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  1. Taylor Hall and Marc Savard are gonna light it up next year! I'm a Larsson fan, but I've always wondered how strong a defender he'd be outside the magic bubble that is being partnered with Andy Greene. I wish the best for him. He's going to have very high expectations in Edmonton. Perhaps too high for anyone. As others have said... You have to make this deal if you are Shero. The Canadian media is losing it up here. I will miss Larsson but love the deal.
  2. I hope they play well down the final stretch. I've given up on the playoffs, but the team doesn't deserve to look at the standings and see us pretty much where we were last year. It feels like too much work has gone into this season. Finishing on a high note would be awesome.
  3. PAAAAIIIIINNNNFFULLL.... We really needed that game. Toronto may be about to do us a big favour against Carolina. But, as Steve C. pointed out tonight, we need to win 14 out of 20 now (or get 28 points) to get 95 points on the season -- which would give us a shot at the playoffs.
  4. That sucked. Devils were maybe a bit too cute. Making plays instead of just shooting it and getting to the net. The Jackets did a good job of collapsing in on the goalie (classic Torts). We can take solace in the fact that if the Jackets play like that going forward they will get crunched.
  5. I like how John Hynes can't even bare to watch the shootout. You could on the replay of them coming off the bench he was writing on his notepad. I don't blame him.
  6. You would have to find out if local blackouts apply. If there ARE local blackouts... then if you're watching the game in an area where it's available on cable... you are out of luck. I live in Canada so people in the Jersey area may have more insight the rules down there. I have an X-Box One and the Gamcenter Live apphas been problematic for me this year. It's prone to random dropouts and lag has been an issue for me this season (my internet download speeds normally test at about 75-80 mps... so it's not the fastest connection, but it was more stable on previous versions of the GameCentre app). All that to say, I have no idea how the PS4 version of the app runs. I would look into that -- and blackouts. I've used it in the past and as Sammy says, it's great and really convenient -- if it works.
  7. Well if we're going to lose a lot of games this year they might as well be competitive. I liked how Hynes had them keep pushing at the end. Good practice for 6-5 went it counts. Good to get Cammo a goal as well. May have missed the conversation elsewhere... but what do people think of Severson being a scratch?
  8. I had to double check that one in case you got the score wrong. That's pretty ugly!
  9. Only saw the third period which I take it was our best so can't really appreciate how bad the first and second went. Hopefully this is a starting point. It will be hard to be worse than the Devils were at there worst points tonight.
  10. Yes! This is what I was excited about when it was announced Lou was going to the Leafs.
  11. Also... I guess this fits in this thread as well. TSN did an investigation into the increased use of cocaine by NHL players: The story doesn't really live up to the headline. But it's somewhat interesting.
  12. Mark Spector wrote a piece that says Torres had only played 15 NHL games since his last suspension for a hit to Jarret Stoll. Despite that, Torres is not considered a repeat offender under the CBA because of the amount of time that has passed since that incident (mostly due to injuries that kept Torres out of the game). Assuming all that is true, there is still a lot of inconsistencies in the NHL's messaging on head shots.
  13. My post was kind of confusing but I was trying to say that we have a lot of players on the roster that are unknowns. Boucher, Josefson, Merrill, Severson, Kalinin, Gelinas, Larsson to an extent, Zacha if he's around, Moore... Until we know what kind of seasons these guys are going to have it's hard to predict where the Devils will end up. I disagree that making the playoffs is an impossibility with this group if a handful of those guys pull out good seasons. And I'm talking like 8th place here, not winning the division.
  14. Not completely unfair. If you look at the roster last year and compare to this year's team, there's not a ton of change. I'm a bit more optimistic, having followed the preseason games, that this team could surprise some people. There's so many new things going on with the Devils this year (from the roster to management to coaching style) that it really is a tough team to handicap. As I say I'm optimistic, but this team could be competing for a playoff spot or terrible and I wouldn't be surprised either way.
  15. Indeed. Shot totals from OHL have always been high. I never really questioned it until they started tracking individual shot totals - those numbers really seem to jump out at you.