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  1. He's probably gotten the best puck luck of anyone on the Devils. If he finishes with 20 goals, I'll be thrilled.
  2. With his contract (almost untradeable unless you take a shaky one back) and his injury history, all you can do is hope he's not in for a crappy (or unlucky) year. Agree with those who say that he's not passing the eye-test early on. It's never a great sign when 15 SOG in 6 games feels very surprising. Even the better numbers he's put up so far don't feel as good as they look.
  3. A potentially pretty win turned out to be less so, but I'm still takin' it, lol.
  4. Tonight was like meeting a beautiful but inebriated young lady with a smokin' bod who can't wait to take you home to her place...then 10 minutes before it's time to leave, she yaks all over the floor, slips in her own vomit, and hits her head on the bar, giving herself a nice lump. Doesn't feel like as much of a win. But you're still going to her place regardless.
  5. God knows it hasn't been easy for Travis in recent years...two gift goals...good for him.
  6. Wow...I'll take that softie.
  7. Hall could've had 3 or 4 assists by now easily. The only he'll get an assist is to assist on one of his own goals. Way to go dipsh!ts
  8. That's what happens when you've got one guy finishing with any consistency. Three goals or not, same lack of finish tonight. And they're not good enough defensively at the moment to take a lead home. Cory can only do so much.
  9. Time for Hall or lucky bounce/deflection.
  10. Holy sh!t!!! 3 goals!!!
  11. TAYLOR!!!
  12. Find my patience growing shorter with him by the game.
  13. Damon fvcking Severson
  14. Thank you Taylor (again)!!!
  15. Not a good start...geez guys, could you make life easy for Cory just once?!