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  1. Concerts

      That sounds amazing! Out of all those glorious bands, I've only seen Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold and Indian Handcrafts. I'd love to see all of them, especially Halestorm. Seriously good music.   I have tickets to Five FInger Death Punch this fall, and I'm pretty excited. I saw them a couple years ago when they opened for Korn, and I'm happy to be seeing them again.   I'm hoping to get tickets to Alice in Chains w/ Monster Truck and Chevelle. What a glorious concert year this has been for me already.   Edit: Update- I just got those tickets for Alice in Chains.
  2. I want him dead...

    Holy Hannah Montana! One bullet .. If only it was as easy as that.
  3. Random Thoughts & Stuff

  4. A prayer for my sister

    Thank you very much for the prayers. We need them still, Leah's been having quite a bit of seisures lately. I guess they weren't mini strokes after all, they WERE seisures. We've managed to catch her before she fell each time so she hasn't been hurt by them yet but they're still scary.
  5. A prayer for my sister

    Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and thoughts. Leah seems to be doing well, they got her walking a little bit. One step at a time she's doing better. I think she's still a little confused to whats going on, she keeps asking why she's in the hospital but remembers it all once we tell her. I'm sorry to hear about her problems, I hope she lives healthy from here on!
  6. A prayer for my sister

    We recently found out that my sister had a tumor on her heart. It's been growing for a few years now and just began to break apart and cause, what we now know to be, mini strokes. We were told by doctors for the past couple of years that these strokes were actually seisures and she had epilepsy. So now we know thats not true, and we would not have been alerted to this if my sister hadn't started coughing up blood on Thursday. We took her to a specialist and from there we found out she had a tumor on her heart and needed open heart surgery. Saturday was her surgery and she seems to be recovering well but I would still ask that you keep Leah in your prayers. . she has been burdened with so much all her life. Cancer and a brain tumor when she was only 7 years old, causing brain damage and many problems from there on.. bad eyesight, hearing problems (fixed with a hearing aid), a very weak immune system, stunted growth, paralysis on the left side of her face, poor balance and so much more. So please, keep my sister in your prayers. -Janelle
  7. College Nights

    Oh my knees. Good deal for them!
  8. New record?

    Breaking the record of 467 is a high reach but.. lets do it!
  9. College Nights

    Whats College Nights?
  10. Funny Posts from Flyers MB GDT

    Hahhaah.. ooh all too true.
  11. new to the site

    Hello and welcome! We always think that
  12. East Orange woman runs soup kitchen...

    My lord I think thats the population of my entire province
  13. Hell's Census...

    Briecrest, SK (Canada)
  14. 100th shutout 4 marty

  15. Random Thoughts & Stuff

    Perhaps he should just show her this thread?