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  1. some good points. That is just talk from Shattenkirk, he went there because that was his childhood dream not because their future is so bright. They are looking okay but nobody thinks they are 'on the cusp of something big'. Mind you the Rangers probably think two cups within a 54 year span is something big.
  2. seems like a really likeable kid
  3. Would love to hear Klein's reasoning for this. fvck, the white house could learn something about foreign collusion form the rangers.
  4. Yes, that is awfully faint praise for Beau from the boss. And a faint contract to match but at least he is still in the league, I am surprised he isn't regarded as better.
  5. I have heard that he does still want to play but I think he is cooked to. I seen him play this past year some with the Avs and he just can't keep up to the pace any more. Maybe he can help a powerplay as a post up shooter but unfortunately I think his days as a legit NHLer are over.
  6. He won't be a great find for anyone. To get him to come over he is going to ask to be overpaid. He is no burner at this stage of the game and the NHL is a very fast game. fvck him, I am sure he just used this situation as negotiating leverage from the start, was always skeptical of this amounting to anything. But it would unite the queen with the drama queen.
  7. Would not want Yakupov. A very confused and ineffective player.
  8. Clutch playoff performer. Clearly he wasn't a fit in Washington.
  9. Johansson gives the lineup a lot of versatility and more options. Possibly more trade options as well.
  10. awesome trade by Ray. I said I would bet against a good trade happening post July 1. Glad I was wrong, that's why Ray is a GM and I am aimlessly typing on a hockey message board.
  11. Lou still likes signing old guys I see. Good player, had a good year but to give a 3 year deal to a guy who will be 38 when the puck drops is ridiculous. Any year now he'll fall off a cliff like Iginla.
  12. "I don't think this stretches on for real long" he says, lol. Well, it has only been stretching on since what, 2013.
  13. You can't expect people to have infinite patience and just point to draft picks though. Generally in pro sports you only have so much time before you have to win. One of his smart trades was Hall and that will be undermined all together and they will lose him for nothing or for a discount if they don't start improving on their results. They were very well positioned to improve with all of that cap space and all of those draft picks, Shero said so himself. Maybe trades of note will happen, if they haven't by now I wouldn't bet on it. Overall I still support Shero and think he is a decent GM, but I do think he has underdelivered so far this offseason and expect some noteable improvement within the next two years.
  14. 4th line center: check AHL scrubs: check Miller Time!
  15. I like the 'Shat the bed'. It should be the headline on the Devils website (which without looking I presume is some ball washing, fluff piece article about Boyle). imo when you are a bad team like we are, offer sheeting is just too risky, too likely that you are coughing up really high draft picks. We just picked 1st after all.