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    lucifers dog no offense but you are the most pessimistic person i have ever met, normally i would respect yuor ideas but what you have written is plain bs and really negative. you say that the devils havent given aything to nj, how about 3 cups, or a great sports team. it seems to me that you want the devils to be some kind of miracle worker like jesus and save the world, REALTY CHECK THEY ARE A HOCKEY TEAM. this arena will help newark alot, for example my family doesnt go to newark, but now that the devs are moving there i will get some kind of season plan. oh btw i believe you said that the money should be given for schools, let me inform you about something, nj has given over 1 billion dolars to newark and it really hasnt helped, so trust me 200 million wont do anything. if yuo want to improve schools tell parents to discipline their children better, like make them study, or keep them of the streets.
  2. Adventures of Alex Ovechkin, thought it was funny

    whats really funny is that im russian and i understood what he said in the end when he was talking in russian, and trust me you dont want to know, lol
  3. Adventures of Alex Ovechkin, thought it was funny

    Im russian, he curses about the jeans, except he has a small lisp which sounds mad funny with him cursing.
  4. What country wins the gold medal in Turin??

    im going with canada beating sweden

    im pretty sure the game is sold out , ill be in sectoon 238 !
  6. GAME THREAD: Devils at Rangers

    you dont want to know

    when i was little i was a redwings fan (97-99) because they had the russian 5 and im russian, at that time i lived in brooklyn but hated the rangers, in 1999 i moved to nj and just became a devils fan bcasue they're the home team, eventually my dad and my brother became devils fans too.
  8. What jerseys do you have?

    i got 1.nj devils red with no name 2. devils white replica bordeur 3. devils authentic red parise 4. team russia authentic with datsyuk
  9. Who Got Tickets?

    im also going to the game on oct 8, really excited!
  10. Lou Lamoriello on the Fan590 Right Now

    im happy to hear that burns is doing better, but what the radio talk host was saying made some sense, if lou has to trade someone it will have to be atleast 3 million and he thinks it will be madden. i think it will be friesen and someone else cause madden is really important to the devs.
  11. Niedermayer to Ducks (CONFIRMED)

  12. interesting article

    http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dl...4/1108/SPORTS01 this is a interesting aritcle about the new cba and how it involves the devils