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  1. Protect Beau Bennett and expose DSP? Reid Boucher...? I would make every forward available except for Henrique, Hall, Zajac, Palmieri. On defense, expose everyone except Severson, Greene, Auvitu, Lovejoy...and if you can, bring back ILYA KOVALCHUK! ;-)
  2. 3 to 4 weeks before he even gets on a tread mill to start walking. More like 6-8 weeks before he starts skating. Wasn't Parise out basically the entire season a few years back for something similar? Hall may be out for the season. Book it. Meniscus tear is no joke. Read here:
  3. This is a whole new NJ Devils organization from the top down. No sentimentality here. If he can be had for a price that makes sense, I don't see why you wouldn't sign a player of his caliber. Kovy is a spark that could help the Devils. Be interesting to see how his personality plays with a guy like Taylor Hall. Be nice to see Hall - Zacha - Kovalchuk line. That would be interesting...or Hall - Henrique - Kovalchuk. Bring 'him on...unless we plan on making a bid for
  4. WINNING is the biggest cure-all for success. Accompanied with a strategic, and non-overpowering marketing strategy, the Devils could be very successful financially. But without putting forth a successful team on the ice, no initiative in the world can be of any help, especially in an area where you can jump on and off a bandwagon in a hurry.
  5. Elias has a role in the Devils organization. He will be a fine GM one day. He just has to be mentored into it...perhaps by Shero.
  6. Bring back RR part II. The best goal song ever.
  7. The Devils are NOT that bad. If Hynes can get them playing as a unit, the Devils have enough talent and experience to do damage.
  8. He told Detroit he wants to stay "closer to home." Detroit isn't exactly all that far from Boston (2 hour flight to be precise). So, I would think that if that's the case, he isn't going to play for Chicago or Toronto. Maybe he does elect to play for the Bruins or one of the Metro-area teams.
  9. This guy won the Hobey Baker award and played for you remember him? My point exactly. That award means jack... David Emma
  10. Josefsson would be really, really good in the Czech Extraliga...
  12. I would like to see a 4year X $20mil. No more than 4 years.
  13. Given the price for a decent 1st or 2nd pairing DMan, I don't see us making any moves unless Russel or Demers comes to us cheap, which I don't see happening. I think Shero is also looking at the contract status of Palmieri before he moves forward with anything...
  14. Never beat Zelepukin...
  15. RNH for Lovejoy? You think we could convince Chiarelli?