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  1. I don't see why a Markov isn't sign yet (there or Elsewhere)... What's the problem with him? Can't be the price now as he must have lower down now
  2. I hope you have send already my gift... As it's tomorrow and I'm in France... That would be so rude that I receive my gift too late... Right?
  3. Nop it's from a blues fan... They got plenty of D prospects and they cannot make the line-up
  4. I read on hfboards this trade proposal with the Blues Jordan Schmaltz + Carl Gunnarsson + 2019 2nd for Adam Henrique What would you think?
  5. It's my birthday in 3 days... Just sayin'
  6. How long it takes usually to sign a number one draft?
  7. So basically no thread is safe from your bullsh!t and complaints about new jersey? Great!
  8. Auvitu : /
  9. I already know this thread will last all summer and I will try to avoid it the best I can!
  10.,66114.html Have you see all these videos ? (yes videos are in english)
  11. I personnaly love the new team's nickname from mfitz804...
  12. Can't wait for this thread to die slowly... (feel free to discuss about this topic of course... But i just wanna move on) (oh crap the other topic is the Jersey... And i don't care about this either... Damn... Long summer if Shero doesn't sign quickly someone : ))
  13. (he is gonna sign with us next year.. coz all he loves.. it's the drama with the Devils ! ) And money... He also love money. A lot. But drama too.
  14. So... Detroit...
  15. They hardly see us as a Division rival...but you are right nonetheless And soon, we will be!