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  1. Pretty honest...had to be weird for him to see his old team make the playoffs without him. Feels like this is a big year for feels like he's straddling that line of "good player who needs some help" and "possibly overrated". He's averaged 24 goals and 38 assists over 82 GP in his past three seasons, and missed 39 games to boot. I still have high hopes for him, but he seems like he could be one of those guys who just never does as much as you're hoping for. That's why I'm not really worried about three years from now. I think Hall still has a lot to prove.
  2. Yes I remember Emerson, Lake, and Powell...they had one semi-hit that I recall..."Touch and Go". Was pretty good, nothing mind-blowing, but pretty good. Yeah, forgot that another Trevor (Horn, as producer) was a factor along with Rabin for Yes 2.0. Also forgot that Horn sang with Yes briefly (1980), to a not-very-warm reception...I'll always think of Horn as the awkward-looking bass player in the "Video Killed the Radio Star" video. Kind of interesting how Yes managed to adapt to a completely different era (albeit with largely different personnel), but (mostly due to Anderson's voice) were still pretty recognizable. Do you remember the "Union" album, where old and new Yes all collaborated together? Wakeman used to call "Onion", because he said he thought the result was so awful that he'd cry just thinking about it. Ditto Bruford, who said it was the worst thing he'd ever recorded. I know Rabin's always kind of had a odd relationship with being associated with Yes...he never wanted to use that name for his version of "Yes", as their sound was so different. I think the Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe version has kind of grown to respect him over time, but I don't think that was always the case. I remember Wetton with KC too...and yeah, his voice did fit Asia perfectly. Ironic in that I heard he was pretty miserable during much of his run with Asia. Agree, that kind of scoreboard seems almost overwhelming. Just too damned big.
  3. You are 100% right, Sole Survivor was their best tune. From what I remember, I think Asia was thrown together by their record label (Geffen), mostly due to Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer looking like they were done, but Geffen still having band members under contract...Trevor Rabin (not well-known at the time, but who was a big part of the more radio-friendly incarnation of Yes) said that though he auditioned with Asia, he didn't think it would really go as far as it did, as he thought that the participants had no chemistry at all. I never got the impression that the Asia's initial recording lineup was terribly into it (supposedly the late John Wetton was especially difficult to work with)...which in a way is kind of amazing, in that even if their debut album was nothing special, it still spawned some big makes you wonder what they might have written with even a little enthusiasm.
  4. Meh, can't see tix being sold because of a scoreboard. Could be that the Devils simply want to make sure that it's 100% ready to would suck for them to make an announcement, only to have the thing not be finished (or to have issues during testing). They would also not quite be uniform in brightness and general color settings. One of those things that probably looked a lot better in presentations than in real life.
  5. Tebow has actually improved big-time since being promoted to A+ ball...he's slashing .317/.398/.549, after hitting his 4th HR in 25 GP. I can't honestly say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. If he's helping to make money for the franchise, I guess there are worse things. I just worry that the Mets (you can SO see the Mets doing this) will actually start to think of him as a legit major-league prospect...forget the fact that he'll soon be 30 and that he's playing with kids, and that A+ ball is a LOOOOOOOOONG way from the majors...I can see him actually getting major-league ABs come September, which will almost be insulting...yes, the Mets will be just as out of it then as they are now (probably more), but geez, save it for Rosario and Smith-types. I don't need to see Tebow go 2-for-25 with 13 K or something like that. Of course, we're assuming that Rosario will be able to suit up with the big club this season...because if this isn't the icing on a fvcking sh!t-filled cursed cake, then I don't know what is: ------------------------------------------------ Dilson Herrera on the DL for the second time this season. Slashing an underwhelming .264/.312/.397 with AAA Louisville (though he's been better since 5/28...he entered that day with a .222/.277/.333 slash). Not much to this point, between the very meh overall offensive numbers and the DL stints, this has been a pretty lost year for him. He's already entering his age 24 season in 2018...time is still on his side for now, but his seemingly fast track to the majors has really hit a serious detour.
  6. At this point, the Mets might as well keep Montero in the rotation for the rest of the season...especially with Crap Wheeler's innings limit coming up...and as Wheeler's 1.59 WHIP suggests, his 86.1 IP to date this season have hardly been of the easy variety. He's also been pretty lousy over the balance of his last six starts. Not that I can get excited about anything Montero does anymore...but like we've noted, as least he's been doing SOMETHING lately...amazing what happens when the bar is set as low as it can go. Gotta give the Mets some credit I guess, in that they're doing everything that they can to prove to Sandy that they absolutely positively no-way-in-hell have a magical run in them. Hell, just look at the month-by-month records: April: 10-14 May: 13-15 June: 14-14 July: 8-9 This team hasn't even managed a winning month. And let's face it, because it's obvious now...Cespedes is a lazy stiff...a fat cat who got his money and is now going to be an insufferable a$$hole because of it. The Mets give you $110 million (HUGE money for them), and you friggin' bring up wanting to finish your career with the A's?! fvck you! I usually don't make that big of a deal out of player quotes, but goddamn, that is complete horsesh! virtue of what amounts to a mega-deal here, the Mets are paying him quite the penny to be the man here, something of a leader...and instead, now it's become obvious how a guy with Cespedes' talent manages to play for four teams in his in his first four MLB seasons. Only the Mets are stuck with him now...maybe if he's here in Year 4 of his contract, it pays off, because he'll be playing for another deal. As much as I was afraid that this might happen with him, for some reason I didn't think that it would...but it has. And it sucks.
  7. No fear of change here (and not liking the new jerseys does not equate to fearing change). Hell, much as I prefer the old ones, I still think some tweaks to the new one could make it more tolerable. But as is, hell no. Still looks like a mix of a bad knockoff and a pajama top to me.
  8. To the tune of Dire Straits' "Money for nothin'"... I should've skate on pond ice... I should've shoot that puck...
  9. I think even Passive knows that anything that happens in the next week or so is too little too late...they've been hovering in this 5-to-8 games under .500 territory forever. And of course, Sandy could've made moves to fortify this team quite some time ago (like other teams have), but of course, he didn't, so this team'a weaknesses are always waiting to rear their ugly heads. Some are starting to make a big deal out of Reyes, which I find beyond comical...since when did the first three months of any given season not matter?!
  10. Awesome Zack...walk the fvcking pitcher to lead off the second. Unbelievable.
  11. Three years is a long time. People need to stop worrying about what might happen with Hall three years from now. We may not even want him to stick around by then...but assuming that we do, Shero is doing some good things. Feels very much like this is headed in the right direction.
  12. Same old fvcking Wheeler. This guy will never put it all together. Especially if Dan Worthless sticks around as the pitching "coach".
  13. States of matter, nice! Oh I agree completely, he scares the hell out of me...but when healthy, he was pretty solid in the past. But he was a such a tough watch last year...I could see us all calling for his head less than 10 games into the season.
  14. I say no...not right now. I think the Devils go into the regular season with Greene, Severson, Santini, Moore, Killjoy, Prout, and Mueller. The hope will be that Severson and Santini improve and mature, Killjoy bounces back, Greene isn't in decline, and that Mueller turns out to be a nice find. I think Prout and Moore are what they are...and obviously there's going to be healthy scratches and injuries and guys who will get more playing time. Three of these players are babies in "D-years": Mueller and Santini are entering their age 22 seasons, and Severson will be 23 on Opening Day. Moore is 26 (will be 27 in November), Prout is 27. It's far from a "sure thing" group, no question, but there is youth here...overall, it's not a bunch of declining 30-somethings. Does this scare me? Yeah, a bit. Even though five of these guys are well under 30, this is not a group that excites. None of them are a guarantee to be any better than they are right now. If this group is really looking bad 25-30 games into the season, I do think Shero will try to do something...not something huge, but I think he'll bring another body in. Killjoy is that guy, technically (33 years old, just over 5 seasons' worth of reg season games under his belt). No, doesn't thrill me either, but he's still under contract for two more seasons, so the Devils are going to treat last season as one bad year, and give him a legit shot to put 2016-17 behind him.
  15. Hi all, I have a 2003-04 authentic black Albany River Rat jersey for sale. It's a #31 goalie-cut Ahonen. The history of these things is that they were apparently designed to be worn for games (they're 100% authentic, fight strap and all), but then Lou caught wind of it and squashed the idea. The team then decided to use them for community events...basically whenever the team was out and about in Albany or anywhere else, they'd wear these. After one season, they were made available for sale, at various price points...Rob Srklac's #32 was the most expensive, at $375. My Ahonen was $275. It's in excellent shape...I've worn it 2-3 times to games, but never anywhere else, and I'd guess it's been at least 10 years since I last wore it. It's just been hanging in my closet, smoke-free environment, etc. It's not this exact one (this is a #23 Guolla), but it's just like this otherwise.