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  1. 2016 Draft

    Picking. I'd put it at an 80% chance. Obviously sh!t happens and a really good offer lands on our laps, but it just doesnt seem likely right now unless a currently highly rated player (notably a D-Man) starts falling and a team behind us a few spots wants to move up. Maybe some GM wants to move a current player that we're interested in by the draft, but predicting a move is folly at this point. I'd put trading up at an equally low possibility. Outside of the top 3, the talent level becomes more condensed so we'll likely be getting a talented player at 11.
  2. 2016 Draft

    Its where he's coming from. He's got numbers in a lesser league. He's a good player and could be a good NHL'er, but there's likely to be someone better where we're picking. If we get bumped to say 13 or 14, then maybe he becomes an option. At 11, there are assuredly better players on the board at the time.
  3. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    lol fair enough And agreed with Triumph as well.
  4. Devils looking to add offense in the offseason

    No to Elias with caveats. If there's slim pickings when we're filling slots and we're getting him at lower than market price, sure. The guy is coming off of a 16 game season and is now 41. We're heading into a season where some of our young guys up front are going to be expected to play very significant roles and I'm not comfortable guaranteeing Elias a roster spot today. He's not a Gionta or 4th line player and will need to be on one of the top scoring lines to be effective. It's inconceivable to offer him that now pre-draft/pre-UFA window. If a more significant addition or multiple additions aremade through whatever avenue available (trade/UFA/etc/whatever) then there's potentially not room for Elias unless he's willing to take a significantly decreased role. While I liked what I saw from Patty in that last game, espc with Zacha, I'm hesitant committing anything to him at this moment . I respect the hell out of him and if he gets the opportunity to end his career in a Devils sweater, I'm all for that, but under no circumstance does sentimentality trump hard decisions that may have to be made this offseason in respect to roster slots. He's not a 4th line plug and does not fill that role.The draft and the early days of free agency need to play out and if there's room for the Patty of today, then by all means an incentive laden contract is absolutely deserved, but its not something to commit to in April with so many question marks, possibilities,and work to do personnel wise. At this point in his career, he's a "wait and see" on April 15th.
  5. 2016 NHL Trade Deadline Thread

    We pretty much have to and can set the price high on Stemp and Schlemko as they're some of our only assets. It's largely a seller's market. Look at what Toronto got for Spaling and Polak (Good ole Lou lol). Stempniak is our leading scorer, and while he probably wouldn't fetch what the Jets would get for Ladd, the fact his contract is literally nothing and he's had a good season means his cost is probably never going to be higher. I'm a little iffy on even considering trading Schlemko. While he is 28, he's fit in so well over the last few months that I'd really like to see him return. I think the best way to move Gelinas is move him for a young player who's in a similar situation on another team. Gelinas is obviously talented, but he's stagnated so bad the last 2 seasons that it may just be a case of needing a fresh start somewhere.
  6. While I do not want Kovalchuk back on the Devils, I find the amount of vitriol being spewed towards him this thread completely over the top and lacking any sort of meaningful analysis. ARRRRR HE LEFT US DIE KOVY DIE. You're all buying what you were sold. Its no coincidence that Kovalchuk leaves July 11th and the deal to sell the team to Harris is completed a month later. Its blatantly obvious that Kovy's contract was a hindrance in the sale negotiations/finalizing due to the amount of real salary it was going to cost ownership. Kovy also expressed that he missed Russia a year prior to his departure. IMO he did us a favor by leaving. We got out of that absurd deal with a clearly declining player which would be the definition of an albatross at this point and arguably one of the worst contracts in the entire league. The Devils had a way out with Kovalchuk since he desired to take an insane deal from a team in his home country. It's still a business at the end of the day. The real problem was the aftermath with Lou and the draft pick stuff, but we still ended up getting the pick back which was clearly the angle Lou and Co. decided to go for. Kovy leaves the country and takes the heat. Lou played it as well as he could. The real ire should be on Vanderbeek for some of his decision making near the end of his time owning the team which is largely the reason we are where we are now. I have no animosity towards Kovalchuk whatsoever at this point. I can't even imagine the make up of this team today if we're still holding that contract and what we'd even have accomplished with him on the team. We're in a better position because of the situation. As to him coming back, no. We're not in a position where he's going to be a major help to this team going forward and he is still going to be an investment for any NHL team simply based on name recognition. On another hand, I almost would like to see him come back for a season or two to vindicate himself in the eyes of a lot of our fanbase like Gomez was able to do, but at the same time I don't even care that much. Kovy was a risk worth taking at the time and the situation manifested itself that ended up being a bit disappointing in all respects. sh!t happens.
  7. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    He'd have to go pro and forgo his senior season. He's a junior this year. I highly doubt even if he let his senior year go and went pro immediately that we'd call him up. If anything, he'd prob go to Albany first for the rest of this year.
  8. Drouin

    Hell, if the Devils were prepared to offer Larsson, it BETTER get the deal done. Thats a non-starter though. Under no circumstances should Larsson be considered in almost any trade at this point. He's far too valuable to us going forward and he's set up perfectly for the next 5 years. Tampa would absolutely be adding if it was a consideration. Unless we were getting a guaranteed talent type of young forward back would I even remotely consider trading Larsson. Drouin's NHL resume is not strong enough for a straight swap with Larsson. A comparable recent deal would be the Jones/Johansen swap, thats the level of player Larsson would be bringing back. Drouin is not that level. I don't think they'd want Severson at this point at least not in a straight swap. I also don't think the Devils should consider moving him. If he was the target I'd expect that we'd be the ones expected to add. Merrill + a 2nd round pick would be the most Id offer for Drouin and it probably wouldn't get the deal done since a team like Anaheim can likely offer a more valuable defensive prospect than we can.
  9. So there's this.
  10. Per McKenzie. Yes, it was announced at 2:30ishAM EST on a Saturday morning.
  11. The Devils Need A Center Right Now

    It's easy to sit here in hindsight and say "we should've signed X". But you're "pissed" about something that we don't know the entire story on either. It's entirely possible an overture was made to him butnot made public. Secondly, theCapitals have Justin Williams on their roster who likely is a catalyst for Richards going there. For Washington, its an easy risk to take and there's at least a buffer there for Richards in someone that he knows and has played with extensively. It'd have been an easy risk for us too, but we just don't know the entire story on the nature of his signing. Its a two way street, not only does an offer have to be extended, but the player has to accept it as well. Its potentially a damned if you do/damned if you don't situation. Assuredly will be. Edmonton immediately asks for Larsson in a straight up deal or Severson + otherwise, and that plus is likely high draft picks. Is anyone prepared to offer that? I'm certainly not. As much as I believe RNH would be someone who definitely could help us (unlike the aforementioned Richards and hopeful fliers), the cost for us at this moment is just too much to bear. This team is showing us now exactly who many thought they were going into the season. Little depth up front and an exceedingly young blueline who have not progressed enough.We played above our heads for the first half of the season and as it looksnow the sink is starting as the season wears on. Giving up Larsson is not optimal needless to say as then he needs to be replaced. It would be a lot easier to look to these kind of guys (RNH) if Merrill and Gelinas had shown some progression of merit so far this season, but neither have shown anything beyond either plateauing or even regression at points. We're just not in the position to make moves for the guys that will cost serious assets since we have so few that teams like Edmonton would be interested in. The risk is just too high going forward IMO. We definitely need another center, but the acquiring of one is the hard part. I'm to the point where I'm content with playing this season out, selling whatever is expendable/gives a decent enough return around the deadline to acquire assets and hopefully scoring a talent in the draft and maybe a strong acquisition or two via UFA/trade over the summer.The betterment of this team is a long process and I think the early part of this season gave a lot of us false hope that the turnaround would be quicker. I just don't believe we have the horses to compete over the entirety of an NHL season at the moment.
  12. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Its good for both sides espc if Columbus felt they had to move Johansen. Jones is potential franchise defender and Nashville gets better immediately. Its win-win today.
  13. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Eh, I don't think this is a major consideration if we were to pick up the player. It's 3.2 and the last year of his deal. A case could be made that picking him up helps us just the same if he's able to fit in and fulfill a role for us that comes back to haunt them. If Shero/Hynes think he can help us, its a worthwhile risk. Id agree with your argument against doing it if he had multiple years left, but they're going to have that cap space open in a few months as it is. The Flyers aren't even in cap hell with Gagner. If they were right up against it I could also see an argument for letting them rot on it.
  14. Sports bar in Union City NJ to watch the Devils?

    Very close to me. Im off of 10th but on the other side of Kennedy Blvd. Union City is not anywhere to watch a game. The few watering holes that are around UC mostly cater to the overwhelmingly Hispanic population. Hoboken is definitely your best bet. You dont even need to Uber if you dont want to. There are plenty of city buses that will take you down there. Walk over to Bergenline Ave and 23rd St and take the #22 NJ Transit Bus right into the heart of Hoboken. It goes down Washington St. which is where a lot of the "action" is. If you want to go into NYC, take the #125 bus to the Port Authority from Kennedy Blvd or one of the dozens of "jitney" buses that run the same route. They're little white minibuses that run the route constantly.
  15. 3-on-3 tournament to replace NHL all-star game

    im perfectly fine with them gimmicking out the all star game. They should do something different with it every year. Make it fun and unique.