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  1. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh...once a dumb fanbase, always a dumb fanbase.  
  2. Around the League 15-16 Edition used to have a great shootout stat site...not sure why they killed it.  And that is what will be annoying...those Ranger fans (the ones who wear Avery and Messier jerseys to Marty's statue only wear an Avery jersey when you're looking to start sh!t and get a reaction).  It's fine if Ranger fans want to celebrate Lundqvist winning a lot of games, but it's not like he really "beat" Marty.  Some Ranger fans are going to blow this up to be so much more than it really is. 
  3. The Marty Night thread

    There's a difference between "long time" and "seemingly forever".  We're not talking about a guy who was here for 10 or 11 seasons...he was here for 20 (and was a stalwart for the final 17 of those seasons).  You know why Dano is up there, and it's not glamour numbers.  The guy played 1458 games as a Devil (1283 regular season and 175 playoff), which is an achievement in itself, as he was clearly was never the flashiest or most talented guy out there.  He was a guy who got a lot out of limited gifts and was here for every phase of the franchise.   
  4. The Marty Night thread're a tough grader then.  I'll give you that for the Hall Of Fame, I think Elias is borderline (though it helps his cause if you don't compare him to Live Puck guys).  But as far as a number retirement candidate goes, there's really not any debate.  He doesn't fall short on any front.  And as others have brought up...this franchise is damned near screaming for a Ring Of Fire.  MacLean, Brylin, Langenbrunner, Pandolfo, Madden, Driver, Richer, Lemieux, others...there's guys here who fit into something like that quite nicely.  It's really been great to see this franchise build up a history it can truly be proud of, and to have been there to witness it all, almost from the beginning (in NJ, anyway)...where the banners in the rafters aren't for guys and teams that I've only seen in grainy old movies and black-and-white photos, who I never truly saw play, whose accomplishments came long before I was born.  For so long, we had that lone banner in the corner of Brendan Byrne Arena that read "1987-88 Patrick Division Playoff Champions"...just the way it was worded made it sound like some weak excuse to have SOMETHING hanging in the rafters.  And as great as 1993-94 was, none of what was accomplished that season actually resulted in another banner.  Now to not only see so many Division, Conference, and Cup Championship banners hanging, but four (soon to be five) player banners up there, all of whom clearly deserved that honor, with three of them Hall-Of-Famers (Marty ain't yet, but we know he will be) who will be remembered mostly as Devils...during the (seemingly endless) minutes leading up to Marty's ceremony, I think for the first time, as much as I've always appreciated what this team has given me for so long, I really took a good long look at every last banner and soaked it all in and just thought to myself "Damn".  Rooting for this team has been a hell of a lot of fun...even when it wasn't.
  5. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    It's definitely not an apples-to-apples comparison.  That four-game cup-of-coffee from 91-92 (where he was only really brought up due to injuries) kills the sample for Marty (the 365 wins does cover Marty's first 11 NHL seasons...the Utica season isn't counted as part of that sample).  Also no shootouts then.  Marty also had 94 ties in that stretch, and he was quite good in shootouts until he started declining.  He would've had 400 wins easily if he was playing under the same rule set as Lundqvist.  That's why I was always happy that Marty broke Roy's record in time even with shootout wins discounted.  We'll see if Lundqvist can maintain Marty's pace over the next six Marty's Year 12 through Year 17 seasons, he won 237 more games (played in 411 and that included his injury-lessened 2008-09 workload).   
  6. The Marty Night thread

    Exactly 75 players in the entire HISTORY of the NHL have put up more points than Elias.  Exactly 91 players have played in more games.  And it's looking more and more like Elias will have spent all (if not the vast majority) of his career with the Devils, where his glamour numbers took a bit of a hit over the years, partly because he played most of his career in the Dead Puck Era, and partly because the Devils didn't always set him up with the best talent to work with...what he did with the 2003-04 team was pretty amazing.  And even if his numbers do get surpassed one day, does that possibility somehow cheapen what Elias did?  How is he not worthy of having his number retired?  It feels like you're setting the bar absurdly high if you don't think he deserves it.  I'm a huge Johnny Mac fan and he'll always be my favorite Devil and I've explained why he was important in bridging the gap between the Mickey Mouse Devils and the perennial contending version (really was justice that he and others from the gloomier days were a part of the '95 team).  But I felt that once he demanded a trade after the Devils wanted to transition him to a different role (when Scott Stevens did it without complaint earlier), that hurt him from a jersey retirement standpoint.  As much as I loved him as a player, I think he falls just a bit short (there's been times in the past where I felt differently, but I think the four guys who've all gotten their numbers retired were all pretty much no-brainers.  Ditto Elias.  About MacLean, I just don't have that same feeling). 
  7. The Marty Night thread

    Right now Greene for me is a no.  I think it would take him playing in at least 1000 games and for him to be a part of at least one Cup winner to feel differently.  Dano was a special case in a lot of ways, and you illustrated why...original Devil, here for the slow rise to the glory days, played in a ton of games and played them all as a Devil, ultimate lunchpail guy, etc.  Greene might just wind up being a guy who was here for most or all of his career and seemed to be here forever, for mostly mehish kind of seasons...a little like Teppo Numinen with Winnipeg/Phoenix.  It's like I said...any names we throw out there are just that...names being thrown out there.  As it stands in 2016, no current Devil outside of Elias is a serious candidate to have his number retired.  Too many uncertainties at this point. 
  8. The Marty Night thread

    He's the most productive player in Devils history and it's not like he's the leader in a meh-ish kind of way...over 1200 GP and 1000 points.  He's a guy that doesn't even have to have a case made for him, so I'll just stop here.  After Elias...who knows?  Maybe Greene in a Daneyko kind of way (it's still early, but he could wind up with 1000 GP as a Devil if he continues to be an iron man), but that conversation can't be started for several years...right now it's clearly a no.  To suggest anyone else (like Schneider) would be just throwing names out there at this point. And I agree, if you start retiring guys like Brylin, then it starts cheapening the whole retirement thing.  I like Brylin a lot, and it's great that he was part of the Three Cup crowd and made contributions, but you gotta draw the line somewhere...if you retire his number, then I think you can start to make a case for MacLean/Langenbrunner...and though I don't agree with this at all, suddenly guys like Holik and Gomez seem less outlandish, and that's what I'd rather not see...cases being made for maybes.  Let this honor be for THE most deserving players only.  Make sure every player on the list is 100% non-disputable.
  9. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    There was actually a box full of them near the top of the exit escalators...that's how I wound up getting one, just before I left (right after Boucher's goal...I'm still under the weather and didn't want to take any chances in case there was more snow out west, where I live).  Really wish the Devils had manufactured a print like they did with Stevens, Daneyko, and Niedermayer, but I'm not complaining...the ceremony was top-notch, and there will be plenty of great photos available in the near future.  I'll find something worth framing and putting up on my wall. 
  10. The Marty Night thread

    Player speeches at these things tend to be long "thank you" lists, which I can understand...sure, it'd be nice to hear some more about their actual playing days and some stories (especially about their earlier days) but that's why other teammates and friends are there to say a few words, with more eloquent guys like Doc handling a lot of the heavier lifting, and video montages filled with younger days and career highlights.  These ceremonies are pretty much done by committee. 
  11. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    Glad I got to see this live.  First class and then some.  And awesome zinger at Bettman's expense by Lou.  Awesome meeting MD2020, MB, and Leeds.  Got a wave in to DD56.  Just a great night all around.     And for anyone wondering, mini banners and commemorative ticket were the giveaways tonight.  No banner photos.  
  12. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    Yeah glad to be sitting in my seat and waiting.  It's madness out there.  Parking is going to be a real bitch for a lot of fans tonight.  
  13. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    A lot of the reason Terreri was pretty popular (I liked him too) is that he was the underdog to Sean Burke, but kept outplaying him to the point where he finally started getting more playing time than Burke (though the Devils kept giving Burke every chance to be the #1).  But though Terreri was pretty good and extremely likable (he never bitched about Burke getting undeserved chance after undeserved chance at his expense), that's all he was...pretty good at was becoming obvious the Devils could only go so far with him as their top goalie.  Guy was always a team player though...I remember him being nothing but supportive of Marty in 1993-94, even as it was becoming very clear that Marty was going to supplant him as the main guy very soon. 
  14. GDT: Thank You Marty. 8pm MSG+

    Anybody here watch Marty's very first game?  I did (I was 21)...though my frat (ZBT) didn't have any actual fraternity house (I went to Montclair...there weren't any back in 1992), we had a few houses of 4-7 bros each, where we'd have parties, mixers, events, etc.  I wound up watching that game at one of those houses, with a frat bro who would later become one of my best friends (even though he's a Ranger fan).  I admit that I don't really remember much of the finer details of the game itself...part of that is because we were partaking in some herbal enhancements during the game...and though I have a pretty good memory, another part of it is that it was almost 24 friggin' years ago...and that I didn't anticipate that Marty would win 687 more games as a Devil after that one (hence I didn't immortalize the moment in my mental VCR). Reason I ask is (and I could be wrong...I definitely can't recall specifics) that I kind of remember the commentators making it sound like Marty was more of this 19-year-old curiosity than the Devils' Goalie of the Future.  I don't remember them touting him or building him up all that much during the broadcast.     
  15. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Seems like this was mostly about getting Phaneuf's contract off the Leafs' books.  They did get a young forward prospect and a second-round pick.  Kind of deal that makes sense when you're where the Leafs are.