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  1. The Marty Night thread

    Here is a good resource for the schedule of TV for Marty's gala.  It covers 2 days worth of programming on MSG+.   Marty Celebration Schedule
  2. Devils' Tootoo fined $2,000 for diving/embellishment

    Farnham's ruling was fast and he deserved it.  This infraction took more than a week.  No consistency.
  3. According to the article, John Hynes gets fined also. Article  
  4. 2015–16 Prospect Thread

    Thnx for all you do feisty.
  5. GDT: Devils @ Rick Flair's House (7 p.m., MSG+, WFAN)

    I understand. That  is true however some come across like children.  You know the "wah, wah I can't have my way so I will (fill in the blank) until I get what I want even if I cut my nose to spite my face."  Seems unproductive imo.
  6. Upgrade from Hell...

    When will we be able to change avatars?  If this option is already active then where is it in the new design?  Thnx a bunch.
  7. GDT: Devils @ Rick Flair's House (7 p.m., MSG+, WFAN)

    More people have to learn how to use ignore and not get their knickers in a twist.    Latest upgrade makes it easy to not see posts.
  8. Devils Wings

    Late GDT and 3 goals.  I like it.
  9. Forum support via ads and Donations

    Just finished my shopping with a few goodies for me.
  10. Upgrade from Hell...

    Okie dokie.  Will take some getting used to. btw my birthday isn't March 1.
  11. Upgrade from Hell...

    Do the skin updates include being able to collapse the far right column with facebook stuff?
  12. I Need Some Help with a Project

    A number of years back I took my Godson to a Devils/Rangers game.  I wanted to make him something for Christmas too.  I got the scores sheet, team picture, my ticket stub and newspaper articles.  I bought a frame that folds like a book so you have 2 full 8x10 frames.  I put the picture in one frame.  In the other frame I put the score sheet, ticket stub and some headlines from the papers.  I scanned and reduced the size of the score sheet so I could fit other stuff without blocking out too much.  I added red, white and black background/matting and some logos.  He was thrilled.  All memories from that game.  He still has it and now he is almost 26. I know that the Devs lost that game to the Isles but you can find other stuff on the web.  Team picture for 2000 includes the Stanley Cup.  Think about doing something that.  It may be easier.      
  13. Once again... Paris is under heavy attack

    I miss not being able to watch his show.  I don't have HBO or any premium channels anymore.
  14. Once again... Paris is under heavy attack

    moustic I don't know if you could see but after the warmups in the Pens game someone took all the pucks off the ice and stacked them on the boards in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. I teared up.  So nice.
  15. Once again... Paris is under heavy attack

    Very happy to know you and your family are safe.  Glad all your friends are safe.  They will never get over this however it will be a long, long time for healing.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Some people have longer tunnels.    I will keep you and your country in my prayers.