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  1. GDT: Caps @ Devs 1:00 PM

    It's amazing how NHL players continue to fall for the only move Kuznetsov does w the behind the goal drop pass
  2. 1. Eric Gelinas is absolutely awful 5v5. On the second rags goal he looks like how I would look like if I strapped on skates and decided to play. His hockey IQ is so low. Every damn time he is on the ice the opposing team gets at least a quality shot. 2. Call me paranoid but I swear the Rags broadcast turned up the crowd mic when the Rags were in the offensive zone or PP, and absolutely shut down that mic when we threatened on the attack. 3. Schneider is an absolute legend in my book already. What a goaltenderwe have.
  3. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    True, he really hasnt been cold in the AHL. I think in the macro sense, he takes a year or so to get used to a level before lighting it up. (Though you can say that about tons of players, so I guess my post really didnt say much lol).
  4. Albany Devils Thread - 2015-16 Edition

    Boucher is starting to heat up. He was looking good for NJ the past few weeks. He's someone that has always taken a little long to get going, but when he does, that shot can make him a big time threat.  I wonder why Blandisi isnt playing.
  5. GDT: Devils @ Pens 7PM MSG+

    Gelinas can't hit the net for his life. He's utterly useless at this point. We def miss Kalinin. Ruutu's game has really fallen off a cliff. The Pens announcers are absolutely the worst in hockey. Long gone the days of Mike Lange.
  6. GDT: Devils @ Thrashers 7PM MSG+

    I swear Gelinas scares the hell out of me when he's on the ice. Such poor hockey sense and a lazy skater.
  7. GDT: Devils vs Boring Hockey 7PM MSG+

    These refs are really trying hard to help the sens. Theyre only calling it one-way tonight.
  8. GDT: Devils vs Boring Hockey 7PM MSG+

    This is fun   Blandisi continues to look like a beast
  9. GDT: Gaudreau vs. Palmieri

    Blandisi is absolutely fantastic. We may have a genuine gem with this kid.
  10. GDT - Devils @ Avalanche - 1/14/2016

    Cangialosi never announces why a whistle is blown, it's always just 'and we have a stoppage in play'. It's so annoying.
  11. GDT - Devils @ Avalanche - 1/14/2016

  12. GDT - Devils @ Avalanche - 1/14/2016

    So is msg screwing us again by not showing the first period of our game?
  13. Farnham suspended four games

    Big loss for our fourth line since Farnham has been playing well, especially with all the injuries we've had lately.  4 games is excessive...1 or 2 wouldve been reasonable.
  14. GDT - Devils at Blues - 1/12/16

    Blandisi had to bury that chance in the second period. Kinkaid was also not good enough.
  15. Devils vs Wild, 8pm NBCSN

    HUUGGEE win. Great D tonight. Amazing how great the defensive game is without Gelinas.