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  1. NBC reporter - "so what made you select Patrick?" What Hextall really wanted to say - "Well, we got the leftover from the fvcking Devils, stupid Devils always beating us"
  2. please be better then Nolan please be better then Nolan please be better then Nolan please be better then Nolan
  4. lol Bettman accepting the boos
  5. Idk who the hell we would even get? Neal?
  6. you too?
  7. you have 30 minutes from the counter thats going right now on NBC
  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I am so nervous.
  9. Yes I am Devils Advocate. Maybe I should have clarified that. Haha I did the Price trade because I felt I was lacking in goalie stats. Mason had his moments, (who I ended up dropping) but I felt he was dragging me down. So picking up Price for me felt like a good idea. My points for offense were good, but I was hurting in goalie. I figured why not. I appreciate your feedback.
  10. Overall, considering this was my first real league I was in, can someone give me a overall grade on my performance? I'm interested to see what you guys thought. I'll admit, sometimes I did feel like I wasn't fully up to par as you guys were, but I feel I had a decent run staying in top 5 around midway of the season. I'll take any criticism and feedback.
  11. It's a nice way to send out "The Joe" especially since it's the first time in 25 seasons (?) they haven't made the playoffs. I was looking at the score while out, and was actually happy Detroit was winning.
  12. Hey! Just because I did better in fantasy then you did doesn't mean you need to get all salty on me. First season here, and I guess I should thank @Devilsfan118 because of it. But after that comment, go F yourself. But seriously. Thanks for welcoming in a rookie into your ranks. Learning something new everyday on this forum. See you guys next season. LGD
  13. I remember staying up super late, watching game 6, double OT, and that pass that Elias gave to Arnott for the GWG of the Stanley Cup will always be my favorite Elias memory. Thanks for everything. Hope to see you as a coach or something within the team.
  14. I'm pretty much done though.... I'm over on all my starts except RW and D. But my wings are all beat up and barely have anyone to start. Next year I'll try and not go over on my limits. This was a learning experience for me this year. GG guys. Thanks for letting me in this season. Already excited for next!
  15. Let me guess, Giroux complaing that should have been a trip when the Devils got their initial rush?