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  1. Just seems like such a dressing room cancer. Has lots of physical talent but not worth the risk. The Devils should be using what available trade capital they have on a defenseman as the top priority imo.
  2. really good effort, especially for a 3 in 4, granted against an opponent facing some key injuries. It's the most irritated I have been after a loss in a while.
  3. They are close to breaking thorough. Missed opportunities, like Blandisi bobbling a pass with an empty net staring at him.
  4. Need an extra good poster for this one. LGD
  5. score against these guys this time. And win.
  6. Flames acquire Michael Stone for a 3rd in 2017 and conditional 5th in 2018. Pretty cheap, Stone is a decent right shot dman.
  7. should have yanked Kinkaid after the second period for sure. I was fine with him getting the start as he was the logical choice on a back to back but he was clearly having a bad night.
  8. Hall definitely showed up, Kinkaid definitely did not, should have started Greene in net.
  9. Does Cammy draw back in on a back to back or do they stick with the same lineup as last night?
  10. another great last minute block from Palmieri, that was a beauty.
  11. weak call on Hall. Hall shouldn't have looked to pass on the rush, he had open ice should have put his head down and taken it to the net. edit: will take the shg
  12. It already is imo, just too many teams to climb over. We just aren't a playoff team yet. That said I always root for my team and want to see our players progressing and executing so LGD.
  13. good trade. Who is Viktor Loov?
  14. I'd go: Gretzky, Orr, Lemieux, Howe, Jagr; Crosby has a shot at #5 by the end of his career.
  15. what a relief!