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  1. Don't forget Brendan Morrison
  2. Man, I am so excited for preseason to get here. Would love to see Hudler brought in on that right side to play w Henrique and Hall. He was a ppg player just two years ago and has a manageable salary...I'm surprised he's still unsigned.
  3. I hope we're in on Hudler when his asking price drops.
  4. Dat take some major cajones, mang. of course he knew who his opposite number was and knew he could hold out.
  5. Woke up smiling...still cannot believe we got Hall.
  6. I'm still giddy over this deal! What a coup for Shero! People, Hall is a superstar-to-be.
  7. Great deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I fully endorse this move. I think Vegas will be sold out for years to come.
  9. Man, the new divisions and playoff formatting is ridiculous. Blue/Blackhawks should never have been a first round game. Not to mention its confusing for the casual fan to get a sense of whats going on. People always knew what a 1 v 8 matchup encompassed. Now, you dont have a clue where these teams are coming from.
  10. The way these owners operate with hyper-sensitivity to families and a lack of fan consultation, I had to double-take to ensure this was indeed a joke.
  11. Noooo this is sad news.... so many of our mainstays have left us recently. This one hurts though. I have a feeling the Record wont even replace him.
  12. Incredibly frustrating player with a frustrating injury. The forum layout is strange with pretty much everything thrown into 3 or 4 threads.
  13. Well, the silver lining here is that Shero knows for sure now that the playoff chase is done and that we can be sellers at the deadline.
  14. I have to say, and I love Damon Severson and think he'll be a very good defenseman one day, but my goodness is he scary bad out there...dare I say Eric Gelinas bad.
  15. Well the Devils gave us til Feb 26 to stay excited and dream of playoffs. Much longer than what anyone expected.