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  1. Sundays Scrimmage (no pics, sorry)

  2. Sundays Scrimmage (no pics, sorry)

    I was also not too impressed with his "O" skills. What is "O" skills.?
  3. Bergfors

  4. Bergfors

    Someone see him in the rookie camp? Reports?
  5. Rookie camp

    Bergfors?? Time to trade him now.
  6. Early Camp observations

    The first day is the first day. I mean today?
  7. Early Camp observations

  8. Trade

    Because Bergfors is the poorest prospect. Only 40 points in AHL. Gulik is a bigger offensive talent. great hockey sense and also fine technical skills and moves the puck very well. I want him. Kick Bergfors
  9. Trade

    Gulik is better. Trust me. Bergfors never will play in nhl.
  10. Trade

    Don: Top 6?
  11. Trade

    I would prefer to trade Bergfors. I want to see Calgaryprospects David Van der Gulik in NJ. http://hockeysfuture.com/prospect/david_van_der_gulik I just love this guy and he gonna fit so well with Gomez and Gionta. Van der Gulik is a skilled player. His size is a bit of an inhibitor as his smaller stature and gonna be awesome. We need a puck mover. replace Bergfors. Put in Gulik.
  12. Gionta tricks Falcons in pro debut

    And +4 for the swede
  13. Bergfors

    I do not believe that Bergfors plays with new jersey in the future. his contracts runs out next season. The swedish elite league is really good and many teams in Sweden is interested of him. I read it on a swedish newspaper. i Think Bergfors going back to Sweden after next season with Albany.
  14. Bergfors

    I hope Bergfors get a chance to play with Devils about four-five years. I think he is ready the season 2010-2011.
  15. Bergfors

    Bergfors: 29 points in 48 games Ryznar: 20 point in 48 games Janssen: 4 points in 20 games Why Ryznar and Janssen? Its sucks