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  1. This article gives a few hints why: Liljegren seems like a boom or bust pick. He shows flashes of excellence and then moments later makes a bad mental mistake that costs his team. This is one of the things that have caused scouts to drop him down in rankings.
  2. I remember Conte saying something to the effect of wishing we could have a team full of Zubrus (es?) the year we drafted Matteau.
  3. Me too! So glad we drafted Nico!
  4. Maybe - but the Blues were definitely losing Hitch at the end of the season; whereas, the NYR just extended Vigneault for 2 more years with an annual increase of $2 million, if I remember correctly. I would love to have his experience behind the bench with our club...
  5. I was hoping for some earlier picks to be used on defense but I guess their BPA was a forward, probably by a considerable margin. Seems like someone always snaps up a player I 'want' just before 'we' pick... Anyway, I totally agree with everything you said. Exciting draft - a LOT of prospects added to the cupboard. Seems like they took some projects with a lot of potential, fingers crossed!
  6. Here's one good write up (FWIW, I like this pick at lot in round 7):
  7. For those that want to keep Keith (though I'm not sure how he'd feel about jumping to the NYR. I remember when he chose to sign with the Devils because Marty was his Idol) Andrew Gross‏ @AGrossRecord #Devils should be at least a little bit worried with #NYR now needing a backup goalie and Keith Kinkaid an impending UFA.
  8. Andrew Gross tweeted out that he thought it would be 7.15 / 7.20 -ish FWIW.
  9. Not surprised Philly would be wary - Giroux & Ghost bear have not been the same since their (similar) injuries... it may be coincidence but it would give me pause too. And it does... #teamNico
  10. So you're saying you like Nico mo(re), Nicomo? Sorry, couldn't resist!
  11. I read the same thing, somewhere, about "the inmates running the asylum" - that Kane/Toews said they really wanted Saad back...
  12. It's working that way for me, as that's the way that I am choosing to think of it You can think of it any way you like! Since we won't be able to see him play for the Devils for several months, I'd rather not fret about "wasting" picks now. Hopefully we have a great draft and get some talented kids with our 10 remaining picks...
  13. I'm trying to think of it as Stempniak/Fiddler for Mueller/5th (part of Stemper anyway, since we also got a 3rd last year for him - wow he was a good signing). We also bilked SJ for a 3rd from DeBoer this year. It doesn't seem so bad that way. Fingers crossed he's a upgrade. At least he's young/cheap/quick.
  14. Apologies if someone else already posted this but I didn't notice our picks listed... (WOO - we're #1!!!) Barring any wheeling and dealing, the Devils will pick 1st, 36th, 63rd, 81st, 98th, 129th, 143rd, 160th, 185th and 191st.
  15. FWIW - they're both Columbus beat writers: Mark Scheig‏ @THWMark Mark Scheig Retweeted Aaron Portzline Yep. #CBJ Aaron Portzline‏ @Aportzline Wonder if acquisition of Panarin is, in any way, a sweetener for Ilya Kovalchuk, who's been discussed by #CBJ. The two were teammates in KHL