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  1. Thanks you all sorry I've not posted much but I've been supper busy. BTW I think that Alex Smith is the worst QB in the nfl!!
  2. When talking about the Rats there is one name that jumps out at me that is truly ready for the NHL...Ahren Nittel who led the rats with his 25 goals he tied for 5th with 36 points.!!!
  3. Rest in Peace. Your presence will be missed!!
  4. The home-run stealer himself TORII HUNTER and the Minnesota Twins!!!!
  5. My team is the Twins starting off with a win the Redsox and will hopefully have a win against Seattle today.
  6. The best part of wrestlemaina was when the doctor of thuganomics won the WWE title!!
  7. Hey thanks guys sorry I can't get on here as much as I'd like to, but between work and school I can't find any time! BUT THANKS GUYS!!!!
  8. 5 on 3 bears DONE!!!
  9. Bears Score 3-1
  10. The RATS get the power play!!
  11. Hersey score
  12. Rats short two men
  13. Why not the U.S or Canada?????
  14. I just want to give my condolences to the victums and there families of the earthquake!!
  15. It is a done deal but before the trade espn stated that johnson's average is very low at yakee stadium! SO MABY THEY'LL STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!