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  1. The "race" for the final WC spot gets uglier by the really does. Florida had won 8 out of their last 9 though. Guess they're due for some losses.
  2. To put it simply: I think when it comes to in-season shenanigans, though I do think that these players need to be held accountable for their own actions, you can get on the coach if too many players seem to be doing whatever they please, to the detriment of the team. What happened to Revis could've happened to a lot of people, under the wrong circumstances, and really should be seen as an isolated incident. I'm not saying that Revis was necessarily right here, but part of the reason this whole thing is being blown up is because he had a rotten year, which makes it all the easier for many to try to make it sound like that Revis is now on a dangerous path. I don't buy that...I think Revis is simply a player in sharp decline (nothing can be done when Father Time decides to take your skills away), who got caught in an unfortunate situation...some will say "Well he should've know better", but it's not like he has any history of this at all. For all we know, Revis could've been going out plenty through the years, with no incidents at all...then this ONE particular time, something happened (and we still don't know all of the details as to exactly what). And in the heat of the moment, I doubt the identity of the Jets' head coach ever crossed Revis' mind. And though Rex had both his strong and weak points, I don't ever think that Rex was this Parcellish/Belichickish "Oh sh!t we better not fvck up because this is a man to fear and respect" kind of guy. If anything, as time went on, Rex probably became a little too much of a player's coach. As much as his players seemed to love playing for him, they definitely didn't reward him with consistent efforts. One other point: some coaches do find a way to rein in constant "problem children" (though like you suggest, some just can't ever get out of their own way). BB has done it with questionable players before (though even he could only do it temporarily with Randy Moss). Parcells reached Curtis Martin in a way no other human being ever did...Martin credits Parcells for basically everything that he is today.
  3. I used to care a lot more about the "other" teams, and when I was younger, I was definitely much more of a "Let me watch any two teams go at it, I love hockey!" guy...all the hours that me and my friends would kill just playing the EA NHL games (in their infancy)...great memories. Not sure what changed. The only sport that I still feel that way about is football, but most football fans feel that way. But I used to watch a lot of Ranger games (so easy to root for the opponent), and a lot of "good matchup" games, along with damned near every Devils game. I also wasn't married with a kid then either. For me, I've told the story before, but my parents took me and my brother to a Devils-Flyers game in December 1983 (Devils lost 8-2), and from that day on, I was a Devils fan. I latched onto both the sport and the team in one sitting.
  4. And I freely admit that I'm a Devils fan, not an "NHL fan", if that makes any sense. Once the Devils are out of the playoffs, so am I. I can't just watch any two hockey teams go at it with much conviction (I wish I could, in that there's obviously some terrific hockey worth watching). I really miss the anticipation of a playoff appearance, that first round matchup...for so long, spring and April and Devils playoff hockey seems to be synonymous...even though they had some very quick one-and-dones, they were still at least getting in, and usually pretty safely, where you knew for several days or even weeks that they were in. Compared to many fanbases, it's not like we've been suffering for all that long...right now the Devils might be in a valley, but better than being moored in a crater, and I've seen teams trapped in those, seemingly forever in some cases. But I do miss the playoffs. Man do I miss the playoffs.
  5. Agree 100% on the effort...they do try and I've always felt that way. It's never felt like they've collectively mailed it in (though some matchups can make it appear that way). And yeah, sucks that Cory is entering his age 31 season with no immediate hope in sight. Gotta wonder if he starts thinking about waiving his NTC as soon as next year's deadline. But too early to speculate on that, really.
  6. If anything, there's certain guys that you just kind of assume will stay out of trouble, due to track record. No one could've seen that incident coming with Revis (and it sounds like this definitely wasn't all on him). Of course, now that he's on a sharp decline, his whole situation just feels worse all around.
  7. You didn't say anything about .500 in didn't even mention point% in that. Just that the Devils are .500. Yes, I agree, they have a .500 point%, and that's the measure I now refer to, as opposed to winning% or games under or over .500. But they do not have a .500 record, as far as wins and losses go. They have 25 wins and 35 losses (though I hate lumping in 3-on-3 and SO losses with regulation losses).
  8. More and more the Devils remind me of a wayward teenage kid who's kind of likable in spite of himself, but can't seem to stay out of trouble. You keep pleading with him to do better and to get himself under control...and sometimes he does...for a little while. You give him second, third, fourth, even fifth chances...but ultimately it's the same sh!t, again and again. The hard part is knowing when to say "OK, I wash my hands of you, I give up dammit!" I can't do it. Even with lowered expectations, it's still a bummer when they can't string together a few wins. Just wish this team had some more surprises in it. But this just ain't their year.
  9. So is Bowles now supposed to babysit a guy in the offseason, who was never known for having any off-the-field issues previously? Sounds like Revis was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don't know how this reflects on Bowles. Not saying he's been a great coach, but the guy can't be blamed for everything...especially stuff that happens out of his "jurisdiction".
  10. They could always take a "replacement" back in any deal for Cam. Curious if anyone kicks the tires on him at the deadline. I wouldn't.
  11. Weren't you the one bitching about people saying records like 25-25-10 are ".500" last season? You and I had a debate about this very topic. So now it's OK to refer to what some call "NHL-.500" records as .500 again? Anyway, based on everything we've seen to date, looks like the Devils are going to finish somewhere between 80 and 84 points; of course, that could change, depending on what they do at the deadline...the schedule gets a bit harder now as well. Obviously, if they ever actually decided to go full tank, they could give Kinkaid about half of the remaining starts. Don't see that happening though.
  12. The one kind of downer re: "Why not us?" is that the first domino that needed to fall (Cory turning it around) did...he's a .932 save% goalie since 1/2. Kink is at .903 over that same stretch (seven appearances), with his last two games really dragging down that sample (it had been .948 prior to those two games). It just sucks that some terrific goaltending hasn't led to that many more wins in the grand scheme. Only 11-8-3 over this time. I don't know if I can ask the goaltending to keep this up...though one can argue that if a guy like Cory should finish the season somewhere near his typical save%, he might still have some terrific puck-stopping left ahead of him.
  13. .928 save% in January and .936 save% in February. In his last 18 appearances, he's been at .912 or better in 14 of them. On a team that clearly has some piss-poor defensemen on it. It's hard to play much better than that.
  14. I get the "Let me down a case of Sunny Delight everytime I talk about the Devils" mentality, but they're 5-5-1 in their last 11 games. If you want to feel a little better about their recent performance, they're 9-6-1 in their last 16...go back a little further, and that becomes 9-8-3 over their last 20. What exactly should we be confident about? Based on what I've seen, sure, the Devils might win tonight's game...only to lose their next two. Because that's what this team does. They've strung together three wins exactly ONCE since that 9-3-3 start. They've been a roughly .500 point% team for a while now...just hovering. The schedule was pretty forgiving over the last several weeks (starting with the new year), with some lesser opponents and lots of home games, and the Devils really didn't do nearly enough with it...they went 11-8-3. They managed to lose a little less/win a little more, but not nearly enough to make a real dent in the standings. You seem to do a lot of "Well, this loss was bad, but if they win this game and then that game" posting...only that the Devils don't win this game and that game. Maybe they win one, but lose the other. That's why they keep spinning their wheels in the mediocre mud that's slogging their way to the final Eastern Conference WC spot. The ONLY reason the Devils are still somehow kinda-sorta in this thing is that no one else seems to be capable of putting something together...yet. I wish the Devils were the team that could eventually do it, but nothing they do shows me that they will. I'll still be watching and the pure fan in me will always keep rooting for wins...I do that no matter how bad my teams are. But I think we already know what this team is made of. I've been watching it for 59 games. All the above being said, LET'S GO DEVILS!
  15. I think if the Devils are trying to make the playoffs and are still in a game entering the third period where one goalie simply doesn't seem to have it, and the one on the bench has been playing well, you roll the dice. It may not have worked out of course, but I would've preferred that to some suddenly-automatic "can't yank the backup" rule. Of course, you can make the argument that Kink having a rough game in a spot the Devils needed him to play well is just another indication that this team simply isn't good enough in 2016-17 to truly compete for a playoff berth. Just another case of the Devils not getting enough contributions.