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  1. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I don't think I'm being unfair. Marty had 50 shootout wins tacked on, but even without those 50 shootout wins, he's still the wins leader by a lot. Lundqvist accomplished his record by way of the shootout existing. And I can just see a certain section of your fanbase (read: the a$$holes that show up to games at the Rock and talk sh!t and walk around like the Rangers have the Yankees' history) trying to make the comparison like it's something that's relevant. Which it isn't.
  2. The Marty Night thread

    Elias will have been a career Devil with two Cups and never whined to be traded because he didn't like the way the coach used him. He's also eclipsed 1,000 points and played over 1,200 games in a Devils uniform. Don't insult Elias by comparing him to MacLean.
  3. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Rag fans touting that record like it means anything with every win recorded in the shoot-out era lmao. Typical of them. They're desperate for any kind of attention.
  4. The Marty Night thread

    Stephane Matteau was in attendance to pay respects. He has a lot more class than a lot of Rag fans, that's for sure.
  5. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    I'd consider it, but I doubt Dallas would do that.
  6. The Marty Night thread

    I can't speak for everyone, but I got everything I wanted to grab except for the patch the team wore on their jerseys (which I'll grab off of eBay at some point). They must've held back a lot of the Marty books, because the kid who worked in the Devils Den had boxes of them and was handing them out to those who wanted one. The whole night exceeded my expectations. It was awesome.
  7. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

  8. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    What an awesome night. Amazing ceremony, and a big two points. It was an honor to be there.
  9. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

  10. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

  11. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    I'm going with my mother- I'm out at 3:00 and then I'm racing up to her office in Parsippany to meet her. Hoping to get there by 5 at the latest.
  12. The Marty Night thread

    How great is this: @TGfireandice: That should have been Martin Brodeur never sold his house in NJ. He's renting it to John Hynes
  13. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+
  14. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    It starts at 6:00. Game starts at 8:00.
  15. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    Thank God... Tom Gulitti ‏@TGfireandice: Hynes confirms Schneider will start tonight. Severson back in. Game time decision on which D sits.