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  1. Wood ALWAYS does a backhand...... get creative Wood...
  2. Did Hall just say "fvcking finally"??? Because FVCKING FINALLY!!!!!!
  3. How the fvck did Calg get the PP?
  4. You can see him shaking his head and probably cursing as he floored it off the ice.
  5. Rico and Palms....left Merrill stranded.
  7. Hit Santini's left arm, it'll probably go to him. Hall tried. But I think it would have gone wide on the initial shot.
  8. Nice job Cory
  9. Idk. I like Hall, don't get me wrong, but just because he's our superstar doesn't mean we need to surround everything around him. I'm glad at least one Devil is going.
  10. Hall to the All Star Game I would have loved to see anyone else really.... even though no one has really stood out this year, just because he is Hall doesn't mean he should have gone. Yes I know people vote, but would have loved to see Rico, or Palms go.
  11. YES!!!! Exactly what I've been thinking!!!! He gets some speed, but then just dumps the puck or make some sh!tty pass.
  12. They have no chemistry. They don't back each other up. They don't defend one another.
  13. Fuuuucccckkkkkk idk want to go to OT. Edmonton has to much skill. I hate OT, and I especially hate OT when im at the game. And I have to pee but I don't want to because I might throw up because I'm so stressed. Guys I can't do this right now.
  14. ........... HOOOOLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!