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  1. Gold medal GDT: USA-Canada

    Roberto Luongo, LOL, nice glove hand dope. Payback is a bitch if they lose in OT, he will go down in history as costing Canada the gold, serves the dirty Canucks right for stabbing Marty in the back.
  2. Mottau is awful!

    The fact this guy is on the penalty kill when he does nothing well, is a joke. Strong on his feet, able to clear the front of the net, NOPE. Clears pucks well once he gets control in the zone, NOPE. Learns from mistakes in his own zone and does not repeat them over and over and over again, NOPE. Yeah lets put him out there to kill a penalty, good coaching and general managing men. Trading for one defenseman is not enough, Green is not all that much better in his own zone than the siv that is Mottau, if either one of them are more then your 5 or 6 d, this team is not winning anything.
  3. Trade Rumors

    Ditto, no way he is retiring with Olympics next year in his backyard. As probably the biggest Scotty fan, I so want to get him back, but I just do not see it, unless the Ducks decide they want Pronger for the rest of his career, and then ask Scott if he would come back to Jersey. He is not being traded anywhere else, that is for sure.
  4. OOT Scoreboard - Wed. 6/6

    As I said the day he left, the devils just lost the best defenseman they ever had, and the best in the NHL today. He deserved the Smythe, not just for this year, but for every year he has taken his teams the distance. No player in the NHL today has played in more games in the last 15 years than Scott, all he does is win, and any Devil fan who is jealous, upset or snotty, go look at our 3 cups, we have none without #27. Congrats Scott, you deserve this as much as anyone. and one more thing Thank you again for our 3 cups, I hope you get two more, to make it an even 6.
  5. May 3rd OT GT Anaheim at Calgary Game Seven

    Congratulations Scott! It is shocking to see him with all those grey hairs on his chin, damn getting older. Goodluck against the lanche.
  6. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    hahahaha, thank you for the laugh, it's probably the only one I will have today, and I needed it.
  7. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    The above is so factually inaccurate, I don't even know where to start. If Lou's "personal relationship" with Niedermayer was the reason he's now with the Ducks, the Devils would have never been in the running to keep him. "unless the players have some undying faith to the area, they will NEVER stay." I don't even have the time to list off the players who decided to stay and who weren't exactly born in Brick. "Suffered a death blow?" It's a playoff team with some serious holes, but you're acting like we've been gutted. Did I miss the memo where Jeff Reese is now our goalie again? As for Shanahan, there is nothing in his departure you can blame Lou for. The Blues offered the moon for the kid financially, and he left. And then Lou bitchslapped St. Louis right back by getting Stevens. Which brings me to the point that your strange little rant seemed to miss: No matter how many times it looks like this franchise has been kicked in the balls, Lou always ends up winning. <JESTER> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> How long has Lou known Scott was not exactly a East Coast guy???? Yah think like 13 years or so? How long has he known what family means to him, what playing with Rob would mean to him, you think over 10 years? He had a good 3 years to get Rob, it's not like he was untoucable once he was traded by Florida, the man did not get it done. His personal relationship with Scott, his refusal to treat the players like men, and let them get the press they deserve, it all came back to bite him once again. The players who stayed, since the list is so short not long, lets look at them. Kenny, he lives here year round now, this is his home, he was loyal to the owner more so than Lou. Scott Stevens, he tried to leave at first, Lou matched it, then it became his home, and he was winning. Marty, this is his team. Other than those 3, I don't know what players you think have ever stayed. The team has to be gutted of his dead weight, with Scott we could compete for a championship, if anyone really believe we can do that now in the next year or two, I would love to be on what you are, it might make me feel better at the moment. Rebuild, they have some great pieces here, they will still be here in 2 years, but rebuild now.
  8. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    Oh and one final thing, for those saying Anaheim sucks, um guess what, they just signed the best defenseman in the game, that puts them ahead of us. I would need to look more closely at their roster, but if Hebert can actually wear normal pads, and be a good goalie, with Fedorov up front playing to his ability, and Scott in the back, I see no reason they can't compete for a Cup NOW. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think you mean Giguere... and NOT Hebert...... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> geez, that's how out of it I am at the moment, sorry about that
  9. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    I have decided that I will not post here ever again. Given that I am not a hardcore fan and that I have not been a fan of the Devils as long as PSG (only since 1987), I do not deserve to have an opinion. I do not stand up to their standard and therefore don't have the right to an opinion. I hope they are happy with their board. Have fun. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's not about how long you have been a fan, you missed my point, someone could become a fan today, and be as good of a fan as someone who has been around since 83, it's about seeing what the truth is, and that is what Lou is, a great hockey mind, with no people skills. and nah, you have been here way before I, so I think I will take my leave, at least from posting.
  10. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    It's not about the money, it's about how you deal with people one on one, maybe someday Lou will realize you don't have to be a control freak to succede. It's all on him, every single FN ounce is on him, he did not get it done, he has a good 3 years to repair the damage he had done in the past with Scott, or to go out there and get Rob, he knew this was coming, we all did, he did not get it done. Brian Burke, although I can't stand him, had his job for a month, guess what, he got it done. As the great Micheal Ray once said, THE SHIP BE SINKIN. Team overboard
  11. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

    It's amazing to me that some people here are clueless about what this means. Here is something, for you all to chew on. In addition to his Stanley Cup titles, Niedermayer has won an Olympic Gold medal, a World Championship, the World Cup, the Memorial Cup and a World Junior title. He is the only player in hockey history to have won all six titles. He is the best defenseman in the game, the Devils as of now, need to rebuild their team, do not, I REPEAT DO NOT sign Rafalski to some bloated contract, he's not worth more than 3 a year, he is a little person, and if asked to be a # 1 d man, he would fail miserably. My team has just suffered a death blow, and I blame one person, and one person only and that's Lou. All of you who drink the cool aid, you have not been fans as long as I, this goes back to the same thing as with Brendan, the man does not know how to have personal relationships with his players, and unless the players have some undying faith to the area, they will NEVER stay. He is a great hockey mind, David Conte is the best at his job, but Lou has destroyed my team today, all those years where Scott should have been becoming well known as what he is the best D man of his generation, but Lou and his idiotic stances, no players can appear on the Hockey News and what not, way to go dipsh!t, you won't have that problem now a$$hole. I am so upset, and not at Scott at all, everyone knew for years he wanted to play with Rob, it's not like he has been on one team all these years, Lou had every chance to get him, he never got it done, just like he did not get it done now. It's funny to think, a supposed great friend of his, Brian Burke on the job for a month, did something Lou could not do for years. I truly feel sorry for Marty today, he has to know his era is over, and he has no shot to win anymore cups, unless they find another Tom Kurvers out there to trade to Toronto, and get the next great D of his generation, they are done for the forseeable future in terms of truly competing for a championship Trade all the dead useless wood on this team, get rid of Friesen, we don't need no softs pieces of sh!t here. Get rid of Madden if you can, he is way overpaid for what he does, and since we are not competing for anything now, trade him to a team who can win and use his special talents. Get draft picks, and try and find young talent. Paul Martin, I think can be an All Star, so you have one good young D, Colin White should be much better than he has played, if he actually grows up and stops his foolish out of control at times play, so there is 2. David Hale with his health issues, to me has the look of a bust, we all need to hope he is not, for if he is, another wasted pick. If they can, trade Matvichuck, again he is not needed here, and could probably get some good value. Trade Gomez if you do not have plans to keep him next year, get some worth for him now. Marty is smart, he knows this has to happen, if Lou is truly the genius some of you think he is, then he has a chance to prove it now. If they do a good job in trades, and by some miracle a free agent would actually want to come here next year, they can rebuild and be competive again in 2 years with some of the key pieces like Marty and Paul, plus hopefully a healthy Patty leading the O. Larry Robinson is a great coach, he works well with youngsters, now let him, get rid of all the players who don't belong here. I am crushed by this, Scott has been my favorite player since the first game I saw him in, pre season on MSG against the rangers when he was 18, that natural skating stride, there is none like it in the game, if anyone does not see it, I feel sorry for you, but guess what, you won't see it on this team ever again. Oh and one final thing, for those saying Anaheim sucks, um guess what, they just signed the best defenseman in the game, that puts them ahead of us. I would need to look more closely at their roster, but if Hebert can actually wear normal pads, and be a good goalie, with Fedorov up front playing to his ability, and Scott in the back, I see no reason they can't compete for a Cup NOW. I am done. Mr Scott Niedermayer, Thank you for all the years, all the amazing memories you have given me as a fan. The blood, sweat and effort you have given my team for 13 years. 3 Stanley Cups, we all owe you our thanks and appreciation. Goodbye #27, there will never be another like you around these parts.
  12. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/shownews.jsp?content=s080381A "We had a long day with a few more teams suddenly jumping into the mix but we're close to making a final decision," his agent Kevin Epp said Wednesday night from North Vancouver. "I think you could expect an announcement on Thursday." It's believed his old club in New Jersey is among the final bidders. An announcement is expected by 3 p.m. ET Thursday. So we wait until the morning. Get it done Lou. You too Larry.
  13. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    who is that person who posted it, are they a regular user here? has anyone found anything on the net? I am refreshing every hockey site I know, and I see nothing
  14. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    So are we saying now that the radio station in Edm was only stating a rumor with the removal of that post?????????
  15. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    If it's any consolation, this is what Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) had at 3:57pm.... "Forsberg to Vancouver..trade Sopel to NYI to clear cap space" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> then he had floppa to philly and was right. for a rumor blog Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) has been pretty good so far. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He had "Forsberg is a Flyer" after it was on TSN. Don't give credit where credit isn't due. The Forsberg deal happened about an hour after he had him going to Vancouver. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope, he had Forsberg is a Flyer more than a hour before TSN, because I posted it here, and everyone was saying, there was no way it was happening, and then a hour later, comcast and then TSN had it. The only thing I will take out of this, is he said rumor, so I am not giving up yet.