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  1. Captain

    With Niedermayer gone and with a chance of Stevens not returning, who do you guys think will be the new captain?
  2. Devils Sign McGillis, Malakhov, Rafalski

    geez, I didn't know that Devils fans were so negative about things. Yes Niedermayer is gone and I am upset about this but what are we supposed to do, just give up?! Come on now. Let's see what happens and support the squad.
  3. Does anyone else hope that Nieder leaves?

    I hope he stays, aside from the salary issues he is one of the leaders of the team. When Scott Stevens was out he without a doubt was the captain of the squad. If the rumors are true that they are offering a 5 year deal then that is 5 years of a very very good hockey player. I hope he stays also because of sentimental reasons ever since I was a kid Nieds has been my favorite Devil, this may sound stupid to some but thats just the way I feel, seeing him in another uniform would be very depressing.
  4. New

    hey devilsfan26, where are you moving too... because down here you have to have Directv in order to get the games ... its all Comcast Sports Net down here
  5. New

    Hi, I am a devils fan living in south jersey ... originally from Brooklyn New York. As you can see from my Member Name I have been a Devs fan since 86' which is also the year I was born LoL. Living in South Jersey means dealing with Flyers fans, you will never come across a worst group of fans in your life, I absolutely hate the Flyers and you woud too if you had to live down here. Well its great to finally find a Devils forum, I hope to have a good time here. Thanks