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  1. Missed the playoffs for 5 years - not "rebuilding" for 5 yrs; it didn't start until Shero started - 5/5/15. Re: Boucher - his speed was a big minus too... McLeod is FAST and that gives him a major leg up on Boucher.
  2. Actually he played Mikhailov in the movie.... from CBC: Lakovic grew up in East Vancouver, fighting his way into pro hockey and a NHL career that spanned 37 games split between the New Jersey Devils and Calgary Flames. He also played for 15 different minor league teams in a career that spanned a dozen years and over 100 fights. In the mid-1990s Lakovic starred with the Vancouver Voodoo roller hockey team. He also worked as an actor playing Russian player Boris Mikhailov in the 2004 hockey movie Miracle.
  3. His timing is great. If he'd waited another year, he could've just come back into the league and we wouldn't get a blessed thing. If we are able get *something* for *free*, that'd be amazing in the state of rebuilding that we're in. Yes please. If it means he has to play here for part of the year to bolster his trade value - ok, sure. As mentioned, we don't have much better and we could always use an exciting player... Plus we certainly could use the scoring help. And we have the cap space. Bygones. I'd prefer a sign and trade though - he's never been my favorite.
  4. I thought this article was pretty good at exploring all the angles (feel free to skip the "Who is Kovalchuk" part ... I wouldn't be surprised if he's just using this for leverage for a new KHL deal...
  5. New Jersey Devils‏Verified account @NJDevils 2h2 hours ago More New Jersey Devils Retweeted OntarioHockeyLeague #NJDevils prospect and 2016 first round draft pick @MikeyMcLeod9 (1g-3a) was Thursday's #OHLPlayoffs First Star!
  6. Albany Devils‏Verified account @AlbanyDevils 24m24 minutes ago More The #ADevils take game one! FINAL: 3-0 #FinalStand #TORvsALB
  7. The Devils sent a tweet with a link to listen to the game - not the same thing but I think you have to pay to watch:
  8. I'm guessing the 6p start tonight is because there's a 5p start tomorrow in Detroit...
  9. Since there's been a bunch of "Lou" chatter in the Elias, thread, I hope no one minds if I post this interaction from an interview with Allan Walsh: All right, I don't want to end this without at least a couple of lighter questions. Who is the general manager you most enjoy engaging in contract negotiations with? Walsh: Lou Lamoriello. What was your favorite negotiation with Lou? Walsh: Every negotiation with Lou has been my favorite. I've always enjoyed my interaction with him. I've always enjoyed those negotiations. They're colorful. They're interesting. I've always considered Lou to be a man of his word. Any Lou Lamoriello stories that stand out? Walsh: Only after I retire will I share any of those stories.
  10. Relax all... per AG an hour ago: "Devils recall forwards Luke Gazdic and Ben Thomson from Albany (AHL). Couple of bruisers in lineup vs. Flyers."
  11. He's been a NJ Devils fan since he was 6! While he took part in Devils camps over the past few years, Cangelosi also chose New Jersey because that's who he saw in his first live game. “They played the Atlanta Thrashers,” he said. “It was an 11-1 game. I remember how exciting it was to see 11 goals. “I got to know the organization and liked how they were run while I also liked the guys after getting to meet them.” Cangelosi’s dad Andy recalls shortly after that first NHL game, his son went to school and told classmates during career day that his goal was to play in the NHL for the New Jersey Devils.
  12. Also just read this on All About the Jersey: "Speaking of draft picks, it’s becoming increasingly unknown as to whether Alex Kerfoot will sign with the Devils following the conclusion of his college career. He recently gave an interview to a Vancouver radio station, in which he described it as being a dream to play for the Canucks, but mentioning that his main priority is New Jersey."
  13. I read a tweet from Dreger a week or two ago and, in trying to find the exact quote, found this article which is just speculation about him possibly wanting to sign in Vancouver... No reason to "worry" yet - hopefully he signs at the end of the season like Wood/Santini last year.
  14. FYI... Sherry Ross‏ @SherryDarlingNJ 15 #njdevils prospect Joey Anderson assists on GWG in OT in UMD'S 3-2 win over OSU. #NCAAHockey
  15. AG revealed today Cammy has a shoulder injury - he's missed 10 games already... "Cammalleri acknowledged he suffered a shoulder injury. Josefson, without specifying his injury, said it was not a concussion."