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  1. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Man, the new divisions and playoff formatting is ridiculous. Blue/Blackhawks should never have been a first round game. Not to mention its confusing for the casual fan to get a sense of whats going on. People always knew what a 1 v 8 matchup encompassed. Now, you dont have a clue where these teams are coming from.
  2. NJ Devils Rebrand

    The way these owners operate with hyper-sensitivity to families and a lack of fan consultation, I had to double-take to ensure this was indeed a joke.
  3. TG Leaving the Record

    Noooo this is sad news.... so many of our mainstays have left us recently. This one hurts though. I have a feeling the Record wont even replace him.
  4. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    Incredibly frustrating player with a frustrating injury. The forum layout is strange with pretty much everything thrown into 3 or 4 threads.
  5. GDT - Devils vs Bolts - 2/26/16

    Well, the silver lining here is that Shero knows for sure now that the playoff chase is done and that we can be sellers at the deadline.
  6. GDT - Devils vs Bolts - 2/26/16

    I have to say, and I love Damon Severson and think he'll be a very good defenseman one day, but my goodness is he scary bad out there...dare I say Eric Gelinas bad.
  7. GDT - Devils vs Bolts - 2/26/16

    Well the Devils gave us til Feb 26 to stay excited and dream of playoffs. Much longer than what anyone expected.
  8. GDT - Devils vs Bolts - 2/26/16

    We do have the biggest must-win game of the season in less than two hours, dont we??
  9. GDT: Devils @ Ovie's 7PM MSG+

    Is it classic anger displacement of me to be mad at Cam? It feels like this guy bailed on this team. Where the fvck is he really? His hand hurts? Gtfo. We need all hands on deck (no pun intended) to even have a chance at a playoff spot and this guy goes missing for a seemingly made-up reason. I don't even recall seeing him get hurt.
  10. GDT: Devils vs Failures 7PM MSG+

    Is Cammalleri back from his tropical island getaway yet? We need him back ASAP
  11. GDT: Devils vs Failures 7PM MSG+

    Stepniak and severson look awful. Stepniaks game has fallen off a cliff of late.
  12. The Marty Night thread

    Great ceremony, I just wish they cut the music during the introductions of Marty so you can hear the fans applaud. Also, the owners are beyond AWKWARD. From telling the fans to quiet down in an unfriendly way, to being terrible public speakers, they were strange. And I wonder why there wasn't an extra gift to surprise Marty with. That usually happens at these things. I get the statue is a great gift but the way they spoke I thought they were gona throw in something else. Instead it was, 'a hearty good job' lol The fans were superb, as were the video montages. Great ceremony. Came through really well on TV.
  13. Jersey's Team vs Broadway's Hudson Rivalry Feb. 8 GDT

    So simple, yet so hard for them to comprehend.
  14. Jersey's Team vs Broadway's Hudson Rivalry Feb. 8 GDT

    No penalty on zucarello????
  15. Jersey's Team vs Broadway's Hudson Rivalry Feb. 8 GDT

    They haven't called that once all night against the Rags