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  1. And it begins... http://dailysnark.com/arian-foster-4-6-months-suffering-sever-paper-cut-signing-contract-dolphins/
  2. Agree, love this signing. Daniel summed it up completely. Also, apparently Dion Jordan looks like a motivated man. That could make for a dangerous pass rush if it translates into talent.
  3. It's still minicamp, and there's still plenty of practice to be had, but it concerns me that through OTAs and minicamp neither Laremy Tunsil nor Jerome Bushrod could distinguish themselves from Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner at the guard spots. I understand both are still learning their positions (and in Tunsil's case, as a rookie he gets a little more leash IMO) but if Thomas and Turner win the starting guard positions, they better be MILES better than they were last year, or the same line problems the Dolphins had will happen again, and probably worse since Ajayi is probably a drop-off from Miller in terms of talent.
  4. Good to see we're hitting midseason form already. Pretty sure I know who my keeper is, but always good to wait until the last possible moment to ensure he doesn't destroy his knee or something.
  5. Reshad Jones' holdout lasted 1 day. He was back in minicamp on Day 2. Also, I hope Jordan has something in the tank - if he's a useful pass rusher, now you have Suh, Jordan, and Williams on the line for passing downs and you're probably not blocking all 3.
  6. ...and the Rams are working on extensions for both Jeff Fisher and Les Snead. Really, LA? Really?
  7. This is truly the dead time for NFL news, and the Dolphins are no exception. Aside from the coaches talking up Miami's players (particularly Wake, Ajayi, Stills, Maxwell, and the rookie 3DRB who's name I can't remember right now), the only notable Dolphin line of news is that Reshad Jones wants a new contract with 10/11 million annually, which would make him one of the highest-paid safeties in the NFL (currently that is the 10.8 million franchise tag for Eric Berry). He's willing to skip the whole offseason in order to get what he wants. He's already the highest paid SS in the NFL, but he wants to be paid FS money. I mean, it's not like he hasn't been good for a long time. I just don't think this is the year for it, the cap is probably up against it this year.
  8. I'm hesitant to pronounce the Yankees either dead or alive at this point. They have a tough week with 7 games on the West Coast and then they come home to face the Blue Jays for 3. If the Yankees go 6-4 or above and at least two of those wins are against the Jays, then I'd lean more towards contention with a hole to dig out of. This team has literally SO MUCH potential variance - if you told me this Yankees team finishes in any spot in the AL east I'd probably be inclined to agree.
  9. Chris Culliver was recently released by the Washington Redskins, most likely due to medicals. I'm not sure what state he's in - he tore both ACL and MCL in November - but as talent goes, he's got potential, is still only 27, and was likely playing through knee issues all last year. Maybe he'll accept a 2 year deal with year 1 being a low-salary redshirt year and year 2 being a prove-it incentive-based deal? He's not particularly big (6', 199 lbs per Rotoworld), but he's had experience in successful defensive alignments with San Francisco and could be a valuable depth piece at the worst. I kind of felt similar about Matt Slauson, who was a competent guard before Chicago released him, but there's already two teams lined up to pay this man, so he may be out of Miami's price range.
  10. Miami did a lot of moving in this draft. Miami swapped 2nd rounders with Baltimore, giving up tomorrow's 4th. They also moved up to Minnesota's spot by trading their 6th rounder and next year's 3rd and 4th (!!!). The players they got today are as follows: Pick 38: CB Xavien Howard - another big corner who's good on the press but who's overall man coverage technique needs help and who is prone to PI penalties. Pick 73: RB Kenyan Drake - scatback/special teamer who will spell Ajayi when needed Pick 86: WR Leonte Carroo - NFL-sized WR with sure hands and who needs to improve his route-running. I think all they have left now is a 5th rounder tomorrow, which is kinda depressing but not unlike the Tannenbaum of old. I'm also shocked that Miami took another receiver when they have more pressing needs at LB and perhaps CB - Kyler Fackrell in particular could have been a player to fill a position of need for Miami.
  11. For the lulz:
  12. Day 2 should be an interesting day for Miami. Miami picks at 42 and 73, and the pick at 42 is interesting. I would imagine Myles Jack is in play if he makes it there, and it may make sense to trade up to get there if they like Jack enough (Miami claims that they are not concerned about Jack's medicals). I can also see RB Derrick Henry,RB Kenneth Dixon, CB Mackensie Alexander, EDGE Noah Spence, and EDGE Kevin Dodd all being in play at 42. On 73, I'd love for Miami to speculate on Jack or Jaylon Smith if either is sitll on the board, or maybe LB Su’a Cravens or G Christian Westerman. This.
  13. There's rumors flying all around that Miami will either cut Albert or move Tunsil to guard. While I can understand the appeal of cutting Albert (frees up 8 million in cap space, Albert is oft-injured) I think we should endeavor to keep Albert in town at least for one more year, even if he ends up at right guard. Pass rushers come from both sides now, so having one of Albert or Tunsil at one tackle and the other at the other tackle may allow Tannehill the time he needs to show us if he's going to take a step forward. Plus, between JuWann James, Kraig Urbik, Billty Turner, Dallas Thomas, and Bushrod, you most likely can fill the two guard spots at an upgraded level (remember James graded out as an RT because he was a much better run blocker). ANd with Tunsil on deck, if Albert is injured again Miami can shift Tunsil and James around and hopefully not lose a beat. I would love to see Miami come in with the Offensive Line depth chart looking like this: Center: Pouncey LT: All other names LG: All Other Names RT: All other names RG: All other names ...and let the players all try all positions, and let the best four guys start alongside Pouncey. That might solve the OL problems they've been having.
  14. Miami takes Laremy Tunsil. Interesting. I wonder if they kick JuWann James inside to right guard trying to get the best five linemen on the field.
  15. So much this. And here I came on to talk about the draft tonight and hope springing eternal. Miami's 1st round pick in mocks has been all over the place. Eli Apple, Jack Conklin, Ezekial Elliot, Myles Jack - all of which would be fine picks IMO so long as they can step in and make a difference NOW. I get the feeling that if Elliot makes it back to #8 (passing the Cowboys and Jaguars), that Miami has some kind of tacit agreement with Cleveland to swap picks so they can take Elliot. There's been so much smoke all off-season about the Dolphins bringing in another running back that I can't see them not going for Elliot if he's available, and they're not going to be able to wait for him to come to them (along with the Cowboys, both the Giants and Bears could have the strong interest, and there is a way in which this draft breaks where Jacksonville picks Elliot despite all logic). After the first two picks, this is shaping up to be a wild draft.