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  1. GDT: 1/4/18 Devils @ Stars

    I don't know about you all but I am fired up for tonight's contest in the Lone Star State! Devils, Stars, opening drop coming up next!
  2. GDT: Devils @ St. Louis 8:00 PM

    mother fvck this bull sh!t
  3. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    that is total fvckin bullsh!t
  4. GDT - Devils vs. Red Wings 12/27/17

    Glad you could find us tonight on MSG+2! Looking forward to this contest between the Devils and Red Wings on a frigid night here in Jersey
  5. GDT: Blackhawks @ Devils 12/23 7:00PM

    Last time these two teams met, it was a bloodbath in favor of the Devils. Does an early New Jersey goal portend a similar result tonight? Let's find out, glad you could be with us tonight!
  6. GDT - Devils vs Rangers 12/21/17

    Coleman buries it!
  7. GDT - Devils vs Rangers 12/21/17

    fvck OFF
  8. GDT - Devils vs Rangers 12/21/17

    Always fireworks when these two teams meet! Glad you could be with us for tonight's showdown at The Rock. Devils, Rangers, coming up next!
  9. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    When we come back, dropping the puck for the 3rd period of Devils hockey action! It's gonna be a close one folks!
  10. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    I'm playing with a fidget spinner up here and it's distracting him!
  11. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    Posting from my phone up here in the booth while I pretend to listen to Dano talk about sitting next to Lyle Odelein on redeye flights!
  12. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    That's right deb, for a little guy Zuccarello sure has a long stick!
  13. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    Bobilly you are absolutely correct! How bout a spoiler alert for the viewers next time! Haha thanks for playing
  14. GDT: Devils @ Rags - 12/9, 7pm

    Glad you could join us tonight!