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    Hockey- Albany River Rats- AHREN NITTEL..New Jersey Devils Martin Brodeur..dont get mad but i do like the Leafs sorry Nik Antropov is my fav lol<br />Sports-baseball soccer volleyball<br />shopping- campus crew A.E
  1. Ahren Nittel

    OH MY GOD!!! im so happy.. thats so exciting.. I love it when he scores i feel just as happy for him as he is for himself. Im so speechless right now.. ahhhhhhh .haha im excited.. thats great if i could talk to him right now that would be amazing...hehehe
  2. Ahren Nittel

    oh yah for sure it did. I remember the first time I met him He was out for a hip injury and he would skate everytime in practice but wouldnt play in the game just do to not being 100 % yet. Yah it somewhat affected him just not being able to play or being hurt or sick didnt always help either. Like i said He would skate in practice but never 100% until he knew he was 100% then he would giv'er all he got. But when He played for Windsor I noticed he wasn't playing to the best of his ability. When he was traded to Oshawa Generals i noticed he was also on fire there and he wasn't hurt so much either. Now look at him he's on fire and he's doinbg great!
  3. Ahren Nittel

    Next Season hopefully. I would LOVE to see him in a devils uniform and if he keeps this up And hockey returns in the fall im sure he will be in a Devils Uniform!
  4. Ahren Nittel

    Hey everyone.. i'm new to this forum thanks to a friend i met on ICQ who gives me great updates of the River Rats. Im from Windsor Canada and dont get to watch any of the Albany Games unfortunally seeing as i would LOVE to watch them. But I'm a friend of one player on the team Ahren Nittel. Great kid. He's like a big brother to me always keeping me in line when i get the chance to see him. Ahren's been doing fantastic this season and every now and then i check up his stats and give him a call like once a month cause we talk for hours and it gets expensive and ahren always has very high phone bills... oops. Anyways if any of you would like to know some good stuff about him I'd be pleased to answer love talking about him and Love hearing more stories about him. Good ones only of coarse i wouldnt tell anything bad about him. or anything to personal. So leave some msg's and i will be back to answer them.. Bye Bye for now!! 16 # 1 Fan