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  1. the biggest A-hole to ever play for the Devils? I think yes already and if he signs with the rags next year even more so.
  2. Maybe one positive with Boyle is he'll be a big tradable asset at the deadline for a playoff team. Because it sure is looking like we're not going to be a playoff team.
  3. Let's be honest, if this d*ck wants to play for the Rags nothing is gonna stop him but crazy money. 1/2 a mil xtra a yr isn't gonna do it. I'm not sure I want him for nearly 8 and 8 or whatever overpayment it's gonna take.
  4. Just like Pronger with Philly, working for the league and still on LTR. NHL is a joke.
  5. I was holding my 2 month old daughter, who was sleeping in my arms. My quiet celebration was a funny / big change from 2000. I woke my wife up on that one.
  6. So agree with this. Unless it was McDavid, no single player was going to turn this around in a year.
  7. I am an original fan. I was 13 when they announced the team was coming here and that's all it took. I loved the idea of having a team of our own here in NJ. My father had shared season tickets for the first two years. I have no idea how many games I've gone too. The Devs got me playing hockey too. THIS IS TEAM.
  8. I get that. I wasn't ashamed of the team, unlike teams in the '80s. But that summer through winning the cup was HARD. Even the 1/2 cup sh*t was bad.
  9. This made 1994 a sneaky bad year. It was VERY hard to take in the end. I was convinced that we'd never get to the final, let alone win one. My powers of forecasting suck, thankfully. Missing in '96 was bad too. In fact, I get more aggravated when there are high expectations with the team ('97, 01, 02) and they don't reach them. In years like this when it's obvious we not very good, it's easier to take a bad season.
  10. Agree no change catching Gretz, but if he plays a couple of more years he could get 2,000 points which would be incredible!
  11. Not sure I like this. He seems to have more potential that KK. Andrew speculates that he could get picked up by Sharks with DeBoer there.
  12. NJDevilsPR ‏@NJDevilsPR 3m3 minutes ago Jon Merrill (right index finger, blocked shot 10/1 vs. Rangers) out four weeks. 7 retweets2 likes Reply Retweet 7 Like 2 More NJDevilsPR ‏@NJDevilsPR 52m52 minutes ago Luke Gazdic (broken left foot, blocking shot 9/26 vs. Philly) will be out four weeks.
  13. I think Wood will go down for a few reasons. He'll play top line minutes there and get used to pro hockey. This kid is 18 months out of prep school! Plus no waivers for him. If he performs like we hope he'll be up quickly. I'm excited about him.
  14. Schlemko 2.0? Know the name, not much else. Pushing for Merrill's spot?
  15. I'm right with you on that chants, especially when we are clearly worse than those teams. Or the you suck chant when we're losing 5-1. I'm over the goal song too, don't care what it is.