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  1. GDT: DEVILS @ PANTHERS 7:00PM TV FSNY2 Radio 660

    It's blacked out because I'm in Jersey
  2. GDT: DEVILS @ PANTHERS 7:00PM TV FSNY2 Radio 660

    I still can't get the game and I'm in the meadowlands area. The nhl portal thing is blacked out...
  3. Street/Roller Hockey Game on 10/29

    that i dont know
  4. Street/Roller Hockey Game on 10/29

    hey guys we're definately playing tomorrow at 10 am, I'm wondering if anyone will actually be going?
  5. Street/Roller Hockey Game on 10/29

    anyone else want to play?
  6. Street/Roller Hockey Game on 10/29

    great man, if you got any friends that wanna play, bring them along.
  7. Street/Roller Hockey Game on 10/29

    awsome dude. I also got another goalie playing so we got a goalie for each team. We really need more skaters though, so far we have 4 that are playing out.
  8. Street/Roller Hockey Game on 10/29

    Hey guy's, I know I don't post here a lot but I'm more of a reader than a poster. Anyway I'm trying to get a hockey game going and I would like to know if anyone is interested in playing. I've got some people from devilsrule.com coming and I'm hoping I get can a few more here to get a good game going. We will be playing at the Clifton rink (Morris Road) on Saturday, October 29nd. Show-up time would be around 10 am. Play for as long as people are there. If it rains, then it's cancelled. Below are some pictures of the rink so you can decide on whether you would like to come play or not. Those extra plants coming out from the side boards are only providing us more oxygen. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b160/thi...08/DSCN1208.jpg http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b160/thi...08/DSCN1207.jpg http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b160/thi...08/DSCN1206.jpg It is pretty smooth and shouldn't be to bad on wheels if you are on blades. If your a goalie I wouldn't bring your best equipment, maybe some older pads you have, which is what I'll be wearing. We will have ball and puck there and we'll probably play a few games or so with each or figure out which one works better. It won't be anything to serious just a fun game, no checking so no one gets hurt. Skates or Shoes, doesn't matter. We will split up the teams accordingly to have a mixture of both on each if we do get enough people. You can use your discretion on what equipment you feel you need to wear. Shin guards are a good idea, alot of people don't wear helmets... but that is all your decision. Here is also a link to www.mapquest.com Just enter as your destination : Morris Road Clifton, NJ There is only one Morris Road in Clifton and it is a small dead end so it will give you directions right to the rink, can't miss it Just post below saying if you are In or not and if you will be playing out or as goalie, also note if you are on skates or feet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I'm in Mike - Foward (Skates)
  9. Game Thread: Devils at Pittsburgh Penguins 7:30PM

    I have to say, we still don't look good but we are getting better. Our defense still needs work. We just arent playing to our fullest potential.
  10. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    I'm at a loss for words....