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  1. I had much more point than that... I don't get how it works... I understand that available point is lower now, but why my main score drops from something like 200 points at the very least ?
  2. #TeamAuvitu (France 5 - Finland 1) just sayin' !
  3. If we put back the frenchie in the lineup and pick up the Swiss at the draft... NJ will be soft ! ... oh... wait...
  4. Wait a second... Is it the first time we will draft the n°1 pick in franchise history ? Shanny & Muller were n°2 right ?
  5. When i wake up i wanna read all you have to say about the risk to take Nolan Patrick with all his injury or... Hischier ? You have 8 hours. Oh it's sunday.. let's push to 10h !
  6. AHAHAHAHAHA I can go to sleep happy ; )
  7. I will ask one more thing ... did anyone got a streaming for this lottery ?
  8. Thanks for the info... and i now know that i will be destroy this sunday with so little sleep... aaah i'm stupid ; )
  9. At what time it starts ? (please)
  10. I follow Devs hockey since just after the Olympics in Nagano (1998) ... I pick up the team with the most player i enjoy watching during the Olympics + the one with the cool devilish logo ; ) Since that day, die-Hard french fan that got only this forum to be sure to have some news and way to keep the flame. I start listening to webradio games very late the night (i win plenty "dedication to the team" awards because of that back in the time ; ) )Really often, falling asleep around 3h in the nightbut hey ! First in person game was in Montreal for the last Marty season (and i could see Jagr, Elias & Marty ! ). I did Paris-Montreal in January just for that. And i didn't even win a dedication to the team award that years ! What a disgrace ! ; )
  11. Aaah the French isn't too bad at this game so far ; )
  12. There is a trend... The classical russian signing from Shero in the after season (yes ! It's the after season !)
  13. You have to post it during say in France... Less busy : )
  14. Yes it's terrible.. But i can't be something else anyway...
  15. This Thread will follow me all summer long... It will be my closest friend of despair. Have a good time fellow Devs Fans !