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  1. How to shed $5 million?

    Ralfi, Malakhov, Mogilny and McGillis were all just signed and Elias too and will start on IR so none of them will go. Marty isnt going anywhere. That leaves Madden, Friesen or Gomez.
  2. Njdevs.com Fantasy Hockey

    I joined. Thanks Ayl.
  3. 2005-06 Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey (JHL)

    If there is any room left, I would love to be in the league. As a newbie though, I am way, way, way, way down the list.
  4. Doc Emrick is the new voice of OLN...

    I hope its not Clement and Melrose. I really hated listening to them call a game. Melrose isnt too bad in the studio but horrible in the booth. Emrick is great. I cant wait.
  5. Devils trade rumour -- big deal to come?

    Wait a minute. Devils would give up Langenbrunner, Friesen and Brylin and end up with 3 high draft picks?? First off, there is no way to guarantee that they would be high draft picks. Would that team purposely lose just so the terms of the trade would be met? I dont think so. Second, I know that Devs are over the cap but to give up 3 central parts of the team for 3 pick is a bad deal. Is there enough in the farm to overcome this? I think this rumor stinks and hope it doesnt happen. This is back to the front page of the thread. I forgot about the rest of the pages.
  6. Hossa/Heatley Deal

    From ESPN Updated: Aug. 23, 2005, 4:24 PM ET Move comes hours after Sens signed HossaESPN.com news services After avoiding arbitration with Marian Hossa, the Ottawa Senators didn't keep him for long. The team has sent Hossa to the Atlanta Thrashers for forward Dany Heatley. The Thrashers will also receive a defenseman, according to The Sports Network of Canada. The Thrashers have called a 5:30 p.m. ET news conference, where they are expected to announce the trade. The Senators and Hossa reached a deal on the same day they were scheduled to go to arbitration. Hossa was the most prominent of the 11 players who originally filed for arbitration. The three-year, $18 million deal had made Hossa the highest-paid player in franchise history, but Ottawa has now shipped him to Atlanta. Am I one of the few who thinks that OTT got the better of the deal?
  7. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    Brian Lawton is Modano's agent????
  8. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    If Nieds does sign elsewhere, any chance that Lou would bring Bombadir back into the fold?
  9. Possible Call-ups for the season

    Will Parise start the year with the Devils or the Rats?
  10. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    I cant say that he is selfish. If he played for any other team he would have made more in previous years. Lou is known for low-balling and it worked since Nieds really couldnt go anywhere. This is his 1 shot for the real big payday. He has helped us win 3 cups. What more should we ask from him?
  11. EA NHL 2006

    I havent gotten a NHL game in several years. If this one is good, I will pick it up. Hockey was always my favorite sport to play as a video game. NHL 95 & 96 were 2 of my favorites but I didnt like any of the next gen games. Hopefully they will make this years game as good as they did this years Madden and MVP.
  12. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    Hawks would then trade Thibault if they get Bulin.
  13. Free Agent/Trades Off-season 2005

    Calgary signs Amonte and McCarty so they are out. http://www.calgaryflames.com/cgi-bin/news/..._num=0000000496
  14. Pronger traded to Edmonton

    If we do get Nieds for 6.25 to 6.8 per year, is there still room for Rafalski?
  15. Pronger traded to Edmonton

    Supposedly Brewer was the key to the deal. Brewer is good but Pronger is a former Norris winner and 1 of top 3 players on the Blues. With Demitra gone as well, the Blues are a weaker team so far.