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  1. Anybody heard any good jokes lately?

    1. Pepperkorn


      No joke for you -- but now I know why you've gone all silent! I just saw your blog link!

  2. No Devils, No Ducks, No Kings....No luck for me.

  3. Kovy to Kings nearing completion per Matt "Money" Smith. Should be done today. "would have to go sideways not to get done."

  4. My California Trip

    Glad you had a good time here...At the least the weather was nice.
  5. Hello!

  6. Rolston

    we have won and will continue to win with small players as long as they play as a TEAM. BUT, we need some more size.
  7. Hello!

    remember me?
  8. Bye Bye LA

    Damn Lakers blew it.... Next seasons team... Kobe = prison Phil = retired Shaq = injured might as well bring back Rodman.
  9. Primeau gets new deal from Flyers

    Primeau is awesome and deserves every penny. He plays for the Flyers but that guy is truly a great hockey palyer. His heart is huge and has great leadership skills. Good for him...
  10. Kovalev to test free agent market

    OVER.....RATED!!!!! da da... da da daa
  11. Will the WHA be televised

    Center Ice should carry it....
  12. Rolston

    Madden first! He is part our the core. Rolston would be a great addition. He kills Penalties, plays D and has tons of speed. He may be the only guy that can keep up with Freeze.
  13. Year in review for NJDevs.com

    This board has and always will rock with the great Admins that we have! Keep up the good work and hopefully the lock out is short and the Devils run for the cup is long in 2005!
  14. Gas Prices

    $2.35 for the cheap stuff here in Cali. you all should be happy you pay between $1.65 and $1.90.