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  1. Quincey pissed me off not being able to keep the puck in when they were buzzing towards the end though.
  2. Another frustrating game. Hats off for the effort though.
  3. Zajac after being robbed just seconds before! Nice.
  4. Game
  5. Idk about "red hot" but he's certainly playing better than he was.
  6. Kinkaid has been a quality backup this year. Look at his numbers before last night. I was fine with him getting the start. Where Hynes went wrong was not going to Cory in the 3rd when it was clear Kinkaid was struggling.
  7. Lol you're supposed to dominate your fav childhood team. I seem to remember Marty always playing well against the Habs.
  8. I'm done clamoring for more starts for Kinkaid. Especially since Cory has found his game lately. On another note, those Isles jerseys have to be the most boring in all the league.
  9. Beauty by Palms!
  10. Mother. fvcker.
  11. Off come the wheels...
  12. I really like the kid. He's still figuring it all out, but he plays with energy every single game.
  13. Zajac had a hell of a game, and Zacha is quickly becoming one of my favorite players. Like Hynes' decision to scratch Cammy too.
  14. fvcking nail biter at the end. Great block by Palmieri to help secure the win.
  15. can't believe he didn't bury that.