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  1. The mad dash to 9/11 begins...don't worry, this one doesn't involve a bomb...unless you're counting Jager Bombs...but positive thinking aside, it's a busy time once again. Time to shore up the details on the wedding, and hey, it's fantasy football drafting season! Holy hell that snuck up on me.

  2. NFL trades

    Wait, what? The same Cleveland team that, going into this week, had scored a grand total of 46 points this year? The same Cleveland team that couldn't get out of its own way this year? If you think this is the same Cleveland team from last year, then you need to take a closer look. This Cleveland team has resembled the Steemers this year more than the Browns. Now, maybe this is a turn the corner kind of game that puts them back in the world, but implying that this was a quality loss at this point in the season is completely false.
  3. MLB Post-Season Discussion/Predictions

    As a Yankees fan, the Rays remind me of that little brother that we kicked around all the time growing up, and now he's finally full grown and can stand on his own. I feel a small sense of twisted pride on this. Add to that the fact that I'd root for the New York Rangers over the Red Sox, and I hope Tampa can pull it off. On the NL side, it's a toss up. Hate Manny, love Torre, very meh on the Phillies franchise. I'll wait and see what comes of it all.
  4. NFL Week 5!

  5. NFL Week 5!

    Hey, .you young whippersnapper, don't you dare forget lazy or...well, nah, I ain't gonna do nothin...too much effort.
  6. NFL Week 5!

    That's a MASSIVE overstatement. 1) I'd hesitate to call the Giants the best team in their division. Washington has shown me a hell of a lot since a completely disorganized loss in Week 1, pulling it together against some tough teams on the road and not losing since. 2) If you put a gun to my head and asked me what the best team in the NFL is now, I'd say Titans. Compared to the Giants, better coaching, stronger defense, better running back (Chris Johnson), and a hell of a lot of momentum. Although they do lose points for QB to the Giants, I don't think Collins has played bad enough to be seriously slammed. He's been "good enough", which, as the team is built, is all you need. 3) The Giants have played one NFL-level team thus far. Yes, they won, and props where it's due for that, but we'll see what happens when they have to go on the road to Dallas and Washington. And yes, everyone is repeating the "cakewalk" because it bears repeating. I'm not going to give the Giants credit for doing something they were "supposed" to do (beating up on Rams, Seahawks, etc), just as the same should be said about the Cowboys (wins vs. Bengals and Browns are not something to praise a team over, they should just happen when you have the Cowboys' talent). 4) I'd fully expect a New York-based media outlet to make any argument they could for the superiority of a New York team. It's strong enough to be believable if the right people are saying it. Citing Fox's NFL sources, after the game they stated that Dallas beat Cincinatti because, in the end, they got back to fundamental balanced offensive football. The results show, too...I think the Dallas team ran the ball against Cincinatti like 30ish times as a team and it ended up helping them win. Meanwhile, they ran 8 times against Washington and lost. Call Philips soft if you want (and that argument is really starting to solidify as weeks drag on), but he's not stupid, and I'd expect to see a more balanced attack from Dallas for the rest of the year.
  7. NFL Week 5!

    FYI, the difference between a 1st place schedule and a 2nd (3rd?) place schedule is 2 teams. Giants and Cowboys both play: NFC West (4) AFC North (4) NFC East x 2 (6) Then, NYG gets the Lions and Panthers Meanwhile, Dallas gets Tampa Bay and Green Bay So can we please stop with the "schedule" bullcrap for teams within the same division? Cause I'd call those two a push.
  8. Colorado Dems want to "Educate the Idiots"

    Or maybe these guys for writing the idea down and letting it leak.
  9. Market Meltdown Monday

    Okay, is there anyone who can actually produce the text of the bill? Because: 1) I care less about who's to blame and would rather discuss why, if any reason, did this bill fail and what to expect since it seems like everyone and their mother is trying to shove this bill down our throats. We might wanna know what they're putting in here that they find so necessary. And, depending on the news outlet you look to, you could get anything from "class warfare" to "people are too stupid to see what good this does for them". 2) And if this bill is as retarded as it could be (not in dollars, since we have to remember $1million in the USG budget might = $1 in a personal budget, but in where the money is going), then we need to get on the horn, pronto, and tell these guys to vote this deal down or up, depending on how it reads.
  10. NJDevs Fantasy Football Discussion

    Team VALUE welcomes to the fold Sydney Rice, WR, Minn
  11. NJDevs Fantasy Football Discussion

  12. NJDevs Fantasy Football Discussion

    As a note, I want it known that I will be drinking Absolute in excess for my final two picks. Because that's probably about how much it matters at this point.
  13. NJDevs Fantasy Football Discussion

    Two picks? Wait, I'm lost...isn't this the last round?
  14. Gustav now a Cat 2

    We'll still see a huge hike because of this. I'm sure some of the offshore drilling platforms were damaged by this. I anticipate they hike to 4.50-5 in NJ by end next week, then another hike for the winter demand spike. Second only to duct tape.
  15. Any Non-NJDevs FFL talk here

    12 team league, snake draft, starting roster is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, K, DEF, I had pick 11 Rushing is 10 yds per point, receiving is 1 PPR and 20 yards = 1pt QB: David Garrard, Matt Schuab RB: Thomas Jones, Reggie Bush, Jonathan Stewart, Fred Taylor, Chris Johnson WR: Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Joey Galloway, Derrick Mason, James Hardy TE: Chris Cooley K: Josh Scobee DEF: Philadelphia I'm actyually very happy about most of my players. I don't have a true RB1, but that happens when you open your draft WR-WR. If Bush has a year like his rookie year he'll be a hell of a pick as an RB2 with all the receptions.