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  1. Agree no change catching Gretz, but if he plays a couple of more years he could get 2,000 points which would be incredible!
  2. Not sure I like this. He seems to have more potential that KK. Andrew speculates that he could get picked up by Sharks with DeBoer there.
  3. NJDevilsPR ‏@NJDevilsPR 3m3 minutes ago Jon Merrill (right index finger, blocked shot 10/1 vs. Rangers) out four weeks. 7 retweets2 likes Reply Retweet 7 Like 2 More NJDevilsPR ‏@NJDevilsPR 52m52 minutes ago Luke Gazdic (broken left foot, blocking shot 9/26 vs. Philly) will be out four weeks.
  4. I think Wood will go down for a few reasons. He'll play top line minutes there and get used to pro hockey. This kid is 18 months out of prep school! Plus no waivers for him. If he performs like we hope he'll be up quickly. I'm excited about him.
  5. Schlemko 2.0? Know the name, not much else. Pushing for Merrill's spot?
  6. I'm right with you on that chants, especially when we are clearly worse than those teams. Or the you suck chant when we're losing 5-1. I'm over the goal song too, don't care what it is.
  7. Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy!
  8. I feel the same way, but at age 47 I just figure it's mostly me getting old.
  9. If Edm is great this year it will solely because McDavid hits his stride
  10. Thought he'd be 44 but nice to have a high end #9 on the team again.
  11. Hope more is on TV. I've been to West Point's rink...very nice.
  12. Happy for him to get back into coaching. Don't like it's not with the Devs, petty I know.
  13. No comment cause I have no clue on this guy at all. AHL to start with I guess.
  15. Go Sharks