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  1. USA-Canada on Direct TV

    As usual, NBC stands for Nothing But Crap!
  2. Report: New Jersey Wants Winter Classic

    Is it written in stone that the WC HAS to be played on New Years Day? What about the week before the Super Bowl when the only thing on is the Pro Bowl game that NO ONE watches ? Or the week after the Daytona 500 (Feb. 21ish) Those dates have no conflict with any NFL game, Bowl game or NASCAR date.
  3. GDT NJD (26-8-1) at WAS (23-8-6) at 7:00 PM ET on MSG+ HD

    I just got home from the game.....What sorry second & third periods ! My first time to Verizon Center. A nice building, but nowhere near as nice and open as PruCenter. The decor was pretty generic. The DC fans show the visiting fans respect. I only heard one "Devils Suck" directed at me. I just held up three fingers and asked how many CUPS the CAPS had . It hurt laying seeing the Devils lay an egg against a top team, but hope the boys just shake it off and go to the next one. Let's Go Devils!
  4. Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils--7pm

    That video of Game 4 brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Cups #2 and #3 were awesome, but the first was sooo frickin sweet ! Following the club from Denver I went through all the highs and lows of the team. Wish I could be there tonight. For those of you that go, enjoy the celebration of the '95 Devils. They were truly special!
  5. Brent Sutter surprised Devils gave Calgary permission

    Don't forget about those Spock ears of his!
  6. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    holy chit...a canes penalty?
  7. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    7 mins...tic toc tic toc
  8. GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

    This period will take forever.........someone score an insurance goal please !
  9. Two words I'd love to hear

    Two words I'd love to hear....Devils Advance!
  10. No Longer a Prudential Virgin

    Glad you had a great time ! I drive up from Richmond, Virginia to catch at least one Devils game a year. This year it was Marty's shutout #100 against the Flyers. Next year I hope to catch a Devils /Ranjerks game. There are a bunch of mid-atlantic Devils fans south of Jersey. While driving home during a snowstorm from my last Devils game, we bumped into some Devils fans at a rest area in Maryland that were driving back to Northern Virgina. Our minor league team here in Richmond folded recently so I just might make more than one Devils game next season .
  11. NHL Network to Air Tuesday's Game

    This is GREAT news.....Now ican sit at home with my $10 12pack and not have to fight a sports bar crowd on St Patty's Day...Lets Go Devils!
  12. If you live outside the NJ/NY area, The NHL Network will be broadcasting the game tonight.....woo hoo lets go devils!
  13. Avery

    I would rather clean all the restrooms in Newark Penn Station with my TONGUE that to even hear the name SEAN AVERY again ! how is that for hate ?
  14. Attendance

    A nice hotel, but not worth the price except for the convenience of being close to The Rock and being attached to Penn Station via indoor walk through tunnel.
  15. Attendance

    I Live in Richmond, Virginia and make it up to Jersey for one game a year. I was there on 3/1 Devils/Flyers with four of my Virginia buddies and it was great to see a sellout. I think once people get comfortable going to downtown Newark that the average attendance will go up. We stay at the Newark Penn Station Hilton, take the PATH train into Manhattan to see the sites and have walked around parts of Newark near the Hilton and have never had any problems. More bars and restaurants close to the "Rock " would help too. The Arena Bar" is GREAT, but it is small and not many tables. I'm looking forward to my next trip up. I just wish I could do it more often than once a year !