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  1. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    Devils were at least competitive in just about every season from 2003-04 to 2011-12 (even 2010-11 got to be a little more interesting than it had any right to be)...yeah, those teams tended to come up very short come playoff time (with the exception of 2012 of course), but at least you went into those seasons feeling pretty confident that the Devils would at least nab a playoff berth. It's the last five seasons have been especially rough, not just because of them not making the playoffs, but because they've generally been a very ugly team to watch. You can get away with winning ugly, but losing ugly is something else...and the Devils of the past five years have almost seemed allergic to putting pucks in the net. I'm very hopeful that this season marks the end of THOSE Devils. At the very least, it feels like this team should be a lot more entertaining to watch.
  2. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    In general I don't think any Devils fans who's been watching this team through these lean years is re-thinking their expectations too much. The most optimistic fans (like me) are thinking possible wild-card contention if a lot of things break right, but at least this looks like the beginnings of something better than what we've seen for the past several seasons...and it's not like we're not eager for even the slightest signs of that.
  3. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    No experience...I think just like a young prospect, assuming Wright is even interested in such a thing (he still wants to play), you let him work his way up through the system, and even have him on the coaching staff for a couple of years.
  4. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    This is what I don't like Has...it's like they're keeping him out of some fear that he might magically turn back into the Harvey of 2015...completely the wrong reason to do that. If Passive is worried that he might endure some criticism (he has to know that he's already getting his fair share anyway, so what's the difference?), in this case, I think most fans would understand Harvey not being tendered: 1) He's completely stunk up the joint in 2016 and 2017, and seems like a guy whose body simply can't handle what it takes to pitch effectively long-term in the majors. 2) He's a diva and a serious PITA (though in his defense, it's not like the Mets inspire any confidence when it comes to how they handle their players). You can even argue his presence around the Mets has become a bit toxic. Even when he was pitching well, he often acted like an entitled d*ckhead. 3) He's a free agent to be...even if he did enjoy something of a bounceback year (which I define to be a decent year at best at this point), does anyone really think that Harvey will be a Met beyond 2018? The Mets would be crazy to commit to him long term, especially since you'd feel a lot more comfortable giving bigger money to deGrom and Syndergaard (though it's still early to make the argument for those two as well). Passive has a real chance to start to change the dynamic of this team a bit, simply by non-tendering a guy who's always been a bit of a bitchy malcontent and who doesn't look like he'll ever be what he was...at the very least, you can send the message (FINALLY) that if you're not performing, you don't get to fvcking hang around here forever no matter what. That's been the biggest problem since Sandy's been here, and it's time for that to change. His numbers are scary-hideous BTW, from the start of 2016: 34 starts (basically a season's worth), 177.1 IP, 210 H, 112 ER, 26 HR, 67 BB, 138 K, 1.56 WHIP 5.68 ERA, 73 ERA+ (100 is average). And the numbers are getting WORSE. He really should be in the minors, but unfortunately those seasons have all ended. I do think the fact that he keeps getting trotted out there has something to do with prior transgressions...I think even though the Mets are going to tender him (out of misguided fear), I don't think they like him much at all. I think if this was someone else, they'd shut him down.
  5. GDT: 9/21/17 NJ Devils @ Les Habitants

    Yeah, I kind of remember Pavel Brendl having some big preseasons, then promptly disappearing once the regular season began. Guys like that in every sport. That being said, it's really starting to feel like this is becoming Shero's team...it's still fairly early-on in the process, but you can see the vision. I like where it's going...and it's great that it looks like Hischier is going to start his career with the big club. Would be nice to see this team continue to win some preseason games...for vet teams that know they're playoff-bound, it doesn't matter, but sometimes I do think some preseason winning can help a finding-itself bunch like this group enter the season feeling good about itself. I never thought this team would be as bad as some prognosticators do, but the only way that I think the Devils will compete for a wild card is if Schneider has a big year. Last season wasn't all his fault, but he simply wasn't good enough for too much of the season...if the Devils get that version of him again, it's just going to be very difficult to stay in contention...especially for a team that's trying to build its confidence. I'm also curious to see, if Killjoy is shaky through 20-25 games, does he still keep getting playing time?
  6. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    More and more, it looks like TC is going to retire after this season (good) and Passive Uncreative will be the GM next season (not good). The fact that he's talking about tendering Harvey tells me all I need to know about this offseason, and the immediate future of this team. Sandy could actually act like there's the slightest level of accountability within this franchise and just tell Harvey to fvck off, better luck somewhere else, but nope, of course even after one and a half seasons of damned near nothing (and not showing the slightest signs that it will get better), Harvey gets another chance. If Harvey was two or three years younger, I might understand it...but he will be entering his age 29 season next year. Sure, there's a slight chance that Harvey could improve...but there's a better chance that he's one of those guys who simply didn't have the physical ability to keep performing at the highest level, and doesn't have the scrappiness or intelligence to learn how to win with lesser stuff. For a GM who doesn't have much in the way of real aggression, next year is going to be all about "IF" scenarios, because it's just easier to do less and hope that it all doesn't go to sh!t again. Always the path of least resistance (and lowest cost) with Sandy and the Mets. God-fvcking-dammit.
  7. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Haha, what a d*ck...even COLORADO thought you weren't worth bothering with. Loser.
  8. GDT: Heroes vs Villains 7:00 Da Garden

    As far as preseason games go, the ones that are by far the easiest to watch are hockey games. Just feels much more like a regular season game than other sports...you get just that little bit more intensity. A few preseason games (especially against rivals) are just enough to get you ready for the ones that count. Now that I've gotten a good look at the red and white unis during gameplay...the good news is that the worst-looking angle (straight on...that's the vantage point that is the least-flattering, especially re: the chopped shoulder yokes) rarely rears its ugly head during game action. From the typical TV camera angle, they're not that bad. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give the reds about a 5 and the whites a 4.5. They're probably not going to look terribly good on fans (that's when they'll really look like pajama tops), but at least they're not a total lost cause on the ice. Kind of ironic that despite being named Lovejoy, nothing he does even remotely inspires love or joy from the fanbase. It's only one game, but suffice it to say that he's already scaring the sh!t out of me. As much as I missed hockey, one thing I didn't miss is Joe fvcking Micheletti jizzing himself anytime a Ranger player so much as farts on the ice...apparently everytime a Ranger touches the puck (or is even near the play), that player immediately parts the Red Sea, cures cancer and ends poverty in the course of one shift. Poor Dano must have been choking back vomit every 10 seconds or so listening to that sh!t...good lord. Even JD (one of the most blatant homers ever) probably thinks Micheletti sounds ridiculous. Anyway, one of those games that's hard to get any real read on, with so many guys in the lineup who aren't candidates to make the team. Even though the Devils lost, and even though the constant whistle-blowing clearly affected the flow of the game a number of times, there were some nice moments in general. Just fun to watch Devils hockey again...and especially with my daughter asking all sorts of questions about the game, the Devils, different players...so glad that she's getting more and more into this.
  9. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    Montero's last four starts, including today: 19 IP, 23 H, 13 ER, 14 BB, 16 K, 1.95 WHIP Pretty negates the tease stretch that he had before, as far as I'm concerned. He just makes it IMPOSSIBLE for fans to start to warm up to him. I know it's important to have some depth in your farm (especially if you're the Mets), but eventually, you just have to cut the damned cord when a guy can't ever seem to do enough with the opportunities he's been given. Montero has had 183.2 IP at the major league level to show something, and it's just not happening with enough consistency...the guy is a baserunner factory (1.69 career WHIP). This latest crap stretch is exactly the kind we've seen too many times in his brief career, and the guy will be 27 years old in less than a month. Time to move on.
  10. GDT: Heroes vs Villains 7:00 Da Garden

    This one's even worse...pretty sure Messier's watching these alone somewhere and dabbing his eyes: Would've loved to have seen more Nico (who wouldn't), but that's preseason. LGD!
  11. New York Mets 2017 Season Thread

    So far Ramos is doing about what I expected him to do...walking too many guys and in general not being consistent (though he's only blown one save so far as a Met), as guys with iffy control tend to be. 11 BB in 17.1 IP...and now all of a sudden, he's giving up a lot of hits. He's been good in converting save opportunities in spite of himself since becoming a closer, but this is not a guy who inspires confidence...and he's not getting any younger (just turned 31 today).
  12. Brian Boyle Diagnosed with Cancer

    Thank you. He had to complete 90 days of hormone therapy before the next steps could be taken (due to his prostate being enlarged)...side effects are loss of muscle mass and fatigue (he had to deal with both). He has three radiation treatments left, then we'll see how he's doing (fortunately he has friends who've dealt with this and have made full recoveries). His last radiation treatment is on Monday...he couldn't be happier about almost being done with this.
  13. Brian Boyle Diagnosed with Cancer

    Oh, those "routine" physicals that leave you saying "huh what?!" when you get the results. Like my dad finding out he had prostate cancer (he's almost done with his treatments...looks like he's going to be OK, but it's been tough for him). Like when I went in for a checkup in July of 2016 and found out I was a Type 2 diabetic. Years ago when I was in engineering classes (this was 1995-96), a guy who used to show up wearing a Flyers cap almost every day suddenly stopped coming to class, about seven weeks into the semester...I didn't know him all that well, but used to BS with him about hockey a little bit. Turned out that he was diagnosed with leukemia and died less than a week later...apparently he never saw it coming, according to his friends. That's always freaked me out...he couldn't have been more than 30 years old, absolute tops. Really hope Boyle gets through this...so many more important things in life than sports, though it's easy to forget that sometimes...best of luck in your recovery Brian!
  14. The Devils Uniforms

    I would like to see some kind of stripes at the bottom too...but I thought they'd look at lot worse than they do without them. On a scale of 1 to 10, I had the red at about a 1 or 2 from previous unveilings. I'd say I'm up to a 4 or 5 now (unless things are tweaked though I won't be going any higher than that).
  15. The Devils Uniforms

    If you're implying that they're selling strictly due to the new design, I'd say that's not accurate. New design or old, with Hischier in the fold (and to a lesser extent guys like Johansson), the Devils were almost guaranteed strong initial sales. It's how they do long-term, once that newness factor wears off. I think last night is the best that I've seen them look in any venue. They didn't look right in graphic mockups, player photos, on mannequins or without pads (see Hischier in his draft photos). I didn't like the whites in the prospects game, but after watching highlights of last night's game, I was pleasantly surprised that the reds weren't that bad (changing the stripe ratios or just the stripe layout would make a world of difference). What will be interesting to see is how the needle moves for other Devils fans. I went from "Ahhhhhhhh nooooooooo!" to "I can tolerate these on ice" (but still won't buy one). How much of the "I don't hate them, but not really feeling these enough to snag one" crowd goes to the "Maybe I'll buy one after all" group?