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  1. No need for an impact player right now? Hmmm, I guess Shero didn't get your memo last summer when he sent Lars off to EDM for Taylor Hall? If your argument is we don't need an impact player right now, then I guess Shero should package Kovy with Schneider to get some "future prospects" in return? Schneider's window is NOW. He is not getting younger. He is an elite goaltender that needs positive team stimulus to win us a championship (along with the right pieces). I'm not butt hurt by Kovalchuk bolting to Russia. We're not in the sports business. We don't know what transpired behind the scenes, we don't know anything. Lot's of us treat sports as if it is the same as "building a family" and attach emotion to it. NEWSFLASH: Those days are long gone. Sports is a business. So, if Kovy feels wanted and feels that it fits his personal profile, then he will accept and play here. If Shero feels Kovy can contribute - both on the ice and off the ice, and he comes at a decent price, bye gones are bye gones, and he signs him. Personally, I think Kovy is a fantastic player. Love the excitement he brings to the ice. He is a competitor and can instantly bring credibility back to our hockey team. You sign Kovy and a top 4 defenseman this offseason and the Devils instantly make a push for the playoffs. Book it.
  2. Honestly, I don't know why Shero would not try his darndest to retain Kovalchuk outright. He is a top-6 forward right from jump street. Unless Shero is going to get a player that can make an impact, trading Kovy makes zero sense. He is a dynamic, flashy, sexy player that can put people into seats - help the team score some goals. I for sure would consider buying tickets knowing Kovy is on the team. Forget his personality. Forget his retirement. There's more to that then meets the eye. Now, I know I'm gonna take a ribbing for saying this - unless the Devils can trade Kovy and something else to, let's say, Chicago for Patrick Kane, then I'm all for it. The Devils need a player that can make an impact, and make it now. Kovy outright can do that on his own, so trading him would require us to get back something of equal or higher value, and preferably not to our direct competition.
  3. I'm not sure who this Slava Malmud is, but how does he know about Kovy's intentions? Sign and trade doesn't yield much for the Devils. Teams will know that Kovy won't play for the Devils, so they will low-ball us. Take it or leave it offers. Look, if I'm Ray Shero, I'm talking with Kovy to gauge his interest in playing in Newark. He would instantly give the Devils credibility up front, and is a world-class talent. He would attract other world class talent to join the Devils as well. I think Kovy and a Top 4 D-Man can bring the Devils to the playoffs next year. Kovy over Parise all day when it comes to pure talent. Attitude is a whole other story, but we don't buy tickets for attitude. (See Odell Beckham Jr.)
  4. Shero would be very short sided if he didn't try to get Kovy to come back to NJ. Kovy is a pure, natural talent and would be worth the price of admission. He comes at low risk, high reward. In the end, I think what prevents Kovy from coming back is Kovy himself and whether or not he wants to play on a team that is clearly not playoff bound.
  5. Honestly, it's become a real sad reality that the only excitement on this team the last few years has been us making deals on deadline day to "stack up on draft picks" just so we can become better in the future. And for those of you hoping for a Kyle Quincey deal to make your day, you really need to have a reality check. What on God's good earth do you think you are going to garner in return for Kyle Quincey? What? The guy was a UFA signed by us that no one wanted. So, let's say we get a 3rd rounder, then what? When's the last time a 3rd rounder made an impact on this team and get us to the playoffs? Corey Schneider / Travis Zajac for a few firsts would be exciting, but other than that, shut the internet down and get back to work.
  6. Only have one. Willing to part with it.
  7. Protect Beau Bennett and expose DSP? Reid Boucher...? I would make every forward available except for Henrique, Hall, Zajac, Palmieri. On defense, expose everyone except Severson, Greene, Auvitu, Lovejoy...and if you can, bring back ILYA KOVALCHUK! ;-)
  8. 3 to 4 weeks before he even gets on a tread mill to start walking. More like 6-8 weeks before he starts skating. Wasn't Parise out basically the entire season a few years back for something similar? Hall may be out for the season. Book it. Meniscus tear is no joke. Read here:
  9. This is a whole new NJ Devils organization from the top down. No sentimentality here. If he can be had for a price that makes sense, I don't see why you wouldn't sign a player of his caliber. Kovy is a spark that could help the Devils. Be interesting to see how his personality plays with a guy like Taylor Hall. Be nice to see Hall - Zacha - Kovalchuk line. That would be interesting...or Hall - Henrique - Kovalchuk. Bring 'him on...unless we plan on making a bid for
  10. WINNING is the biggest cure-all for success. Accompanied with a strategic, and non-overpowering marketing strategy, the Devils could be very successful financially. But without putting forth a successful team on the ice, no initiative in the world can be of any help, especially in an area where you can jump on and off a bandwagon in a hurry.
  11. Elias has a role in the Devils organization. He will be a fine GM one day. He just has to be mentored into it...perhaps by Shero.
  12. Bring back RR part II. The best goal song ever.
  13. The Devils are NOT that bad. If Hynes can get them playing as a unit, the Devils have enough talent and experience to do damage.
  14. He told Detroit he wants to stay "closer to home." Detroit isn't exactly all that far from Boston (2 hour flight to be precise). So, I would think that if that's the case, he isn't going to play for Chicago or Toronto. Maybe he does elect to play for the Bruins or one of the Metro-area teams.
  15. This guy won the Hobey Baker award and played for you remember him? My point exactly. That award means jack... David Emma