-factor cap-wise to Tampa Bay with 3 years remaining on his contract. Drouin is gonna help Montreal score some more goals, but they gotta make a move for some defense or else that blue line is U-G-L-Y in a couple years.
  12. Pierre McGuire has almost no qualifications to be evaluating this year's draft. He hasn't worked as a scout in over 20 years and he obviously hasn't watched this draft class considering he's unfortunately on NBC all the time doing NHL games. This draft isn't as good as the previous two but that by no means makes it "abysmal." I think there's still a good amount of depth to be had in this draft, I hate the notion wth some analysts who act like there are only maybe 20 players out of 500 kids that will play in the NHL, there is some depth to be had in the draft.
  13. I don't hate Crosby nor the Penguins. Does the NHL likely have a bias towards them? Probably, but can you honestly blame them? The Penguins are probably the most marketable team in the NHL with the level of talent they have. Sid is arguably one of the best players to play in the NHL ever at this point, he's generationally talented and he puts in the work for his team. I can't hate Sid, I can only admire him, because the guy is just a straight up winner, he's won almost every relevant award in the hockey world and he's not even 30 yet, him along with Ovi are gonna be the two players in today's NHL that I'm going to tell my kids about in the future, Sid has his rings, I just hope Alex's time is coming soon. I was really rooting for the Preds hard in this final, but it was more so rooting for an extreme underdog instead of any ill will towards the Pens. They're a phenomenal team and I have to respect them, they're in the same line as the Hawks in today's NHL, they're model franchises.
  14. There's some people that see Jokiharju as a mid to late 1st, but some of the other defensemen, namely Brännström, Vaakanainen, and Timmins, I like just a bit more. I personally think it's very likely he ends up as an early 2nd, don't think it's out of the question he's there at 36.
  15. I also released today my final 3 Round Mock Draft, and per usual check it out of you'd like. Click each player's name for their accompanying player page for more info