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  1. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Would you take, say, a Danny Travathian instead?   Little bit of what I'm reading has the Dolphins interested in Travathian and Trumaine Johnson if neither is resigned with their respective team (Broncos and Rams, respectively). And no, I have no idea HOW they do this, but those two seem to be targets along with Olivier Vernon.  Considering the highest paid ILB this year had a cap hit of 5 million, I don't think its unrealistic to see a FA signing for an MLB.   The good news is that Free Agency is coming before the draft, so we'll see what needs still exist before the draft even comes around.
  2. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Most mocks tend to pen Miami in with Vernon Hargreaves (Florida CB).  Myles Jack (UCLA LB) would also be someone I'd consider there just because his coverage skills are so good and his athleticism (assuming he recovers successfully from knee surgery) is off the charts, but he's got some football IQ questions he has to answer as part of the draft process. I'm not sure anyone's as high-up as Jack on the linebacker prospect chart, but there's a slew of 1st round talents there if mock drafts are to be believed: Reggie Ragland, Jaylon Smith, Leonard Floyd, and Darron Lee are all people being talked about as first round guys, and if you want an S/LB prospect you could always throw in Su'a Cravens too.  If linebacker is the target, then there will be plenty of options to trade down if that's what the franchise wants.
  3. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Floating some Dolphin news about Free Agency, most of which is no-brainers: The Dolphins are expected to make re-signing Olivier Vernon their #1 priority.  Considering he finished the top 4-3 defensive end in PFF's ratings, I suspect his contract will be huge.  How they MAKE that salary happen, however, I'm not too sure.  I'd imagine the franchise tag may be in play here if they can make the money work. Some potential cap casualties include Greg Jennings and Koa Misi.   Jordan Cameron is expected to be asked to take a pay cut, though the article stops short of an outright release.  At his stats, I wouldn't balk at the release if he refuses, although theire's precious little talent on the TE roster. Lamar Miller and Rishad Matthews are likely gone - Miami has bigger holes on the roster to fill, particularly at running back where Miami will probably go into the season with Jay Ajayi at the top of the chart.  I don't hate the idea of keeping Matthews, but he's going to be too expensive to hold onto, and I expect him to get (over?)paid. UDFA Zack Vigil is expected to see first-team snaps at MLB in the offseason, though there is a wide expectation that either a veteran or a high draft pick will also be brought in to compete for the spot.  Related: Kelvin Sheppard is as good as gone. If Dion Jordan is clean and reinstated in April when first eligible, it looks like he'll get another chance.  Probably his last one - Miami will likely exercise Jordan's 5th year option, but since it's guarnteed for injury only, I don't necessarily expect them to honor that contract. And finally, there appear to be no plans to draft a replacement for Ryan Tannehill this year.  Seems like it's make or break for Ryan this year, but we're already seeing signs of a much better coaching staff around him.  Also related - Joe Philbin campaigned for the Dolphins to take Derek Carr in the 2014 draft, but he was obviously shot down. I expect this year's first rounder to be a linebacker - there seems to be a lot of top-level LB talent this year in the draft - or a cornerback, both positions of obvious need.
  4. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    There's no baseball team alive that should be excited about Cespedes on his current salary demands (6/132).  I'd argue even 5/90 looks big until we start talking about the fact that the next labor agreement will likely push the luxury tax threshold north of 200 million.  As a Yankees fan, I'm hoping that Cespedes signs with the Orioles, because you'd probably get a slightly inflated version of the 2013/2014 season (you know, cause Camden is a bit bandbox-y).  The backend of this contract screams "anchor" for teams that can't afford to eat 18 per year (which is the Orioles offer).
  5. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    Hue Jackson, formerly from Cincinatti's OC role, crosses intrastate lines and becomes the Browns HC. It's not official AFAIK, but it looks like the Giants wlll promote Ben McAdoo to the HC position and retain Steve Spagnolo as the DC. As to rumors: The 49ers GM doesn't want to hire a coach that threatens his position. Arian Foster will likely be cut before his salary becomes guaranteed Kaepernick may end up in Cleveland, and Manziel will most likely be cut by Cleveland
  6. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    Additionally, the Chargers have 12 months to decide if they're going to move in with the Rams or take money from the league towards their current situation AND Mark Davis is not committing to playing in Oakland next year even though he lost his bid to move. sh!tty day for St. Louis football, marginally so for San Diego, and not much better for Oakland, though LA now has their football team that they lost when the Rams left in the first place
  7. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Some good Dolphins news today, as far as that goes: Jason Fox was waived today.  The blurb on RotoWorld sums it up nicely: Also, Vance Joseph, former Bengals DC, will take the same position in Miami.  He's a discipline of the 4-3, so our personnel groupings will stay as-is, which I think is a good decision considering the investment made in a 4-3 DT.  Considering how good the Bengals were on defense (11th in the league in 2015 in total yards, 2nd in scoring in the same time), I think this is an overall good hire so long as he doesn't bring any of that undisciplined Cincinatti bull from this weekend with him.  He's got his work cut out for him personnel-wise, though he can build on Suh, Vernon (if resigned), Wake (if healthy), and Jones.
  8. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    The rumor mill seems to have Adam Gase as the favorite for the new Head Coach.   Another hot OC...I mean, he's done good work in Chicago and Denver, and both of those situations have examples of players who clearly were bad before and/or declined after Gase was there - but we just got done with the "hot new OC" in Philbin.   The other 3 major candidates here look like Mike Shanahan, Hue Jackson, and Doug Marrone
  9. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    When Scott texted me this yesterday, I thought he was joking and ignored it.  Yet here I am turning on ESPN to hear Stephen A. Smith on First Take take it racial, and that's about when it sank in that this was real. As a football move, this was disgusting.  Lovie was brought into a reclamation project of 3 years and was fired 2 years in.  He was not given a fair shake, and he was clearly not valued by management.  Whatever their motivation, that's disgraceful. And yes, both the Fins and 49ers wanted to interview Dirk Koettler (sp?) their OC. EDIT: Also, Sean Payton released a statement saying he's staying in New Orleans, so I'm taking him off the unknown list and into Safe.
  10. NFL Off Season 2016 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

    Paul DePodesta named Chief Strategy Officer of the Cleveland Browns Worth quoting from MadDog's Mets post:
  11. We're running a bit late on this one (thanks new job) but here we go, the place to discuss all the offseason moves for all teams that are no longer playing football.   The cardinal rule here is to always source-link with news.  Other than that, have at it. NFL Coaching Tracker is here RotoWorld Reserve/Future Contracts Tracker As of this thread's last edit, the following is true: Safe: Chargers - Mike McCoy (but his coordinators are mostly getting the Vinny-Mac Style treatment) Rams - Jeff Fisher and Les Snead Colts - Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson Bills - Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley Cowboys - Jason Garrett (Jerry Jones had to come out and quash rumors, so there you go) Jaguars - Gus Bradley (with a clear "win or else" mandate next year) Saints - Sean Payton releases a statement saying he's staying in NO. Unknown: Jim Caldwell - the new GM will decide his fate, but Caldwell has support in the Lions' building. Gone: Dolphins - Dan Campbell will interview but will reportedly not return.   Eagles - Chip Kelly (Vinny-Mac Style) Giants - Tom Coughlin (resignation) 49ers - Jim Tomsula (Vinny-Mac Style) Titans - Mike Mularky will interview but will reportedly not return.  GM Ruston Webster was not retained Bucs - Lovie Smith (Vinny-Mac Style) Browns - Mike Pettite and Ray Farmer (Vinny-Mac Style).  Interesting note here - there's some loophole in place that allows teams to block GM interviews from the Browns for their people.  From here: Hot Interview Candidates: Mike Shanahan Adam Gase Teryl Austin Hue Jackson Matt Patricia Also Being Interviewed/Requested for Interviews: Mike Smith Doug Marrone Anthony Lynn Josh McDaniels Dirk Koettler New Hires: Chris Grier - Dolphins GM Paul DePodesta - Browns Chief Strategy Officer (corrected from GM) Other News: Rams, Chargers, and Raiders all apply for LA relocation Pittsburgh-based sandwich chain sends free food to Bills for knocking Jets out of playoffs Eight Teams currently in line to be unable to turn down Hard Knocks - though it's possible the NFL will give clemency to whichever of the teams successfully relocates to Los Angeles
  12. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Kelly isn't dumb enough to walk into that sh!tstorm either methinks, though I don't think Shanny would be interested here if he wants personnel control (which was one of the issues in his Washington tenure).   Shanahan I'm not so sure about, mostly because my final lasting memory of him is ruining RG3 permanently.  But he's at least done stuff before, so there's some good with the bad. Speaking personally, if there's a guy getting a raw deal that may be able to get another head coaching gig that I'd like to see get an interview with Miami, it's Chuck Pagano (assuming he's not retained by Indy).  He may have had one of the worst GMs in the post-Matt-Millen era of football - someone who's every choice turned to absolute sh!t - and he still found ways to make good on that roster.  Again, it depends on how much Tannenbaum and Grier will control things, but I wouldn't be mad about that either.
  13. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    First coaching interviews for Miami are this week, and the first three names are Teryl Austin, Adam Gase, and Mike Shanahan.  
  14. 2015 Miami Dolphins thread

    Dennis Hickey leaves position as GM of Miami Dolphins The article also intimates that Tannenbaum is staying on as EVP of football ops, Campbell will not be retained (duh), and the coaching search will begin in earnest tomorrow. Gotta be honest, I'm not happy about Tannenbaum returning.  He's a cap butcher, and the players he pays for (Suh aside) don't tend to do very well.
  15. New York Yankees 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    Yeah researching this a bit more the Reds got quantity instead of quality for Chapman. That said, Rookie Davis may end up being the prize of this deal depending on his development, but this is a short-term win for the Yankees.