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  1. Keep the Devils In NJ

    I don't think it makes anyone less of a fan just because they can or can't make it to every home game. I've been a Devils fan since elementary school and obviously couldn't get myself to games (nobody else in my family likes hockey) In high school I went to games at MSG, simply because it was convenient. I would take the train in when I could afford it. After I got a car and a job, I got season tickets. I don't think my level of loyalty rose any higher simply because I was watching the game live instead of watching in my living room. I don't think you can judge how much a fan someone is just by the number of games they attend.
  2. Keep the Devils In NJ

    Most fans south of Bergen county are Flyers fans?? Where did this statistic come from? It's ridiculous. I went to college at TCNJ and yes when you get out to Mercer county and some of the southern counties in NJ, you start finding a lot of Flyer fans, but I live in Monmouth county and work in Union county and there are few Flyer supporters around.
  3. Blue Jackets grab Malhotra off waivers

    I am so glad that Manny was picked up by Columbus. I've been a fan of his since he was in NY and he just has not been given a fair chance in Dallas. He was obviously in the doghouse there, not picking up more than 5 or 6 minutes per game when he actually got to play. I hope he does well with his new team!
  4. Ticket Deal 10/18/03 V. Tb

    Sovereign Bank does that too. Usually I get one with every bank statement throughout the season.
  5. Nets, Devils Move? What, Me Worry?

    ugh Philly. I had to put up with the Philly fans for four years of college at TCNJ. Now I'm back for grad school and I fear it happening all over again. I went to several games a year there and the fans are brutal. I don't think I would ever want to be associated with that group. I'm sure there are some nice ones in that group, just haven't met any yet Don't know which way I'd go if the Devils left town.
  6. Nets, Devils Move? What, Me Worry?

    some people on one of the Dallas Stars boards are contemplating what they will do when the Devils move down to Houston. Apparently there have been rumors from somewhere about that possibility. Guess you have to just laugh them all off until some official announcement about what's going on is made.
  7. Happy Birthday Arnie25

    I check it out sometimes
  8. Exposing Kids To Hockey

    yeah i thought i remembered hearing something about it last year or the year before with the Devils. From what I hear this year though, the Islanders are just doing some scrimmages among their own team. They say it is an actual game though, not just a practice (we have to let all the parents know this in case they don't want their kids exposed to potential fighting, hits, etc)
  9. Exposing Kids To Hockey

    I wish the Devils did something like this. I'm a teacher and I just found out that we will be attending an Islander scrimmage at that end of September. It's called the Cool School Trip or something like that. It's only open to schools and they teach the kids about hockey and how they can relate it to academics. Sucks that it has to be an Islander game, but hey I'm up for hockey anytime (and it's great to get the kids out of the classroom) It's a pretty good way to get the kids hooked on hockey. Maybe the Devils should try something like this. After going to a game I'm sure kids would bug their parents to take them to a game.
  10. Happy Birthday Arnie25

    sorry about the double post. I goofed, it's been a long day!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Arnie25

    so my New Season Resolution will be to post more often. Maybe by this time next year I'll be up to 25 or so
  12. Happy Birthday Arnie25

    thanks guys. I usually just lurk around here, didn't expect to get a Happy Birthday message of my very own. What a nice surprise
  13. Sykora Signs With Capitals

    it's a different Petr Sykora (brother of Michal Sykora). He played the last 4 years in the Czech Republic.
  14. Panthers Fans Booed Canadian Anthem

    This is so childish. You do something to me, so I'll do it back to you to make you mad. It was wrong that the FEW people in Montreal did it, but people have to understand that it wasn't the whole crowd, it was a few idiots that were trying to protest the war and used the game as their platform. There are more pressing issues in the world right now than worrying about booing at sporting events.
  15. Beezer Quits As Result Of Investigation

    I heard that part of Beezer's explanation was that he grew up on the streets of Detroit where that language was not only acceptable, it was the norm. We are currently in a period where you have to be "politically correct" about everything or you end up in a situation like he's in now. I don't think it makes him a racist. I teach in an urban area of NJ and hear the reverse racist remarks every day. One kid even told me during a discussion on racism that black people can't be racist. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the words "white boy" "cracker" etc. come out of black kids mouths. I recently broke up a fight between two kids of the same race and they were calling each other every name in the book, the N word included. It baffles me, but apparently it's okay when it's used within the race, but is a power thing when used by someone outside.