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  1. Un. fvcking. Believable.
  2. Now, if they played like this all of the game, then.... maybe.... we have a potential win.
  3. Now if they score then it'll finally be a hockey game!
  4. At least we aren't getting outshot 2:1 like we did against the Islanders.
  5. We aren't winning this game tonight.
  6. Nice hustle from the 3rd line. 2 good opportunities.
  7. Nice setup from Wood. DSP saw him coming and let him have it. But you gotta get them in the net.
  8. Hall did something!!!!
  9. Dude. We are playing the team in last! How can we not set up a cycle on a pp?!?!
  10. Dam. You beat me haha
  11. But we got a peepee! but I agree, yes they need to start defending one another like we've discussed in previous games, but after every hit..... not really needed.
  12. Nice peepee kill
  13. Palms may have bumped I'm a tad to hard... but I'll take the PEEPEE. It's been looking decent tonight.
  14. To open nets for Palms.... bury it!!!!
  15. Full face guard again for Travy! He should just wear one all the time now.