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  1. He's scored 20+ goals 3 times. Excluding his first year when he only played 1 game, that's 20+ goals in 3 out of 6 seasons. And one year when he didn't he only played in 42 games.
  2. He's hardly small. He's 6'2. He can easily put on a little weight if need be.
  3. No thanks on Yakupov.
  4. Yeah I don't get it either. Henrique should be part of the core of the rebuild imo. He's only 27. A team that can't score moving a 20+ goal scorer is counterproductive.
  5. What's up with your new profile picture?
  6. Shero himself said he didn't agree with the NP being more NHL ready narrative. I saw him comment on it on draft day. He'll be on the roster.
  7. My gf certainly likes him.
  8. Not only does Mr. Glass have to live with not going 1OA, but it must suck twice as much knowing the Flyers also wanted Hischier over him.
  9. Like Russia is so great? Outside of a few of the big cities it's like the 3rd world over there. Look what happened to Patty.
  10. I'm still not used to it, but it also has to be a consideration that Columbus is in the same division. I wouldn't give him to them for peanuts.
  11. What will Shero ask for in return? Realistically.
  12. Good looking family. You know he has them good genes.
  13. So many picks. I think after Hischier, I'm most excited about Nikita Popugaev.
  14. Plenty of quality players come out of the late rounds though. The Red Wings won multiple Cups with those kinds of picks.