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  1. Best Sports Names

    I have always liked this name since he played for Vasby Hockey back in 1995. Arris Tsilichristos. Swedish hockeyplayer but I guess his parents are from Greece.
  2. Belfour wins his first game in Sweden.

    He has also shot his first moose!! Belfour and his moose

    How was Bergfors? Haven't noticed anyone mention him. First NHL game ever.
  4. Will Friesen join Belfour in swedens second best league? Well according to swedish newspaper Dalarnas Tidningar is Leksand trying to sign him. I believe it's an even more spectacular sign than Belfour if the rumor turns out to be true. If he comes here i'll definitely have to go see Leksand. Haha how pathetic when watching a former Devil is the closest Devils experience you can have, I guess it's the daily round for a european Devils fan. Anyway the rumor can be read here: www.dalarnastidningar.se/sport/article226725.ece (swedish only)
  5. Your Favorite non-Devil NHL player...

    1. Mats Sundin (not just because I've played with his younger brother Per) 2. Teemu Selanne 3. Henrik Zetterberg
  6. Devils Sign Oduya

    According to a swedish newspaper the deal is worth about 1.2M over two years and its a one way so Lowell will not be an alternative for him next season. reference http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/sport/story/...1110598,00.html for everyone how reads swedish...
  7. bergfors in the world juniors?

    Will Lowell/Devils let him go?
  8. Devils' 'D' can use help

    Well I believe all we swedish devils fans knew all along what he's capable of and it's not a surprise to us that he has a shot on a D spot. Anyone seen him in the first three preseason games? Looked good or bad? I know what Julien thinks but a second opinion is always nice.
  9. Patrick Thoresen?

    Anyone heard anything about Devils interest in this norwegian player? According to a norwegian newspaper he's supposed to be of interest to the Oilers, Lightning and Devils! http://www.vg.no/pub/vgart.hbs?artid=117340 Career stats on this guy is found here: http://www.eurohockey.net/players/show_pla...gi?serial=13593 He is only 22 years old and last year he played for the swedish elite leauge team Djurgarden. I saw him a few games but I doubt that he can put up those points (50 games 17 goals 19 assists) in the NHL. He has potential though. Fill me in please if you have any info!
  10. You're OTHER favorite teams......

    As redruM wrote "How can you be a fan of 2 teams in the same league??" I too do NOT get it?? Anyway. NBA: Nets (until they move to brooklyn) College BB: Duke Blue Devils (Bobby Hurley, the greatest blue devil of all time) Tennis: Bjorn Borg Formula 1: Kimi Raikkonen IRL: Kenny Brack Soccer: Djurgarden (swedish elite league) Hockey: Vasby (3rd league in sweden and my hometown! www.vasbyhockey.nu)

    From Sweden with love. I got hooked when I was a kid. I can't remember the exact year but it was during the sundstrom brothers era. The equation was, an uncle living in Verona NJ, my interest in swedish players since I'm a swede and the fact that I played hockey my self at that time. I've only seen two live games during all these years, the Flyers in 98 and the Rangers in 2003 but the Devils are always in my heart and will stay there until death do us apart. One of my strongest Devils memories is from the 95 cup. I stayed at a friends cabin in the middle of nowhere and my brother called me after the fourth game and I remember getting all excited and tears actually came, wow that night I felt as good as ever! At that time one of my cousins worked at a bar in west orange and one night when I was there in the summer of 96 I saw this great Devils banner (the 95 cup) on the wall and she saw my enthusiasm about it and the next day she brought it home for me. I took it back with me to Sweden and had it on the wall for several years but when a girl moved in with me it had to come down, "it's so boyish". I still have it and once in a while I go down to the basement and look at it and then all the great feelings from the cup night 95 comes back to me!