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  1. I'll do you one better, forget the pick, I'd trade Kovy to the Rags for Brady Skjei straight up.
  2. Just read that he wants to play with the Rangers (what a surprise!).
  3. A most glorious night indeed! Sens toast? No way I saw them winning this series after Games 3-4 at MSG. The Swede is still ringless, the Rangers season is over...what did Jackie Gleason used to so famously say?
  4. LOL! That was funny...I must admit.
  5. Enjoy:
  7. I'm with you brother and I can remember what I was thinking like it was yesterday...I thought Nieds was either dead or close to it, and if Stevens was able to get to Domi in the immediate aftermath, Domi may have been dead that night.
  8. Backlash over what? For discussing what our team may or may not look like next season? Thread seems pretty enthusiastic to me. Next thread I'm starting will refer to the arena organist. Only kidding.
  9. Domi. What a classless prick. Never forget what he did to Niedermayer back in the 2001 playoffs.
  10. Agreed, Sens were fortunate to win first two games at home...tonight they looked 1.5 steps behind the team I detest and hold in contempt like no other.
  11. I think it would serve Shero best to attempt to talk Kovy into returning to NJ. With Kovy back, Hall up front, Shattenkirk possibly coming aboard, and a more than solid center in Nolan Patrick, we're starting to cook with some gas and suddenly the possibilities start to come into focus.
  12. Good points. I was aware that John McMullen's wife created the semblance for the logo (God bless her)...I had no idea about the NJ Transit thing. Thank you.
  13. There is no losing with this thread no matter which opinion(s) we all have. The more talk about the aesthetics of athletics -- the better in my book.
  14. I can't speak in any authoritarian way concerning why the original colors chosen were red and green my friend, however, I'm glad you agree with me in regard to the ridiculousness of attaching Holiday's to team colors simply because they happen to coincide with a specific day. When I first saw the original Devils logo in the colors below the last thing that came to my mind was the word; 'Christmas', or the Italian flag, or anything else that also matched the colors. When I saw the logo I thought to myself; "Look at that...the Devils colors are red and green". I was proud of those colors, I still am...even though the more I think about it the more I get the sense they won't go back to the original color scheme. Lastly, the San Francisco Giants really need to revise their colors because every time I see them I think of the date: October 31. I mean...who doesn't?
  15. Yes, the first year especially was tough to get the Devils on TV for every game. WOR-TV used to televise a few games each year during those days. WVNJ was the original radio flagship for Year I and growing up in northern Westchester County I used to drive my car around seeking areas where I could listen to the was a tough proposition most game nights! Also, how many remember the first couple of years on the radio, Larry Hirsch would take phone calls from fans in between periods...wish they'd bring that back.