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  1. Interesting!!

    'Reports out of Moscow, Russia says that 35 year old Pavel Bure has had successful knee surgery and is feeling healthy enough to make a comeback to the NHL. Bure has been working with a conditioning coach for the past 6 months and the timetable for his return could be as early as December. There are several confirmed reports that a number of NHL clubs have shown interest in the Russian Rocket. Among the teams vying to allure Bure include the Washington Capitals, Florida Panthers, and the Chicago Blackhawks. Contract negotiations are in the works, and reports are saying that the deal is worth approximately $3.6 million over 2 years. Capitals' superstar Alexander Ovechkin has reportedly said that it would be an honour to play alongside the best Russian to ever hit the ice. Pavel Bure last laced up the skates in the 2002-2003 NHL campaign where he compiled 19 goals and 30 points in 39 games. More to follow. July 15, 2006 Moscow Russia'
  2. Devils To Announce New Coach At 2pm...eom

    I've just had a horrifying and sick thought: Press: 'So Mr Malakhov...............' God No! Please let it be Murray!
  3. New conference and SCF logos

    Is it me or did they get the same guy that did the Culombus BJ's logos to do these? I can see the advertising line - 'The NHL..... Now safe for the under five's!'
  4. Caption THIS!

    Peter Schaefer........ And...... Carlo Colaiacovo..... Now Appearing in 'The Nutcraker'!
  5. New Slogan Ideas for 2006

    NJDEVS.com Where EveryDay Is Martin Broduer Draft Day! NJDEVS.com Where 'Heads Up' Means John Madden's Shooting! NJDEVS.com Where a Free Pair of Rose Tinted Specticles Are Provided! NJDEVS.com Where The Dancing Banana is King!
  6. Saskin appears at NHL GMs meeting

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (CP) - Ted Saskin was invited into the lion's den Wednesday evening and had the attention of all 30 NHL owners. It was a watershed moment in the game's history, given the adversarial relationship Saskin's predecessor as executive director of the NHL Players' Association, Bob Goodenow, had with the league. But the new collective bargaining agreement ties the players and owners together more than ever, both on and off the ice. Saskin's presence at the board of governors meeting was much less goodwill as it was necessity in order to co-exist in the new economic landscape. "We are, I guess, the majority partner in this business," quipped Saskin. "Let me make one thing clear: and that is the players have always been concerned about having a great game and that's nothing foreign," Saskin continued. "... But the invitation (from the league to speak in front of the owners) is obviously new and it's an opportunity to share thoughts and perspectives and that's welcomed. It's why I'm here." Commissioner Gary Bettman felt it necessary to invite Saskin, given the new landscape. "I thought that in light of the new era that we were ushering in, there would be no better indication of the fact that the players and the league are working together to move things forward that the best indication of that would be to have Ted here," Bettman said. "And perhaps even more important, I thought it was important for the governors to hear what's on the players' mind." While Saskin told owners that players were generally happy with the new NHL and the way the game was being played, he did have some CBA concerns to share with them. At the forefront was the way some clubs have sent players to their AHL affiliates between NHL games to save a few thousands dollars. And then there's the issue of players being buried in the minors if they earn more than $75,000 US because they would have to clear re-entry waivers and would likely be picked up by another team because only half of their salaries have to be paid. Take veteran goalie Wade Flaherty, for example. He remains with the AHL's Manitoba Moose because the Vancouver Canucks fear losing him on re-entry waivers and having to pay half his salary while Flaherty plays for another NHL team. "That's part of the (collective bargaining) agreement," Saskin said. "Obviously a lot of people have noted that type of situation and it's something I raised as a concern to the membership." On the ice, Saskin's only concerns on behalf of the players involved the inconsistency of some officials as they continued to adjust to the crackdown on hooking and holding. "The general feeling among the players is that the game is much improved, but there's obviously some issues on some of the consistency with respect to the officiating," Saskin said. "And that's been noted by many players as well as management people. "Everyone is doing their best though, it's a pretty big change." Saskin's presentation was the headline event of Wednesday night's 2
  7. Blues waive Lalime

    Why do i get the feeling that the blues management and owners are infact not a bunch of hockey loving people, but are infact a buch of smoking monkeys on rollerskates!
  8. Elias

    I have a feeling that we'll see Ellias in the lineup, surprisingly one night, completly out of the blue. No word about him returning, and then bang he starts against Philly or something. Hasn't Lou used this tactic before?
  9. Anyone want a santa hat on their avatar?

    Here's my effott for mine:
  10. Anyone want a santa hat on their avatar?

    let me see what i can do
  11. Anyone want a santa hat on their avatar?

    u missed the other two left and right. Cool, i use Fireworks by macromedia
  12. Anyone want a santa hat on their avatar?

    My Martys look out of place, good work on the others RD! Photoshop?
  13. Anyone want a santa hat on their avatar?

    Give it a whirl!
  14. Anyone want a santa hat on their avatar?

    I think i have too many pictures of Marty in mine for mine to be done!
  15. Odds against Penguins staying put

    Yes i did thanks, thats me being British again!