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  1. Sad news.....

    Hi everyone. I'm Beth and I'm Claudia's sister. After reading all this I thought it appropriate to reply and give my thanks for all your compassion. It's great to know that Claudia was involved with such great people, she often would mention something someone would say on "the boards". One thing's for sure, the Devils and hockey were two of her greatest passions and would always make our family go to games often, we had even buried her with her Scott Stevens jersey folded at her side. She had even told me she planned to make my son, Jack, a goalie, saying hockey needed more good American goalies besides "damn Richter". She was a great person, almost like a role model even to me, despite me being 8 years older than her. She had had a rough life and really was waking up and getting things together. She had gotten on the honor roll for the first time since 5th grade, was applying for colleges, shooting for a scholarship in the field of psychology in drug and alcohol abuse counseling. She had grown up so much the past year and a half despite everything that was going on around her, the way she worked so hard everyday going to school, helping out our parents, taking care of my son, making dinner, cleaning, and the motivation she had- everything, you would have thought she was so much older than she really was... But I'm absolutely sure she'll be rooting for the Devils in the stands once the season gets started, Lord knows she did so loudly in life (we had gotten quite a few noise complaints over the years). Again thank you all