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  1. I'm officially off th Hynes wagon. This team looks so horrendously coached in its own zone. Players skate around like headless chickens. Opposing players are often unmarked and get free with ease. They also have clear shooting lanes. I mean how on earth did Thornton shoot from where he did, and completely free? Schneider was pissed and I don't blame him, this happens way too often.
  2. Saving Greene by getting him away from severson has been good tonight. Greene has looked sharp. Severson meanwhile continues to play most of his time pinned in our zone.
  3. Yet another brutal game for Damon severson. What a tremendous disappointment he has been so far this season.
  4. Damon severson has been garbage this season
  5. Our schedule lately has been brutal. Top opponents and tons of road games. Schneider is also working through a slump. Things will turn back around. We also miss Zacha a lot. No need to panic.
  6. Is the horn not working or something? Why is an air horn signaling the end of the period lol
  7. Wow can't wait to see this offense with palms and hall back in it. Cammo is looking studly
  8. Jacob Josefson is so terrible. The experiment has to end. Trade or cut him but he should not be anywhere near an NHL team.
  9. I hate watching this team play like this is 2014 all over again. fvck Josefson and his ahl level talent. Screw lovejoy, the worst player to ever win a cup. All we need is Ryder and Brunner to comeplete the 2014 masquerade.
  10. Dont call this Viewer Appreciation Night, call it Twitter Account night
  11. Lovejoy strikes again. Cant stand the guy. I think he stinks
  12. John Moore is having a horrible game. Was very surprised to see him on the ice this period...and then he comes in with a great assist lol He actually does kinda blow. 3rd pairing guy at best.
  13. That Marchand goal was on Hall. But desperately unlucky defeat for us.
  14. I'm sure the frustration with those groups is real but if you're upset at what people post on Facebook then you're going to be upset all day, everyday - Devils group or any other public online group. This is basically complaining about online comments. Try not to take asinine comments so seriously, especially if they're really stupid.
  15. Did anyone try stubhub for the home opener? If so, how was it getting in? Anyone get in with any paper tix?