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  1. Ever since we got the 4th for Fiddler, I've been wondering which picks we (currently) have in this years draft. The Devils Twitter feed said 10, including 2 seconds/thirds/fourths. I assumed we had our own 3rd - that LL didn't give away our 3rd for the albatross that was Ruutu. But, according to CapFriendly, we have San Jose's 3rd because of the Deboer hiring. There was lots of talk/articles/etc at the time that we weren't seeking compensation but the nice gent I reached out to at CapFriendly insists we have SJ's 3rd. Anyway, here's the link to our current (supposed) draft picks in case anyone is interested:
  2. Ok so I'm very weird. Not being weird is highly overrated. I'm a Fanatic, so sue me
  3. Don't even get me started... I'm still pissed that the League gave them a compensatory pick when Cherepanov passed away - they lobbied the League and it gave in, even thought there was no rule saying they were owed anything. Who does that? Certainly not the Devils - Lou didn't go crying to the League when we lost Vasyunov (R.I.P.). Just scummy.
  4. I didn't see that he was waived?? From reading AG's blog, it sounds like they're going to keep him around with the big club... Why not give him a shot? We could use a RW and he's scored a few goals in his 12 games with Anaheim this year. This reminds me of O'Neill last year - hopefully with better results... I'm guessing he & Coleman know each other - they're both from Plano, TX and both were drafted in 2011.
  5. Plus Vegas gets the #3 spot (pre-lottery) so we'll get pushed back one (at least)...
  6. Oh and McLeod had 3 goals & 2 assists in tonight's game:
  7. Update from today for the past week, c/o AATJ/Feisty:
  8. Puckdaddy also had an article on him today, titled "Total, absolute Henrik Lundqvist panic for Rangers" :
  9. This week's prospects update from AATJ... always interesting stuff from Feisty:
  10. Re: Kerfoot, I looked back at a F&I article from Oct 2016 where he specifically says he wants to sign with NJ, FWIW: But Kerfoot said today his goal is to sign with the Devils. “Yeah, I hope so,” Kerfoot said. “That’s the goal. I’ve got a lot of work to do, finish up the year. I’ve got to focus on that but that’s the goal, to play for New Jersey. We’ll see how it goes.” As for watching what Vesey went through, Kerfoot said, “I learned that I’m glad I’m not Jimmy Vesey and have to go through that myself.” There's more near the end of this old blog post:
  11. Me again- posting the link to Feisty's weekly update from All About the Jersey:
  12. Per the Devils twitter, Cory gets the start tonight. Per AG, Gazdic will be the healthy scratch if Lappin can play (he's expected to).
  13. This week's prospects update, thanks to Feisty!
  14. According to AG, Hall is back in the lineup. Auvitu has been sent back to Albany. Santini is playing tonight. Zajac & Josefson are questionable due to illness. Zacha's back in. Boucher is traveling back to NJ so he's not in the lineup. According to Fire & Ice, this is why Auvitu is back in Albany: “Well, Yohann is a good skating defenseman who can move the puck,” Hynes said. “We’ve had him for those situations, his offensive play, on the power play. We gave him some opportunities, the same thing in Albany. Some other parts of his game need to be better. If you’re an offensive defenseman that is not getting points or producing, there has to be other parts of the game that are going to help contribute to either your development or the team’s development. There are just certain parts we feel need to be better. He’s still finding his way in North American. He’s played well at times. But with what his strengths are as a player, there needs to be more production to offset some of the things he’s trying to work on.” Let's Go Devils!
  15. Welp, Hall's injured (day-to-day) & Fiddler too... Per the NJD Twitter feed: Taylor Hall, lower body injury, is day-to-day (not related to knee surgery or mouth from last night) and will be out of the lineup tomorrow. Vern Fiddler (lower body injury) will be out 3-4 weeks.