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  1. I believe from what I've heard that that's exactly what's going on. I feel sorry for him really, to put in 13 years of hockey, have a stanley cup, an olympic gold medal, a world championship, and end your career with a difficult season after you had already decided to retire, and with so many people mocking you? He didn't even play that poorly from the point he was benched, not so poorly to be treated so badly by the Devils, after he probably painfully admits to himself he's done and goes to pack it in? Really most people when they retire get a nice little send off from their team, he got a very cold farewell. I really don't think he deserved that. From anyone. You can be mad at how much money he was paid but it was the Devil's who offered him that money, as you can read in these articles. His only crime was deciding to accept it, something I doubt a scant few would have passed up. (including all your favorite players I'm sure)
  2. The Islanders Intimidate commercials are SO funny!
  3. 9-6... I don't think I've ever seen that score in the history of hockey.
  4. Well it sure makes MY job easier.
  5. Lakewood is 10 mins from me and I am SO buying season tickets if we get hockey HERE!!!!!
  7. I don't understand why teams end up in the over saturated market of Northern Jersey, (how many teams do you NEED in the metro NY area for gods sake) when you could stick a team somewhere between Monmouth and Ocean in a gold mine of family population who would love nothing more than to spend their money on a days outing with their kids. For years its always been us driving an hour to Philly, an hour to NYC, an hour to AC,..let them drive a damn hour to us, put a team out here in the burbs where theres a hell of a lot less traffic. Maybe I'm crazy but I say put any major league team out in like, Jackson..and watch 'em thrive in a hungry for entertainment central Joisey.
  8. It almost seems like they reached into a hat and pulled out their line up. They dropped the ball on a LOT of great matchups..starting with day one.. when they didn't choose to cover the Devils vs. Pens game.
  9. That is a seriously frightening video.
  10. The key to $20 seats is, you walk in and take the first empty seat in the first row like that's your seat, and then each time someone comes to claim it you move over a seat or up a seat, until you're finally in a seat no one has. I haven't sat in my 'actual' seat yet.
  11. I'll agree, I thought McGillis did a good job tonight again.
  12. Sorry Vlad I want to defend you but, after struggling desperately to find a single good keeper thing to say I am completely speechless. Painful isn't the word folks. At least maybe now after this, maybe they really WILL waive him.
  13. Boy and you could see it in his face when the game ended. He had a HUGE smile, clearly he enjoyed that shoot out as much as the rest of us.