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  1. Stay in Russia for all I care
  2. Well, it's just so damn easy. Like making Lindros-eating-baby-food jokes. Or Hextall five-hole jokes. Or Forsberg trade jokes. Or... <JESTER> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or that you guys can't fill a whole arena with Devils fans, or that Stevens is gone for good, or that Niedermayer is also gone, or that your biggest rival has finally gotten over you and is now superior....
  3. I'd love to jump into this thread, but I have a hard time getting bent out of shape over one bad series. I mean, I think I'd be more upset if, say, my franchise hadn't seen a Cup in 30 years. But that's just me. <JESTER> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And as said before, I already pointed out it wouldn't take long for one of you monkeys to bring that up
  4. Unless you're at a Devils game and the stadium is only half full
  5. keenan got bert, i'm not sure about nazzy. Fact is he was a key figure in their ascension to greatness and he was the one who brought in the coach, made the right moves, and did a lot of smart things to help propel the franchise forward. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Should have never gotten rid of Burke......
  6. This is killer awesome
  7. Ouch If there's any good to be found in this, it's that I have Carl Crawford on my fantasy team
  8. Talking about hatred of fans, could your hatred be found in the fact that Flyers/Devils games in NJ usually end up with half Flyer fans and half Devil fans? Game 5 of that series last year was so awesome, 2 Devils fans were sitting behind me and the taunting did not stop all game. Even after the softy allowed by Marty to knock you guys out DANNY F'ING MARKOV!!
  9. This movie was just amazing. I must have seen it at least 5 times in theatres and then I bought the DVD. 'Nuff said
  10. I know the feeling . I had a hunch his swing was coming back a month ago and picked him up for one league. Then did the same with the other. Man, that was a great move. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A friend of mine is in a league where one of the teams has Bonds, Sosa, Giambi, Palmeiro and other lots of reputable characters like those. The team name? Lavatory Injectors <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have a guy in one of my leagues with a few of those players with the team name Texas Roid Rage
  11. Please don't let Clarke be stupid enough to trade Carter or Richards for it just so he can draft Ryan
  12. Blow me, Phaggot fan. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just because we have finally figured out Marty and we're in the hunt for your best player is no reason to be that jealous. I mean, we all know you're gonna throw your "we have won the cup recently" garbage at me.
  13. It's garbage. He's paid his dues, and it's not like Moore had an amazing future, or any future for that matter, ahead of him
  14. I'm preparing to get my Niedermayer jersey once he signs with us. KJ, Joni, and Niedermayer
  15. I was flipping around on the TV and while making the cardinal sin of turning on Fox News, I saw this guy talking about his proposed law. The crowd cheered when someone said the law was, "restricting our freedoms"