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  1. Sign and trade to Toronto (11 year extension).
  2. Too bad the Preds couldn't hold their early lead. Impressive how resilient Anaheim has been with all of their comeback wins.
  3. I don't see why not, it's a form of trading. As long as the currency is draft picks and not money or poker chips or strippers or something along that line.
  4. It's not that I like the Sens more so much as I dislike the Pens more so Go Sens Go I Guess Would rather see either of the western teams win over either of the eastern teams, my hope is Nashville.
  5. If I'm Anaheim, I'd buy Bieksa out before I trade Fowler or Vatanen, he is just too slow in todays NHL and continues to decline.
  6. Especially when playing against much bigger, stronger, faster competition. It is a real concern, some guys are injury prone.
  7. Agreed, I am pretty sure the Oilers would need a bit more than a 3rd to send him packing, I would say your estimate sounds reasonable.
  8. Definitely for that price I'd take him. I get that he is soft and not good defensively but he scores 20+ every year and we have very few guys that can do that.
  9. Hopefully the guy he slashed was a Ranger prospect.
  10. I feel like Hall has been watching their playoff run and swearing at his tv a lot. Go Ducks, down with the tankers.
  11. Eberle is an imperfect player but I would take that deal in a heartbeat, you can pencil him in for 20+ goals every year. A bit overpaid but his cap hit wouldn't be an issue for us. I doubt Chiarelli would make that offer and that Ilya would select Edmonton as a destination.
  12. I can't get too into this Kovalchuk thing. I see him as a potential asset, not much more. How good is he now? Of course he was a high end exciting player when he was here but I was just never his biggest fan. He was never an elite skater and he is 34 now. I have no doubt he could still score goals and help the pp. If he comes back he comes back, I don't think he will anyway.
  13. fake news
  14. locale. WHL - Western Hockey League; in western Canada and a few teams in the Pacific NorthWest. QMJHL - Quebec Major Junior Hockey League; Quebec and the Canadian eastern maritime provinces. WHL is known as a more defensive, tougher brand of hockey, QMJHL is more offensive and wide open.
  15. -Nico looks to be a more explosive skater, more dynamic and has better youube highlights so I'll go with him, lol. -more seriously, his first season in NA was seriously impressive and on a bad team and he wowed against the top players in the world in his age group at the world juniors. can't be no.1 from the trainers table #teamnico