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  1. World Cup of Hockey

    This is marketed as the "World Cup of Hockey," when in actuality it is a "glamour tournament" hosted by the NHL and the NHLPA, hidden behind the pretenses of a "nation vs nation" duel. I doubt that any of these teams, at least those playing for an actual sovereign nation, will be paraded around the main road of their capital at the conclusion of the tournament if they were to win it all. I admit, it would be nice to see how the "young stars" team fairs against the older lads. I'm sure they will have a chip on their shoulder to knock "big brother" out. What would interest me, however, would be a joint NHL-IIHF proposition to have a "Champions League" tournament of sorts that pins the Stanley Cup Winner and Presidents Trophy winner against other top league winners - including the AHL league winner / Swedish / Finnish / KHL elite league. Also, it would be nice to see, Presidents Trophy winner vs. Stanley Cup winner in a "Commissioners Cup" match at the start of the following season. In a situation where the Presidents Trophy winner also wins the Stanley Cup, then they win the Commissioners Cup by default. Kind of follow in the footsteps of soccer. Would make things a bit interesting.
  2. Kovalchuk removed from SKA after 1 Playoff Game

    I would not immediately dismiss the notion of Kovy returning to the Devils if it were under the right conditions. Remember, we have a new management team here and so things could be started off on a clean slate with Kovy. I think having spent the last three seasons in the KHL, and watching the dominance of Alex Ovechkin has put a fire under Kovy's ass to try to do something "long-lasting" in his career to help salvage a bit of his reputation. Don't be fooled that Kovy probably has seen what Jagr is doing in Florida, and how Jagr at one point played in the KHL and returned to the NHL and is still producing. Maybe Kovy's thinking, "Hey, I can do the same..." On top of that, we all know that Russia isn't all flowers and honey. They usually promise one salary, and pay another. There is an underground system of contracts there that strong arm players into doing what they want - take it or leave it. It usually starts with the promise of a "fantastic career with loads of tax free money," but then usually ends up with trimmed down payments that dwindle into delayed payments that eventually evaporate into no payments of salaries. I'm sure Kovy is fed up with that and is re-thinking his choice. Besides, I'm not of the impression that Kovy bolted on the Devils and the NHL on his own accord. We may never know the true facts behind the sudden retirement of Kovy from the NHL. So, back to the Devils and Kovy. I think Shero would be stupid not to entertain the possibility of having him return. He is a bonafide sniper. He is a fantastic skater, has a great shot, and has a presence that gets opposing defenders to think twice. The Devils have lacked that since he's left. I'm sure Shero has done his research and has spoken to his contacts overseas. Remember, he probably has a close link to Evgeny Malkin and Malkin's "people," and has asked around "what's the story with Kovy..." Many of you may argue that Kovy's lost his luster in three years? Hmmm...perhaps. That could be the case. Age and a change of environment can do that to anyone. Not to mention, the KHL isn't exactly a great league and winning the Gregarin Cup isn't all that exhilarating for career hockey guys. However, I still think with the right conditioning and the right attitude, Kovy is dangerous than most players on our roster and in the league. Maybe he comes back to camp pumped up wanting to make a difference? Maybe wanting to actually compete for a Stanley Cup? If Kovy can be gotten for a 3 year, 4 to 6 million per contract, I wouldn't think that's a bad thing He would immediately bolster our lineup, and probably work well with a young and budding center like Pavel Zacha or with Adam Henrique. On top of that, he would not have costed us any draft picks or assets in acquiring. If for some reason he doesn't work out, his contract term would be short enough where another team may be willing to take a flyer on him. I'm sure Shero is dotting his I's and crossing his T's with this, and if the deal makes sense, why not. Do it. Kovi and the Devils' biggest challenge would be the "negative PR" that would come about "Benedict Arnold" returning to the NHL. A little kissing and hugging wouldn't kill Kovy in this area, and by playing lights out night-in, night-out, people will quickly forget that Kovy had left for the me on that one.
  3. GDT - Devils @ Avalanche - 1/14/2016

    I think the coaching staff has done a very good job at making a rag-tag group of players somewhat competitive for the playoff hunt. As mentioned many times before, this team lacks many necessary ingredients to compete in the playoffs and beyond. One thing that has been fairly consistent, however, is their competitiveness and effort. I will tell you this, however, if the Devils arrive to the playoffs with a relatively full roster, I won't discredit the possibility of them doing some damage. They are a team with a stud goalie, and fairly solid defensive corps captained by Andy Greene, and a group of steady two-way forwards (Henrique / Zajac / Cammy) that can hold their own. Add to this the fact that Henrique / Ya Yo / Zajac / Elias / Larsson / Greene / Gio, etc all went to the SCF in 2012 and have the experience of a long-run in the playoffs, this could become an interesting factor that could give the team an edge. Now, if the Devils run into a team the caliber of Montreal / Chicago (SCF) , and aren't running on all cylinders, then they are going to get trounced quicker than you can say "NHL DRAFT".... They key is getting to the playoffs. Getting there with a relatively healthy roster. I can see the Devils going at least two rounds.
  4. GDT #40- Detroit at NJ: 7PM

    I was at the game last night. The effort was there. They went toe to toe with Detroit. Puck pressure was there. In the end, the Devils lack the player that can make something out of nothing. The difference maker player that can create space in a tight checking game. They surely could have benefitted having a player that can break through the neutral zone by himself last night. They were just pathetic getting the puck from their own blue line across the other team's blue line, especially in the last 4 minutes of the game. Dump and chase only goes so far.
  5. Preppie soccer kids given night off with free Devs Tix.

    Let's be serious here - you think Josh Harris was thinking about calling up St. Benedict's to see if there was a game scheduled? I don't think so. And for that matter, if any of us were rich enough to have a helicopter cart us around the tri-state area, we wouldn't be thinking about calling them up either. Cancelling a game because the field used as a helipad was more important? It may have been a simple dollars and sense decision. I don't know if the U13 league has a permit agreement with SBP, but I'll tell you one thing - whether Harris is leasing the field as a helipad or is a potential or is an actual BENEFACTOR to SBP, it's a no-brainer in who wins out on that. What Harris can give to SBP is in no way, shape, or form even close to what that U13 league could give. So, from a strategical decision stand-point, while it pissed off a few kids and parents, in the long term, the decision was best for the school.
  6. Why are players like this allowed to play in the NHL?

    I don't think his interview went down to the level of douche baggery at all. I have met Zac Rinando personally a few times, and while he can be cocky for what he does, he isn't a bad guy.
  7. Brandon Saad or Brandon Dubinsky + 1st rounder or Ryan Johanssen...nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Rumor: Travis Zajac being shopped to Toronto

    Kadri's on a short leash in Toronto. I could see this going down very quickly. BTW, I DONT want Kadri on this team. But, given our luck, that's what's gonna happen.
  9. GDT: Nashville Predators @ NJ Devils 7pm

    You're right. There's nothing that really "motivates" me to watch this group of players other than my love for hockey. My love for hockey doesn't give me any right to spend over $25 bucks to watch this group of glorified minor league forwards.
  10. GDT: Nashville Predators @ NJ Devils 7pm

    Our team stinks, and while I generally hope we put in an effort to win - to be competitive - I hope we seriously tank if we can't be a .500 team by the end of ten games. Any good prospects for the 2016 NHL Draft?
  11. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Kadri getting on Babcock's nerves already?
  12. 10,000 Days working for Lou Lamariello

    Lou was bigger than Blitzer and Harris in NJ, so that is why they needed to push through to another GM. Shero, being directly hired by Harris and Biltzer, would need to follow their line and not vice versa. Conte is very loyal to Lou, so I wouldn't expect to see him airing out dirty laundry to TSN. It would be good, however, to get an open, honest, unfavored review of Lou by someone who may have some critiques about him and has had experience dealing with - maybe someone like Claude Julien or Bobby Holik.
  13. Rumor: Travis Zajac being shopped to Toronto

    Zajac is a good player, but not as dynamic of a player to be the centerpiece of any team. He, right now, is our 1st line center, and that is a problem. His intangibles (such as playoff clutchness, leadership, low-key demeanor) are very marketable, especially for a place like Toronto that needs low-key, team first mentors. I would look for a player the likes of JVR...he is a solid player, a Jersey kid, that could be a force up front. We would, however, need to replace Zajac at center somehow if this were to go down.
  14. Chris Lams gone now

    This is a classic case of two potential scenarios: 1st - Chris, out of loyalty to his father, decided to cut ties with the organization. Same thing can be said for the other guys that got the axe. 2nd - Shero is building his team of "trusted confidants" that will tow the line according to the way he wants it towed. No use in having people of the old regime around with different ideas, or better yet, reporting ideas to Lamoriello up in Toronto. Better to cut everyone loose and move one with a new crew...
  15. I would like to see "UNITED AIRLINES" on it's HUB teams, like the Kings/Blackhawks/Devils/Sharks. That would be neat. Or, perhaps Emirates will take over the NHL by storm.