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  1. I follow Devs hockey since just after the Olympics in Nagano (1998) ... I pick up the team with the most player i enjoy watching during the Olympics + the one with the cool devilish logo ; ) Since that day, die-Hard french fan that got only this forum to be sure to have some news and way to keep the flame. I start listening to webradio games very late the night (i win plenty "dedication to the team" awards because of that back in the time ; ) )Really often, falling asleep around 3h in the nightbut hey ! First in person game was in Montreal for the last Marty season (and i could see Jagr, Elias & Marty ! ). I did Paris-Montreal in January just for that. And i didn't even win a dedication to the team award that years ! What a disgrace ! ; )
  2. Aaah the French isn't too bad at this game so far ; )
  3. There is a trend... The classical russian signing from Shero in the after season (yes ! It's the after season !)
  4. You have to post it during say in France... Less busy : )
  5. Yes it's terrible.. But i can't be something else anyway...
  6. This Thread will follow me all summer long... It will be my closest friend of despair. Have a good time fellow Devs Fans !
  7. Done ! And i'm usually the worst at this type of game.. but hey ! Long summer start now... at least, let's have some fun with it
  8. So... This is How Arizona's fans are feeling? Seeing suddenly their team put an effort when it's pointless... But both teams are bad and right where they belong... So...
  9. And now.. they will win...
  10. Oh... And what about the race to the bottom? Another decisive night... Let's go Vancouver! How dare you to tank like that... A tiny effort would be appreciate! #TeamBoucher
  11. The real concern is Vancouver not Arizona... But if we end 29 that would have been such a legendary fall... But hey!
  12. Aaaand Let's go Vancouver !
  13. I knew something went wrong...
  14. What about signing Alexander Radulov this summer ? (yeah i didn't knew where to put this... )
  15. The news about the imminent signature of this player comes days ago... the same day as the rumor about Bayreuther et Reese ... Both of these players are already sign (by Dallas & Pittsburg) ... Is it normal that Kelleher isn't there yet ? #FakeNews#