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  1. Both of you scare me just as much as I'm scared of the next extremist... And i do have a degree in history.. It appears that it's clearly not the same class that we had. Never mind... Will not change your mind and you will still believe that I'm a teletubbies... It's fine. Preach for hate and wall between "race" all you want.. I'm out of this conversation.
  2. Amen to that (in a non Christian way : ) )
  3. It's cute that you know better ... I don't gave a sh!t about social media reaction and "short attention of the mass" (yes, people did put french flag on their facebook profil, i didn't... and i didn't put iraki one too... even if they "deserve" the same amount of attention as we had). France, Irak, London, Madrid, so many place in Africa i can't count, Syria... oh.. and USA too. We are the same target. And i will feel better if you don't "hope" anything for me and my people.. We have enough full of hate people here... It's ok, you can keep yours. I'm sure you will put in good use in your own life (like, fighting the crime with your bare hand and destroy your enemy... go fight for "our frrrreeeeedom" ) Anyway... Yes, front national are fascist. It's not being socialist, communist, hippie or whatever else to say that. They are. I know you didn't study that much history of Europe (i guess you skip to jump to the part where " hey ! without us, you would speak german ") but we tend to know our fascist. Fascist are back in strenght. And it has nothing to do with Muslims. They were already strong before terrorism... they were strong with the economy being that weak. our society need target, need guilty people... in 33 it was jews and gypsie (muslims were ally.. because jew were soooooo bad). It's not political correct to be that (ok, gypsie... we are still allowed to hate it's ok). Now it's muslim people that are the plague. And i will answer to JerryDevil there too (who is way more respectful... even if i strongly disagree with him.. but it's fine, we can discuss no matter what) (i guess) What will be the answer ? DevsMan84 will be the kind to bring the war to them right ? It was such a success after 2011. But JerryDevil, you can be serious about talking deportation. "France's Survival" ? There will be no more "France" with such behavior. You don't wanna hear about my ethical point of view and see me as a lefty that is smoking pot and believe in fairy tell ? Ok fine, let's not talk about ethical atrocity behind deportation (there would be a thousand things to say about that btw). No ok, let's be technical. What's a true French ? A catholic ? Try again... we piss on religion on a regular basis. A white ? Yeah let's talk about our ten thousand colonies and mixed society we create with that. Oh... ok.. a non muslim ? Now that's hilarious. I will lost half of my co worker, my doctor, the guy that prepare food for my son at school, the amazing people that make my bread every sunday (their bread kills !) ... should i keep going ? Oh and if i may look myself in the mirror... all the people that take the job that " such awesome true french" will not take. (no one here complain that they are steeeaaaaliiing our job...) Is our system perfect ? Nop... probably not. Will i fight to my death to keep france being france ? hell yeah. You see "equality" as a bad thing... it's funny. You know, even here, the one who work the more and the best, receive the most. I dunno how you believe it's working here... but if it's not enough, it's not enough equal for everyone. That's why there are so many problem with racism. if we were treatning the same way each one of us here, there will be no reason to go on war with civil people with a truck or with a bomb. Unbalanced help start with economy failure, not love in a religion. I understand that you may have your view about our situation and "as usual" you sometimes got easy answer to difficult problem. Bombing a whole region is the equivalent at deportation of one part of the society... It can't work. Never has, never will (i guess) I'm not trying to convince you that our way is better . I just can't let you say wrong thing (from my point of view) Oh and don't get me wrong, we are in big pile of sh!t and I hate every single religion to my bones.
  4. I will do my best to stay away from discussion about US politics as i'm not fully aware of everything that happen there... I just have piece there and there... I will only say one thing : I wouldn't be in your shoes to pick up between trump or hillary. That's for sure. But enough about this topic. You wanna my opinion about france politics and how is it feel there. I will gave at least two point of view... and i'm not sure you would like my opinion about it. First of all, despite everything that happen since few years (but we already had a wave of attack around 1995) (for other reasons) I have no problem with Muslims people. The old saying "that i have lot of muslims friends" is in fact true. I do have lot of muslims friends. They are as different of these fvckin' butcher that kills in my country that Aliens can be different from Japanese... Ok. Bad example. Japaneses are Aliens. Ok... anyway. They are the first opposant to terrorism... coz behind the " bad press " a$$holes are doing to their religion... they are the first in line in "civil repression" and racism. My friends haven't done a sh!t, work their ass off to my side, pay the same taxes, love france as much as i do ... and because some jerk are doing their own vendetta versus humanity and common sense, my friends are victim of racism, and so many heartbreaking attitude... by people i can't really blame. Of course i know it's tough to realise that we are doing the terrorist game by building wall between us. But that's what happen. Yes, There are lot of people that will vote for fascist next election. That's obvious. Our other politics are jackass, tiny little human with zero brains, guilty of so many fraud but still ready to go for election, poor human soul with no guts... Oh don't get me wrong, fascist like Le Pen are ten thousand worse but for people that don't think and don't remember history books, they can think " hey, they haven't be on power yet, let's see if they can do better". They won't do better. They will do the exact opposite. They will dig deeper in the hole we are... they have absolutely NO program to reign. They just a force to win the election not to deal with power for 5 years after. And let's be clear... France is a weird country. I admit. We are often on strike. Can't deny this... We are sometimes arrogant, we are often grumpy, not always say sorry, we think that we are better at so vain things (i had hard time typing this.. food isn't vain but hey.. for my point i will accept saying that) (but you won't me see this twice) (food is awesome) (and ours is better .. deal with it !) (ok let's move on) ... and yes, there is enough people in France that are scared enough to do the most stupid things since the german mistake in 1933 and put fascist in power. But that will be chaos... Coz french are also revolting people, french will go on something like civil war because of that. I know it sounds overreacting, but i'm sure it will be something like that. My speech there isn't constructed, especially with my broken english (sorry about that) (see..french can say sorry !) (you silly yankee) (ahem... ) Yes, people are scared. People turn into xenophobia (phobia... fear....). I still believe in education, in unity... History have prove that wave of obscurantism strike europe (and World) all over the century. This one is the same as usual... sometimes we deal it with war and pain (Crusade, WW2), sometimes we deal it with other options (capitalism with creation of Europe state with Germany, education with program of exchange , etc etc... ) Yes, people want create schism in our civilisation (of course, they are attacking france because there are lot of muslims... by creating this fear, they are putting society against each other and create more radicalism (from fascist and from young muslim that don't understand why they are victim of racism when they haven't done sh!t) ... the sin circle ... If we stand united, they lose. And it's fvckin' tough to stay united in these cloud days.. I admit.
  5. It never ends...
  7. If offer sheets were really used by GM .... Tampa would be a lot more in trouble than we are ! I really don't get why there is still the option of doing it if nobody want to do so... It's not an act of war ... it's business by the rule. If it's too dirty, remove the rule. But to answer your question, i'm not worried at all.
  8. More a bodyguard for Matthews
  9. After Grabner, Gerbe signs with the Rangers... So basically they are signing people from the Isles when Isles were sucking really bad.
  10. Let's add Cam Fowler (as we are short of one D ! ) ... Full Spitfires mode !
  12. love the name...
  13. (Gignac is a french soccer player.. what kind of pick is that ?! ; ) )
  14. (if you know what I mean)