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  1. So excited - just got back and the place looks great! I live (or soon will) in Bergen County, and we are trying to figure out if there is any decent public transit options, and if there is any parking that will be available to non-STHs. There is a color-coded map on the Devils website, but no explanation of what the colors mean. Anyone know? Oh, and anyone think the seats are pretty narrow? Can't wait for opening night!
  2. So that's so strange - I work on the floor below the NHL offices in midtown, and a guy on the elevator said to another guy something like "I am talking with Ted about Malakov." I started talking to them, and they said something about the salary definitely coming off the cap for this year, but not for next year because he's old. I didn't post this because I thought he was joking around with me . . .
  3. This is silly - I never really thought he was coming back, and I have total faith in Lou, and at the end of the day it is just a game, but I feel blue I hope Lou does something soon so I can get excited again. Or at least concentrate on work.
  4. I wrote that badly - I meant the NHL was trying to force the players to accept. The reason I'm not mad at THN is because I think someone from the NHL fed them the story. They just reported that "sources say." My guess is sources really did say a deal was imminent. It just wasn't.
  5. I'm not sure you can blame the Hockey News - they heard a story and reported it. The problem is that the owners lured the players back to the table and offered the same deal that had already been rejected. They thought they could embarass and scare the players into accepting - and I think the players should have taken the deal. Unless everything was a lie, I bet they got close to a deal - otherwise why pull the players from the European games? You think there is any chance anyone involved in the negotiations ever looks at fan boards? The anger and betrayal the most loyal NHL fans feel should make everyone involved very, very nervous.
  6. Well I tried. During the weekend you need a key to make the elevators work, and apparently mine only works for the floors my company is on. I'm so disappointed! Maybe I should stake out the lobby . . . or try those a/c ducts!
  7. I never post, but I'm a frequent lurker . . . I work on the 45th floor at 1251 Avenue of the Americas, and apparently Wayne and Mario are trying to save the season two floors above me. 47 is in the same elevator bank - I wonder how far I would get before being escorted out . . . I miss hockey