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  1. Dude, did anyone tell you that you should be writing for some late night TV show or some comedy sitcom? Your posts make me bust out laughing bro..Lou until he's 98, Marty in goal until he's 53! LOL!!!! Great stuff, even if it was uninentional.
  3. Not sure if Stevens would be welcomed back as an assistant coach, although I'd love to see that happen. In my opinion, the Devils organization should be indebted to Stevens and welcome him back to the franchise in some official capacity.
  4. I got a kick out of the 'radio legend' description too.
  5. Thorne's call during the SC Finals against Colorado that year was sickening. Even more sickening the Avalanche actually retired Borque's number after he had a cup of coffee and a buttered roll with them.
  6. X2, excellent post, remember it like it was yesterday, went into the game feeling completely deflated by Game 6. YUUUUUUGE win. One of most satisfying in Devils franchise history.
  7. Not a fan of Matt at all on radio, provides a pedestrian TV call and although he has improved somewhat from when he first started I'm still not thrilled with his work. I think Cangi has done an admirable job on TV following in the footsteps of a legend and I don't mind Dano at all, in fact I like the fact that we have some Devils heritage in the TV booth. Deb Placey is what she is, serviceable but not much more.
  8. Yeah, cause in my opinion they don't. Period.
  9. Nah, it's just the wrong's a what doesn't belong and why situation. My opinion, you disagree? I'm good with that.
  10. I don't like nor enjoy woman in the broadcast booth. I would say that a good 95% of all men agree with the sentiment. No apologies.
  11. I don't like a women in the broadcast booth in any of the 4 major professional sports league's. Period.
  12. Good riddance. Finally.
  13. I'll do you one better, forget the pick, I'd trade Kovy to the Rags for Brady Skjei straight up.
  14. Just read that he wants to play with the Rangers (what a surprise!).