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  1. Such a great great game... it's 3h40 in the night.. but damn i love hockey & these boys !
  2. Damn we are good (tonight)
  3. It's soooo unfair to make me laugh with such a stupid picture... Come on ! (i can't stop laughing.. i feel so dumb!) (damn you!)
  4. I'm pretty sure that something really sad happen to him and his family... And I hope it will ok for them
  5. The day he got long term contract... It's on my list !
  6. Come on !
  7. Only problem is his faceoff % Need to work on that ... But except that, fully agree !
  8. Ok. You win. (pfff)
  9. Someone will have to buy some stuff and i will pay them back ! I call for your help, Fellow Devs fans !
  10. The Auvitu train is rolling and rolling ! Putain oui !
  11. FINALLY !
  12. Auvitu making it makes me extra happy !
  13. For the next game near Paris, i will prepare you my infamous Hot Chocolate...