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  1. Captain?

    With Nieds leaving to be close to his in-laws?, c'mon now, no one purposely moves close to their in-laws, who do you think the new captain will be if Stevens decides to not return? I think Stevens has to return, with all the people he has laid out with concussions, even Lindros tried to play again, Stevens needs to do one more year. But if not, who do you think should wear the C, Patty won't be playing again for a bit, I for some reason am thinking Madden would be a perfect fit.
  2. Flyers ship Roenick to Los Angeles

    With the new CBA does the money that Social Security will pay towards the Flyers payroll also count against the cap? This line-up is the best they have had in years, but there is no way they will make it through a whole season.