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  1. Binghamton vs. Lowell

    Finally some ice time for Minard and he scores!
  2. Albany @ Lowell 7pm

    Did Minard not make the team? He isn't on the roster submitted to AHL.com, yet he was scoring well in the preseason??
  3. Rats game....

    Well, we had some mid 40s last week in February, so Mother Nature is being a little twisted these days, as my mother in north Florida reported to me a colder temp in the 30s that same day.
  4. Rats game....

    Single digit temps? That's average for us here in Anchorage, what are you wussies whining about. I'll bet Minny felt at home. Try some -15 nights coming to the arena....the worst part is the leaving the arena!!
  5. Albany vs. Hartford 1/29/06

    How about some love for Minard's 8 points in 10 games (5 goals), not to mention his 38 points in 29 games in the ECHL (25 goals) before being called up! Albany isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut and he is putting up the same .50 gpg and .90 ppg....over an 80 game season...just his AHL stats, that is.

    Word has reached back here in Anchorage that Minard has been told that he needs to find permanent housing in the Albany area, he will not be returning to Alaska his season. Looks like he did have another good game tonight.

    I think I can speak for most here in Anchorage in hoping that Minny sticks with Albany and stays at that level. Sure we miss a guy as talented as he is, but our squad hasn't missed a beat since he left. It's funny, you lose the league's leading goal scorer and we have so much depth at forward that our scoring has picked up. Teams are struggling with us now as well, they don't know which line to defense, as they can't key on Minard and his line, and all 3 of our lines are producing equally!! Congrats to Minard and hopefully he can help the Rats out the rest of the season. Although it would be nice to see him back for the playoffs should you guys not be going anywhere and the Devils not have interest in calling him up!!

    Glad to hear Minny is getting his chance and making the most of it!!

    Just heard that on our broadcast that he scored twic and got the GWG!! Glad to see Chris' hard work payoff a little bit. Hope we don't see him back here!!
  10. Gionta's USA number

    Looks like these are updated now on the site. Gionta - #14 Gomez - #11 Rafalski - #28 ROSTER

    I'm wondering that too, hopefully, he's not stuck on a checking line. Call up a sniper and stick him on the checking line, then wonder why the kid can't score and send him back down. What line was he on Friday night??

    Alaska Aces media director Jack Michaels announced during the pregame tonight that Chris Minard had been called up by the River Rats today. He left the team from Phoenix today after a goalless night last night in San Diego. Good Luck Chris! Anchorage Daily News

    Dan, who played for my favorite pro team...the Thrashers!! Sorry to say that in here, but I'm originally from North Florida and a diehard Atlanta fan. The Devs are my 1a, as Gomer, Stevens and the crew have always been Alaska's top choice!!

    I have to be sounding like a broken record by now, but Chris Minard scored two goals AGAIN tonight, this time, as the Aces lost for just the 4th time this season and 1st time since Nov. 12th. He now has scored 10 goals in 6 games and has 25 on the season (28 games). This places him in a tie for first in the ECHL.

    Minny notched two more goals tonight in the Aces 6-5 win, his third straight 2 goal game. Actually, Chris now has 4 two goal games in his last 5 outings and 23 goals on the season, good for second in the E. Through 27 Games: 23 G, 12 A, +24, 9 PPG, 2 SHG So much for the theory that his league leading goal scoring last year was ALL due to Gomez's play-making ability! Last season with Gomez as his center, Minard had 14 goals through 27 games!