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  1. Who is Liz Stein? (Her name is Jill).
  2. While its been pointed out that this is a ridiculous assertion, lets look at this deeper just to point out how silly it is. You're not taking into account the fact that the Devils' lease is for 25 years (as of 2013). Now obviously that can be broken, but there are other facts at play here. The Prudential Center is one of the busiest arenas on the planet. Not just the country. Revenue wise this arena was top 20 in the world last year. This affects the Devils since DAE run the arena. The Devils could bleed money and we wouldn't have to worry about the team leaving any time soon, simply because the revenue from the arena would offset a massive loss which is unlikely to occur anyway. Losing the money from parking, and business revenues around the arena, a regular tenant leaving would affect The Rock in a huge way. On top of this is the MSG contract, which while regularly re-negotiated, is still a top 10 in the league deal. The time to move the Devils was in the early 90s and I think its a safe bet that had Lou not gotten this team to respectability, it may have moved. But that worry is pretty much dead once The Rock opened. If that's Vanderbeek's legacy, I'd say that alone is pretty good. Even with the ridiculous idea that this is (ending hard tickets), attendance would have to fall to astronomical lows for relocation to even be considered. Its been proven over and over again with this team, if they're playing well, people will come. And as also mentioned, attendance is not an "only" issue to cause a relocation. Attendance has to fall to a specific low before attendance can even be considered in a lot of pro leagues and it has to be a sustained negative. Not having hard tickets isn't going to do that.
  3. Apparently we werent even one of the final considerations But I agree. He went there and I can't stand him for that alone, but Im still stoked about the season starting.
  4. They trade him in a package for Shattenkirk who they cannot afford to re-sign.
  5. He cannot even talk to anyone until midnight of the 16th. Today is just the last day the Sabres have exclusive rights. Tomorrow likely isn't even the day if he's taking meetings etc. I don't think this is over til Thursday or Friday.
  6. And? There's nothing to lose if we're his destination, so we don't have to be sold on him. However he immediately slots into our top 3 fwd (Zacha - McLeod - Vesey) prospects before even stepping foot on the ice. There is a reason why theres a lot of noise being made about him. He's only getting a 2 way entry level deal so financially its nothing. Worst case, he doesnt succeed, and bye. Best case he becomes a key player going forward.
  7. Is that you Alex Jones? lol keep holding that line. Brexit is not a barometer for a US election. The state of California + New York combined has more registered voters than the entire Brexit voting bloc. Brexit is also not a vote for leadership.
  8. It's fact Georgia is in play. Will it put it blue? No, I dont think so, but a close election there is a harbinger for Trump underperforming in every solid red state. There's a reason why Perdue is in a bind practically BEGGING people to vote Trump, and the black population is coalesced around Hillary and their GOTV push is better than even Obama's. Trump won only 9% of registered voters in the primaries to win the nomination. That's a losing nominee historically, especially with someone as divisive as Trump. And besides, Hillary doesn't need Georgia to win. Missouri and Arizona are also in play giving her even more opportunities. Trump's got to coalesce the base, which is likely impossible, and he's got to win all 3 of FL, OH, and PA + take back the states Obama turned blue in 08 that Romney didnt get back. It's not going to happen. I'll gladly put $500 on Hillary trouncing Trump (anyone is welcome to take this bet lol). Its not even going to be close.
  9. This is a ridiculous statement. There is no cure for cancer. Even those who survive are never fully cured. It can come back and a lot of the time it does. I don't disagree with your sentiment, since clearly something needs to be done, but terrorism is not like a cancer and its a terrible analogy to make. It is impossible to "kill" terrorism. You cut off one head and create another one at the same time. Its a pattern that has continually repeated itself since 9/11. This is an enemy that hides among us (us meaning westerners). Anyone with a grudge can claim I DID IT FOR ISIS and we won't know it till afterwards. My personal stance is GTFO of the Middle East and get off of oil ASAP so we dont need to be allied to completely ridiculous regimes like Saudi. Let them have the deserts. No, its the opposite. This is not your garden variety "Republican" (who was a liberal for 85% of his life), who many in his own party cannot stand and will not vote for in the first place. Go read Red State. The script is flipped. Terrorist attacks are actually proving to scare people to Hillary simply because Trump is such a neophyte and other than platitudes and ideas that are either unconstitutional or completely ridiculous (usually both), he has nothing concrete. Her #s have gone up against Trump each and every time theres an attack. i.e. Orlando, Brussels, and it will happen again with Nice. There's a reason why states like Georgia, Arizona, and even Utah of all places, that are regularly red as of late are competitive now. Hillary is the most hawkish Democrat since Johnson and probably since Truman (post-WWII).
  10. LMAO What is this baseless nonsense?
  11. I think the stupidest thing I heard was on the 1st round NHL Tonight recap show that was airing from Fri night and constantly repeated on NHLN to the start on Sat AM.... Dave Reid on Auston Matthews: (pp) "Auston Matthews is the most talented prospect taken at #1 overall in YEARS!". He seriously said this, and I'm just thinking to myself uhhhh McDavid?
  12. The pick is extremely safe. Considering where we were picking and how the board panned out, I can't hate the pick. Yes, I'd have been far more enthusiastic with Jost or Keller. McLeod can positively fly. He will improve our attack in many respects. I'm much happier with him than if we took one of the d-men that were on the board. There's still plenty of time for Shero to do more.
  13. Check what they've done in junior tournaments and U-18s as of late. Check what they've done in juniors and U-18s as of late.
  14. You'd have to add to get either of them. Kiss the #11+ goodbye to get Draisaitl or Hall w/ Severson as a part of the package. Potentially a package no one whose of a fan of this team should encourage be done at this point if its Hall. Unrealistic either of them get moved in the first place. If we're dealing with Edmonton, expect it to be Yakupov or RNH. I really dislike the idea of offering up Quenneville as a +.
  15. I like Keller's skill level a lot, but I think he has more bust potential than Jost although I can see the arguments for him being the more rewarding selection. If Jost can be had that's who I'm pretty much set on. We could easily have to make a choice between the two if 4-10 see more than 2 D-Men taken.