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  1. I started out as a Nolan guy but the more and more I watch of Nico I'm beginning to be swayed, this pick is where our scouting staff is really going to earn their money, it's a tough choice.
  2. 2020 at the earliest, Rykov is under contract with SKA through the 2018-19 season. Hopefully by the time his contract is up he's overripe and ready for a significant NHL role for us
  3. I'm rather sure the Devils could choose where they would like him to play, so we would have the option of assigning him to Albany or the CHL. If I were a betting man, I'd say he doesn't get selected in the Import Draft. A team that selects would likely only get one year of usage out of him, unless it's a team like Mississauga who believes adding someone like Bratt could put them over the edge for a championship, I think most teams in the Import Draft are going to select someone they can get 2-3 seasons out of.
  4. He hasn't been drafted anywhere yet, possible he could get selected in the Import Draft this summer though.
  5. You can only add the 8th year if he played for you in the previous season, so even if we traded for his rights we wouldn't be able to add the additional year.
  6. Biggest question for me is, why were the top two seeds in the league playing each other in the 2nd round to begin with? This playoff format is beyond fvcked.
  7. You gotta really respect Karlsson as a player after that series, guy is playing with two fractures in his foot and he was the best player on the ice every night. True superstar, hard to believe a guy with two Norris Trophies is just now getting recognized by fans league wide because of these playoffs.
  8. If you're looking at who would be a better fit with Taylor Hall down the road, I think Nolan Patrick should be the guy. Just feel like Patrick plays a more all-around game than Nico and Nolan has a more natural scorers touch, whereas I see Nico as more of a playmaker. Nolan can play both ends of the ice and finish when Hall sets him up, basically we saw last year that Zajac was a pretty good fit for Taylor because of Travis' two-way game, I think Nolan could be a similar fit but with much more offensive potential.
  9. The way it stands now the Rangers would likely have to leave Kevin Hayes exposed unless they trade for another forward that's under contract, I would die of laughter if they lost Hayes in expansion
  10. Wow good to see he's still milking his daughter for media coverage /LD
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if the Stars send a pick to Vegas in exchange for taking one of Lehtonen or Niemi, would alleviate that cap crunch for a year on their goaltending
  12. 4-0, looking like a Game 7 on Wednesday night
  13. What a shot by Backstrom, 3-0 Caps
  14. I'm hoping defense at 36th unless someone like Kailer Yamamoto drops. Defense wise for 36th, I really like Conor Timmins and Pierre-Olivier Joseph