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  1. Yes, locker room cancer becomes a simple explanation. Hall has just had bad luck and been on nothing but bad NHL teams. It is different levels of hockey granted, but meanwhile in junior he was the best player on a team that won memorial cups back to back and he has gold medals playing for Canada at the World Championships so I guess his being a locker room cancer is only when he happens to be on bad teams.
  2. Oilers clinch their first playoff spot since 2006. That has to be tough to swallow for Hall, his luck with teams has been terrible. Another reason to hope things start picking up for the Devils.
  3. putrid shootout attempts.
  4. I fully plan on watching snippets. LGD
  5. I thought the player needs to play 10 games to burn a year off the ELC. But either way to get a chance to jump in exciting for him I'm sure, will be interesting to see how he plays at the big league level.
  6. Talking about off ice things makes the Devils less depressing.
  7. True, odds are definitely against it but I guess they figure it's worth a shot. It is easier now for a smaller player than other eras. The big guys that are good are already drafted and under contract.
  8. I've been more interested in the upcoming offseason than this regular season for awhile now.
  9. Quennevillle has really fallen off since the Ranger game, don't think he is ready.
  10. I'm not sold on Hynes per se but he truly doesn't have the horses so it is hard to say that he deserves the ax. I would expect him back and hopefully with an improved roster.
  11. I wish Hall was a better finisher.
  12. Devils are officially eliminated from the playoffs, who saw that coming.
  13. If I am reading the score correctly, Florida is up on Chicago 7-0.
  14. any rumblings about signing Kerfoot? I believe he becomes a free agent in August.
  15. That seems to be the case, yes. TBH until I joined this board I didn't realize how much Devils fans hate the Rangers. You always hate your division rivals to a degree but it is more I find. Makes sense, I actually used to hate the Yankees (I don't really anymore) from all the way out west just because they were the big team that could buy what they wanted and I saw them as a threat to the integrity of MLB. I think even fans of western teams, say Denver teams, they gun for NY teams and want to see their guys go in there and beat the big city team on their turf.