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  1. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Miami takes Laremy Tunsil. Interesting. I wonder if they kick JuWann James inside to right guard trying to get the best five linemen on the field.
  2. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    So much this. And here I came on to talk about the draft tonight and hope springing eternal. Miami's 1st round pick in mocks has been all over the place. Eli Apple, Jack Conklin, Ezekial Elliot, Myles Jack - all of which would be fine picks IMO so long as they can step in and make a difference NOW. I get the feeling that if Elliot makes it back to #8 (passing the Cowboys and Jaguars), that Miami has some kind of tacit agreement with Cleveland to swap picks so they can take Elliot. There's been so much smoke all off-season about the Dolphins bringing in another running back that I can't see them not going for Elliot if he's available, and they're not going to be able to wait for him to come to them (along with the Cowboys, both the Giants and Bears could have the strong interest, and there is a way in which this draft breaks where Jacksonville picks Elliot despite all logic). After the first two picks, this is shaping up to be a wild draft.
  3. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    I would assume he's going to request a stay and ask for the re-hearing - I'm not sure either of these entities want to take this to SCOTUS if they can avoid it. With the 9th seat being filled by a pro-worker political party/president, I'm SURE the NFL doesn't want it - as to Brady, I'm not sure he'll get what he's asking for - it depends on how the ruling came down from this appeal.
  4. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Bleacher Report is saying Miami is out on Norman. He's apparently weighing a offer of 5 years and $15 million AAV, possibly from the Redskins and also possibly from the 49ers. EDIT: Also, the NFL's 7 round mock is up, and if Miami drafts the bolded in the spot that they're projecting, I'll put my foot through my TV screen. Round 1 (13): Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State Round 2 (42): Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State Round 3 (73): Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State Round 4 (107): Daniel Braverman, WR, Western Michigan Round 5 (147): K.J. Dillon, S, West Virginia Round 6 (186): Alex McCalister, DE, Florida Round 7 (227): Montese Overton, OLB, East Carolina Round 7 (231): Kivon Cartwright, TE, Colorado State
  5. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    My research shows Miami has 16 million total available right now, and you basically have to take 10 million off the price to ensure you can do league business over the course of the year. In order to sign Norman, Miami probably has to lose one of its upper-end players. If this free agency is not resolved before the end of the first round of the draft, and Miami gets a second corner in the draft, I full expect them to try to sign Normal and cut up to two of Cameron Wake,Earl Mitchell, and Byron Maxwell (post-June-1 cut). Wake and Mitchell make the most sense - you can still get a pash rusher at spot 13, and Mitchell can be replaced in-house or through the later rounds of the draft. It leaves Miami pretty high and dry for the rest of the year, so health will be essential, but it's possible, and good years from Williams, Norman, Alonso,and Maxwell will show some massive improvement on the defensive side of the ball.
  6. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Surprised no one's mentioned the Daniel Thomas signing yet. That schedule is nuts. 3 of 4 openeing games are road games against playoff teams from last year (Week 4 is @Cincy). Getting to the bye at 4-3 would be a minor miracle.
  7. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Kraig Urbik signed by Miami. He'll presumably compete for a starting guard spot. Also, the latest rumors have Miami interested in (at pick 13) CB Vernon Hargraves III and/or RB Ezekiel Elliot.
  8. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Dolphins sign Andre Branch. 1/3, will pass-rush in sub packages. Chris Johnson expected to decide between Miami and Arizona this week. Miami gives him an open competition for playing time, but Arizona will win more. Tough to see which he'll go for. EDIT: Also, Matt Moore resigned. 2/3.5 with unknown guarantees. EDIT2: with 2.25 of the money guaranteed (!!!) If the rumors of Miami drafting Connor Cook are accurate, that second year he may not be on the team.
  9. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Honeslty, I forgot all about him. He's be a nice bridge between Foster and the rest, and if he is used as a complimentary back instead of a feature back, then the "weardown" issues he dealt with last year shouldn't be an issue. And funny enough, he's in Miami for a visit today. This, of course, assumes he's fully headled from his injury last year that ended his season (broken leg?).
  10. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Foster's already hinted he'll wait for the "right fit". I'm pessimistic on him really. But beyond Foster, the names fall off a cliff - Ronnie Hillman, Alfred Morris, James Starks.
  11. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Broncos match the offer sheet for CJ Anderson. He returns to Denver on the 4/18 he signed with Miami. Back in the running back market again.
  12. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Not a clue where Mando's numbers come from - most of my calcs see them as between 14 and 18 million. Miami's still looking at Josh Robinson to fill in at corner, as well as Robert Ayers or another pass-rusher to pair with Williams (which I assume means that they expect Wake to not contribute and/or they're going to cut him if his salary doesn't have a guarantee date). General rule of thumb is 10 million is set aside for draft picks and during-the-year signings - if Miami is closer to Mando's numbers, then it's possible that Ayers and Robinson are brought in. On a related note, there's really two guys I'd consider out of this crop of free agents that I'd love for Miami to sign - Ayers who was amazing for a bad Giants defense last year, and Jurrell Freeman, the Colts' best linebacker who they appear to be playing hardball with. An LB corps of Alonso/Jenkins/Freeman will fix a lot of Miami's run-defense deficiencies. Robinson is, well, a body, and Miami needs bodies at CB.
  13. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    If CJ is let go (which I can't fathom Denver doing unless they have some cap problems I'm not aware of), I think this is a pretty good get. Now Miami just needs to, y'know, use the running back in their offense. Also the 1 year deal with Bushrod is official - Bushrod is expected to be a starter at guard at this point, and he doesn't have a ton of competition for the position unless you consider Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, and Jamil Douglas "competition". FWIW, Thomas and Turner are going to be put through a massive weight-training program, implying that their issue this year was weight and strength-related. I'm not optimistic, to put it mildly.
  14. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    Isa AQ should compete for the other safety job alongside Jones - supposedly he was pretty good for the Lions last year. FWIW, Miami also signed Sam Young to what amounts to a vet min 1 year deal - he's a bit of a long shot to make the roster, but he may be tackle #4. Miami is also rumored to be hosting Jermon Bushrodand is interested in signing both Robert Ayers and CJ Anderson - the latter would have to be an offer sheet that Denver would not feel comfortable matching, which I find hard considering they just lost 20 million of cap commitments to the Manning/Osweiler fiasco and their next QB might command about half of that cap number. All these pass rushers - whoever Miami puts at LB on the Williams/Ayers side of the formation is gonna need his tackling boots, because I suspect he's gonna do a lot of cleaning up.
  15. 2016 Miami Dolphins thread

    I disagree with this notion. Yes, coaching was an issue, buteven a mildly useful core of linebackers, a second passable startingcorner, and a guard or two that know what the word "block" means probably makes Miami a much more serious playoff contender last year. Buffalo and the Jets don't run it down Miami's throats if they have someone who can stop the run aside from Suh. The defense underperformed on almost every level last year once Wake went down, but was massively disruptive the 3 games he played healthy. My problem here is that the moves they're making feel lateral, aside from Alonso. Grimes out, Maxwell in - you gain youth, but a worse contract situation for the next 3 years unless he bounces back. Vernon out, Williams in - sure Williams has the name, but was his lack of production because of the system switch he was in or because he's out of gas? It feels like the same team's being built with some of the names changing - and that's not even winning in March, let alone September. A defense that finished 27th overall and was a clear weak point last year shouldn't get a chance to come back and repeat that feat, and it feels like that's what Miami's doing right now. Vance Joseph better be a miracle worker, because he's going to have his work cut out for him. Also, Alex Boone is a Viking, so that kind of annoys me too. He was a guy Miami could use in the middle of the line.