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  1. Stars Interested In Nieuwy

    Well, as a Stars fan and here because of J&J when they were traded and now consider myself a Devs fan too...I don't want Joey to end up anywhere if not in NJ or Dallas..I'd be throwing up everywhere if he goes to any other place..So..what I am saying is..here or Dallas, either way's fine by me..and nice to see he made fans here after his terrible start
  2. If Joe Leaves.....

    Even though I don't post here as much as some of my other Dallas posters, I too have grown to truly respect what ya'll have here in the Devils' organization.... That being said..I still would hate to see Joe leave (unless of course he returns to Dallas) *grin*..no matter where he goes, he's class through and through. I will return here though to root on Jaime..it'll no longer be J&J..but J..*sigh* Time will tell the tale no doubt.
  3. Stanley Cup Journal

    OMG the clip with Scott Stevens and the guy on the late show was GREAT! BY the Way..CONGRATULATIONS to the Stanley Cup Champ New Jersey Devils!!!! It was a tough year, but ya'll won it all! I'm very happy that ya'll beat the ducks...and good luck next season..have a great summer! Best wishes from Dallas ya'll.. zenchic
  4. Arnott Vs. Sykora

    zenchic loads her gun and gets ready to go "duck hunting"....Quack..bring em on! I am thinking there is no way in he** that the Ducks' netminder can play another unbelievable round as the one he just finished! Maybe that's just me "hoping" instead of "thinking" eh? We shall see! I say Stars in 6
  5. Hey! Njdev25 ...

    Hi ya'll..from what I hear tonight ..Turgeon may be able to play in the 1st or 2nd game of Round 2..Arnott will most probably be a go also for game 1 of Round 2.. Sounds like Stars will be without Guerin for the entire round 2 action as "they" are saying around Dallas tonight .. Therefore, Stars' fans are just going to have to be prepared to go the rest of the way without him..Most unfortunate for him and "them"/"us"...
  6. Stars Vs Oilers=best Series

  7. Well There Goes Your Nolan Dreams !

    He was dragged off? I'm no expert but shouldn't a strecher be used in cases like this when there is a possible back injury? See, that's what I was wondering when I was watching the game live on NHL CenterIce!! I thought, my Lord why are they moving him like that and not bringing him off on a stretcher..what if there is another one or two vertebrae cracked! It was bad...very very bad God speed to him
  8. For All Nieuwy Fans

    Thank you very much for the info! I have NHL CenterIce..don't think that is going to help me though Maybe I'll get lucky and they will put the video or blurbs of it on the website? Who knows.
  9. Can Your Favourite Player Make You Switch Teams?

    Ok...time for me to add my 2 cents... As ya'll know, I'm a huge fan of J&J...But first and foremost, I am a Dallas Stars' fan... That being said, if anyone is still reading my reply...I am STILL a huge fan of J&J and because they are here with the Devils, strange as it may seem, the Devils are now my 2nd favorite team.....I have ALWAYS respected the Devils...just never thought of them as a "favorite" team until J&J arrived, and I started coming here to the boards, and met all ya'll nice people and *really* started watching the Devils' games .. J&J will always be very special players and a huge part of the Stars' legacy team in my heart and mind and nothing can or will ever change that for me.
  10. Fleury Scratched

    All the Dallas commentators said was that Theo was a "healthy" scratch tonight. Apparently when media people asked the General Manager for Chicago if he was putting the best team on the ice tonight that he could (referencing not only Theo's healthy scratch but also Berezin's healthy scratch)...the GM stated that they would have to "talk to the Coach" about the matter. All is not well in Theo-land, but then..it probably hasn't been since Joey played with Theo back in the Calgary days.
  11. Congrats To Joe Nieuwendyk On Pt. 1000

    Glad to oblige Like my Dallas "pardner" said...you knew the Dallas contingent wouldn't let you down "It was a goal as graceful as the gentleman who scored it. A Monet of a moment, something Joe Nieuwendyk would put up on his wall if goals could fit nicely into 8-by-10 frames. Mike Kerwick, Asbury Park Press 1/18/03" Wow...who is this guy, Mike Kerwick? Well said by him no matter who he is.
  12. Why Do You Love Hockey?

    'nuff said! :wave:
  13. Congrats To Joe Nieuwendyk On Pt. 1000

    CONGATULATIONS JOEY on your 1,000th point! So nice to see he's gotten back in most of ya'lls good graces after his horrible start to this season Dallas joins New Jersey in sharing their joy for Joey
  14. Sakic Out With Broken Foot!!

    Ok..there's NO way I can say a bad word about Sakic, and I am sorry Zubie's shot broke his foot..HOWEVER, the nicities out of the way HORRAY!!! *eg* That was one ROUGH-TOUGH instant classic game in my humble opinion! And why Marty Turco was suspended for that play on Flopsy and Flopsy SPEARING Derien (yeah yeah I know how ya'll feel about Derien) but regardless, a spear is a spear and Flopsy had to wait to get officials between he and Derien to do it...but of course, the "league office" wouldn't DARE do anything to Flopsy now would they..I think not! I bet Brenden Morrow gets 2 game suspension for an accident check into the boards in Dallas' game tonight too..mark my words!
  15. Game Thread

    Whewwwwww geez what a relief!!! I am just grinning my face in half here! Sleep? geez..how am I supposed to do that now!!!! LOL