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  1. About two years, yeah. Shooting for a 2019 launch.
  2. More news: Koa Misi restructured his contact (read: probably took a pay cut) to give the Dolphins some more flexibility. Miami is also flirting with Free Agents Johnathan Hankins (DT) and Zack Brown (LB). Hankins is angling for a multi-year expensive contract, and no one has budged, so there's a possibility for a one year prove-it deal for the Dolphins here. I doubt a long-term commitment is forthcoming considering all other commitments that Miami has forthcoming (next year's going to be a hard year for the cap if we assume Landry is getting extended). Brown is simply looking for more money than Miami is offering. Negotiation tactics abound methinks, but FWIW they're not close on money per the Miami Herald.
  3. Kiko Alonso extended. 4/28.8/18.8. Probably one of Miami's starting linebacker for the next 3 years.
  4. Oh we got THAT Rams lineman. I forgot his name but remember him well from Hard Knocks. THIS should be fun.
  5. Larsen should compete for a starting guard spot this year, maybe replacing Bushrod. The Timmons signing - I'm not a huge fan - his play has been trending downward, and the contract is basically fully guaranteed so he's on the roster for the next two years. But it's such a small contract that as long as he plays all 32 games he has a shot at outplaying this contract.
  6. I mean, I know we only saw him for 1-2 games, but what about their other QB? Acceptable QB to back up Brady?
  7. Dolphins trade a 6th to the Rams for William Hayes and a 7th. DL depth, which was needed. Though I must confess, this is the first guy I thought of when I heard of the trade.
  8. Reshad Jones extended - including the last year of this deal, it's 5/60/35.
  9. Fins also extend: A first round tender to Kiko Alonso An original round tender to Michael Thomas An original round tender to Damien Williams. Thomas may draw some interest - I think it would have been worth it for Thomas to be a second-round tender depending on the price, as right now he's the starting FS if Abdul-Quaddus is done. Kiko probably got a first rounder as a sign of good faith, since his orignal round tender was a second round pick and a lot cheaper. Williams is a passable #3 RB.
  10. I'm willing to bet the combination of both Branch's and Stills' deal will not preclude Miami from signing a major free agent. The first year cap hit will be around 5-6 million I'll bet for each, which leaves about 18 million in cap room. Still enough room to sign a major FA, though I hope Timmons isn't one of the guys they're considering.
  11. If they got Stills back for less than 10 million per, I'll be happy with that. Landry is probably going to top 10 million on his extension.
  12. Depends on how the money is laid out and what the cap hit is. How much of that is bonus and how much of that is salary? How much is guaranteed? If it's a front-loaded 1 year guarantee with non-guaranteed money on the end, I'm mostly OK with that. It's a high price for a player, but the money this FA is going to be STUPID. Witness - Mike Glennon getting something like 4/60 or 3/45, which they're talking about for the Bears. Either way, Miami believes the 10 starting games they got out of Branch this past year is real, while the rest of his history in Jacksonville isn't.
  13. Andre Branch re-signed to a "long-term" deal per Ian Rappaport. Terms unavailable at this time. Generally this is good news (he played well last year) but let's see the contract terms and let's hope he's turned the corner for good on his play.
  14. I love the story about the Dodgers asking the Mets to put reference markers on Citi Field. Did they really think that was going to happen?
  15. Bad news today - free safety Isa Abdul-Quaddus' playing career is in jeopardy as he's experienced several setbacks with his neck injury. Which is a shame, because he was a great partner for Reshad Jones. Now Miami may be in the market for a free safety as well - or they could turn it over to Michael Thomas. In either case I think it's a near-guarantee that Thomas gets tendered a contract (I think he's an ERFA right now) as he's the backup safety right now (as well as a core special teamer).