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  1. I Think Rafalski Will Be Gone Before Gomez.

    I agree, I think Lou will value Gomez's assets and age more than Rafalksi's. Zidlicky isn't realistic (via trade or in dealing with the cap) and Markov wont help with cap issues. Maybe a trade could be made with LA for Tim Gleason. He's only 23 and had a pretty solid year for a guy playing 70 games for the first time in his career. They might take Rafalski and Mogliny for him, at the very least with the Devils eating a third of Mogilny's salary).
  2. Commissioner For A Day

    Personally I like the playoff format. I'd prefer a 70 game season though. 6x vs division 3x vs conference 2x vs 1 out-of-conference division (divisions match-ups will rotate) 1x vs another out-of-conference (ditto) Technically that's 69 games but they can't have a 69 game season just cuz of all the bad jokes that would result. The reason for 2 games against 1 out of conference division is to build a little rivalry. I know 2 games against columbus isn
  3. NHL Playoff Brackets

    Thanks BS but i need one for running a pool. ts, technically they're not correct but they're still used in NHL media guides and on sports sites (http://cbs.sportsline.com/nhl/playoffrace/bracket). I just need one that allows me to run a pool.
  4. NHL Playoff Brackets

    Anyone know of a website to use for office playoff bracket pools. I know there are a ton of them for NCAA brackets but i can't seem to find any for NHL brackets.
  5. Bonds - Sosa - Jagr

    If marty got caught with pads that were half an inch too wide would you put him in the same category as Bonds? Get real here.
  6. Lemieux undergoes heart procedure

    Read the headline and thought "good lord!" Then realized it was that 'other' Lemieux.
  7. Olympic Stats

    I'm looking for a site that lists every players current olympic stats. I've checked ESPN, TSN, Sportsnet, NBCOlympics.com and Torino2006.org. But none of them list a players stats for the tournament, only the leaders board. Anyone know where i can find the tradition players page with their olympic stats (GP,G,A,PTS...)?
  8. Fixing The NHL

    In fairness to the owners in this case it's not only about the money. From what I read bettman had his people look into it and with a handful of the rinks it's wont be physically possible to widen the ice given the infrastructure of those arenas. However, I see no harm in grandfathering the arenas. Every new arena will have to accommodate a wider surface. Rinks didn't use to be the same size, why should they have to be now.
  9. THN Player Poll

    It's tuff to say how the word impact is meant. Thornton takes impact to mean attracting fans. By that definition lundqvist has had the biggest impact because when the rangers are successfull NHL ratings go up. It seems like you're taking it to mean impact for the players team. Considering when Lundqvist is not in net the Rangers give up 1 more goal a game, are .500 and have only 2 wins since november I'd say he wins that category too. And aylbert i think it's tuff to say that Lundqvist isn't dominant when the guy is leading the league in SP and is 2nd in GAA.
  10. THN Player Poll

    I completely disagree with the majority of these people. The answer is Lundqvist. He's providing all-star quality goaltending allowing his team to be a major force in the conference. Ovechkin is having an impact on just the box score. Lundqvist is having an impact on the standings. There's no contest. I now need to go kick my own ass for writing that.
  11. Non-olympic player question.

    Although typically the play when they return is not sloppy but much faster than when they left. Over 2/3 of the league will be coming off a needed rest that isn't long enough for rust to settle in. I love games after the break.
  12. Have a picture of old devils jersey?

    Sorry man. They wore the old style with the new colors, for 1 pre-season.
  13. Have a picture of old devils jersey?

    Puddy you're right, i'm pretty certain they only wore them for one pre-season. I also have hockey cards with the whole team in these uniforms but it'd be easier for me to locate the holy grail then dig those cards out of the attic.
  14. Have a picture of old devils jersey?

    Awesome, thanks, that's it. I didn't even know they took a team photo, i didn't think those uniforms made it past the preseason.
  15. Have a picture of old devils jersey?

    Correct, the shoulders are now not rounded and don't have trim. They did use the current colors with rounded, trimed shoulders for at least the pre-season before they switched, but coming across pictures of those isn't easy.