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  1. NHL Center Ice

    Alright, just an update...since I'm sure this effects more than just me. I talked to Cablevision, and they said to watch the "sports in-demand" website for details regarding Center Ice. Basically..they said that if they supply it..Cablevision will carry it. They couldn't give me anymore answers...because SID hasn't told them anything, but I take it as a good sign that the SID website is still hyping CI and the 05-06 season(Hockey's Back! they say) So, hopefully that's some closure for myself and whomever else
  2. NHL Center Ice

    I feel a bit better about it. I found the Center Ice info kind of "hidden" on their website, still advertising the pro-rated partial deal for last season if the lockout ended...so I would take it to mean they'll definitely have it this year. Also, if you go to the channels where Center Ice is usually shown, it still says "NHL\MLB Package", and also...the website doesn't advertise NBA League Pass, despite having a channel year round that does nothing but advertise it.
  3. NHL Center Ice

    So it would be around the same price as when you use to order it <{POST_SNAPBACK}> well, maybe..maybe not. who knows with the lockout and whatnot. it could be more...or less expensive. the cost isn't really a big deal...now i'm just worried that they're not carrying it.
  4. NHL Center Ice

    that's my last resort. every time i've had to call them for anything, im treated pretty rudely and usually left on hold for extended periods of time...so i was hoping someone here would have an answer.
  5. NHL Center Ice

    I emailed them, and got the worst form letter ever, back. It sounded like they had no idea what the NHL was, let alone Center Ice. The guy said, "we offer many exciting packages, movies on demand, blah blah blah....we take down every request we receive and carefully consider each one" No definite answer either way. He neither acknowledged that they ever had it nor did he tell me if they plan to have it this year
  6. NHL Center Ice

    Hm, someone help me out here! I just went to see what the price for center ice would be(i have cablevision\io digital cable in north jersey) and it's not listed on their website! they have the MLB and MLS packages...but not Center Ice! Am I panicking unduly...is it too early for them to offer it? it seems like in the past, I usually went ahead and ordered it in mid-august, but i could be wrong. someone make me feel better!