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  1. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    The rangers are so awful. Screw them and sh!tonkirk
  2. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Hayes has literally missed three sitters tonight
  3. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Hayes stinks. Enough of him already. Same for Johanssen
  4. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    It's fitting PDB is in the building. This is how we often looked with him at the helm.
  5. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    I get Santini played 25 mins last night, but we have a week off after tonight. Would it have hurt to play him over lovejoy... Didn't see that at all.
  6. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Doesn't help when the refs aren't calling it both ways.
  7. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Are the refs going to now start giving us charity make up calls?
  8. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    What a fake by Thornton! Guarantee u that blood is from another play. Wood didn't touch him.
  9. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Can't believe we're losing to this sh!tty predictable PDB team. Same sh!t we used to see - dump in then get puck back to the points.
  10. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Team looks tired. What's lovejoys excuse?
  11. GDT: Sharks @ Devils, 7:00

    Man Johanssen just doesn't look good...again.
  12. GDT: Devils @ Senators, 7:30 PM

    My ears are burning listening to all this praise: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/sens-not-underestimating-red-hot-devils~1236608 LGD
  13. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Even though Bratt isn't going to continue with his offensive onslaught, I'm thrilled with the other parts of his game. His defensive IQ is high, and he's drawing a penalty a game with his skating.
  14. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    Wtf hall
  15. GDT: Lightning @ Devils, 7:30 PM

    This is going to be tough to survive