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  1. If Edm is great this year it will solely because McDavid hits his stride
  2. Thought he'd be 44 but nice to have a high end #9 on the team again.
  3. Hope more is on TV. I've been to West Point's rink...very nice.
  4. Happy for him to get back into coaching. Don't like it's not with the Devs, petty I know.
  5. No comment cause I have no clue on this guy at all. AHL to start with I guess.
  7. Go Sharks
  8. Yes I think it is much worse than '94. We had them and lost it.....a chance at back to back too.
  9. I totally thought the same thing. I was there in '01 and the air came out of that place when Gomer's goal was disallowed. Seemed like a replay yesterday. I hope Game 7 is different as well.
  10. I think it lets Elias play and gets Blandisi back in.
  11. No, guy on NHL Net says only 5 trades in 1987. But historically slow since they have kept track.
  12. Hated the green as a kid, still don't love em. I guess I'm still sensitive to the teasing Devs fans got back in the day. Switching to black was the BEST decision ever. I'm fine with 2-4 times a year, a permament switch would be no good for me.
  13. Patrick won 2 cups and to 4 finals. He was a big part of those teams too. Also finished third in NHL scoring in 00-01. He lead the team in points 8 times! Johnny did it twice and Elias was elite longer than Johnny Mac and he was/is loyal. 26 is a no brainer! I want the Devils HOF too for #15 and other shorter term player who had BIG impact
  14. Genuinely excited to see Blandisi
  15. I'd like to see him as 3rd center and JJ dropped to 4th. Gio sits