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  1. Quick question---Is the KHL considered the 2nd best? For some reason I heard the AHL was? And would you know what the dropoff is between a league like the KHL and some of the European leagues in comparison to something over here. For example, the SEL =NCAA in terms of talent, or the KHL is the equivalent to the best AAA league in baseball. Just curious if you might have some insight. I'm curious as to when players come over from those places, what those leagues compare to.
  2. Chris Ryan of the Ledger has this piece with quotes right from Shero: Shero says anything with him that may happen won't be till after July 1st or after.
  3. I agree. He doesn't say that he spoke to anyone, and bringing up the Rangers or isles is just him projecting with no real connections to anyone involved in the situation being referenced. I swear some of these hockey writers are can be a bunch of washerwomen with talk, sometimes. I think it's because this sport has killed off it's offseason, in relation to the other sports. Not much hockey trades or UFA signings of significance as the other sports, so when something might go down these guys go really overboard.
  4. Yes sir. I really think Shero can get some back end help and maybe an extra RW. But I really would like to be done with hearing about draft lotteries for a bit.
  5. Question to those who know better than me--- Does the fact that Patrick plays in the WHL mean anything here? Doesn't that league have less of a rep than some of the other junior leagues? or am I off on this and it doesn't matter.
  6. Yup, if he was skating with them when the season started. Teams will overpay at the deadline because they have been able to take a good look at where their team is and what their needs are based on a good portion of the season having gone by. And they do that overpaying because they know that the spot there in and feel that whatever move they make can take them deep. I heard Fletcher say at the deadline this year that his team has never been in this spot this late in a season. It may not have worked out, but he tried.
  7. Ottawa......way to go. Still need to get to 4, I'm not celebrating till it's 4 wins.
  8. Best line I heard on this pick the Jets made was listening to Joe Beningo this morning. Guy calls in and says not much wrong about the Jets pick. Beningo says: "it's the Jets, what possibly could go wrong??"
  9. Ha. I remember the vote and when they said the team's name was the Devils the reaction from the Archdiocese was not good at all And when they gave the explanation of the whole legend of the Jersey Devil I remember saying, " I've never heard about that anywhere till now. "
  10. It's not a question of regretting the trade, but I think that there will be some questions raised about the whole point of the trade unless Ray Shero is able to add some help this offseason to give Hall more support and to provide the younger players they plan to bring up more support as well.
  11. Remember, Boucher was the 99th pick. So him not exactly setting the NHL on fire is one thing. Mcleod's play when he gets here better be top 6 caliber or we all have a problem.
  12. I don't think they are going into a complete tear down. GM's don't rush in line do go there. . I think NHL GM's feel that if you can compete for the playoffs, you try. They'll try and re-tool and try to compete. Once you go in the complete tear down route, there are no guarantees of when you can even compete again for a post season spot.
  13. Oh, I'm not disputing that he knows the process. However, the end result of this is still just speculation. This sort of reminds me of last year at around training camp. Friedman had an item in his column that went like this: "spoke to an agent I know, he says that someone he knows in Toronto that they would love Travis Zajac on the Leafs." From there, Rich Chere had a headline: "Leafs Interested in Zajac." The next day I turn on the NHL Network and Darren Drager leads off his insider report like this: I've got a big one out of New Jersey. Sources close to the Devils say that Toronto and the Devils might pull off a deal for Travis Zajac". Dreger goes on and uses Chere as his source close to the Devils, while Chere pulled his source from a thought in Friedman's column and all Friedman did was quote an agent he knew. Sometimes these guys have the gals at my wife's beauty parlor beat by 20 lengths.
  14. Elliotte Friedman is a top notch reporter/columnist, and well respected. But he's also not the gospel and isn't always 100%. So this is really just a bunch of nothing until Ray Shero actually makes it so or not so.
  15. Yes. If I remember that summer, after he left there was one ownership group before Harris/Blitzer that almost came in. So that is a great point. I also felt that they should have restored the full pick instead of giving them a 30th, the new owners weren't part of that and spent a fair amount of money to buy a franchise that the NHL was kind of financially running at that time.