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  1. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    6 G and 6 A and a -12 in his last 23 GP. 
  2. GDT: Devils @ Cryers

  3. GDT: Devils @ Cryers

    Felt like that was going to happen eventually.  Frak.
  4. New Jersey Devils' Lineup/Roster Thread 2015-16

    It's not that Zajac has tons of's just that a lot of Devil fans can see he brings more to the table than point production.  He also clearly needs talent to work with...he hasn't always had it.  He's not the kind of guy who stubbornly finds ways to get his offensive numbers (the way Elias often did).  Get Zajac the right linemates and I think he could put up a 50-55 point pace.  With everything else that he does, that's not a bad return on his deal.   
  5. Players Tribune - Marty

    If it's one thing the 1986 Mets taught me, it's to try to appreciate what you've got when you've got it, when it comes to rooting for a team (and I say "try" because I'm not always successful with the whole "take a step back and just appreciate it all" approach).   I'm just glad that one of THE best players at his position played for an insanely long time, much of it at a high level, almost 100% of it here, for all of us to enjoy.  No getting out of Jersey with several prime years left, the way Roy left.  No having to see him win a championship or two in another team's uniform.  We got every last ounce of his best.  We were blessed to have witnessed it all.   And of course, we knew it couldn't last forever...but in sports terms, this was the equivalent.   We were never cheated when it came to Marty...all we "missed out" on were seven games where Marty had to find out for himself what just about everyone else already knew:  that he was finished and should call it a career ASAP.   For me, this makes Devils life post-Marty much less painful.  It feels like this team has moved on as well as could possibly be expected.  We now have a Vezina candidate who's shown he's capable of helping to squeeze points out of not-so-good teams.  Instead of spending the next several seasons trying this guy and that guy in net and hoping one might stick and be just serviceable/good enough, the Devils have a guy a LOT of teams would kill to have.  We continue to be blessed in that regard.   So I'll always fondly remember the Marty-era Devils...and continue to be hopeful that I'll look back on the Schneider era one day and think "Damn was that a blast!"  I'm ready to embrace these new Devils and see what they can do, without lamenting the loss of the old days.
  6. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Nice...Kings tie it up in the final minute, then score in OT.  
  7. Mets 2015-16 Offseason Thread

    Jesus Christ.  No words for this one.  
  8. Players Tribune - Marty

    I mentioned this is another thread, but if Marty had read that article word-for-word and made that his speech, the building would have been full of thunderous deafening applause. 
  9. Players Tribune - Marty Ron Motta should just change his screenname to "90% of Ranger fans".  Stupid is as Ranger fans do. 
  10. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Has' post sums up why I never bother getting into it with most Ranger fans.  Same ol' unfunny and unwitty retorts.  Just pointless.  I'm surprised that guy didn't throw in a swamp and attendance reference for good measure. 
  11. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Rangers have definitely had their good moments against Marty...three playoff wins in five series where Marty was the man for the Devils.  The 93-94 series was what it was...a great series where one team was just that little bit better than the other, but the two best teams in the NHL that year were clearly the Rangers and Devils.  The 96-97 series was more maddening for many reasons...especially the constant in-the-crease violations.  The 07-08 series was probably the most frustrating because the Devils actually let Avery get into their heads.  Marty and the Devils had quite a run at the Rangers' expense for sure (that unbeaten run was insane), but overall, it's not quite as one-sided as we'd all like to believe.  But yeah, Marty clearly did enough against the Rangers through the years that their more bitter fans are going to try to take digs at him to make themselves feel better.  That three SC Finals in a four-year stretch where the Rangers were an overpaid mess of mercs (that was routinely missing the playoffs) had to drive them crazy with jealousy and envy. 
  12. The Marty Night thread

    If he had read that word-for-word as his speech on Tuesday, I think the building would've just about exploded with applause (not knocking the speech he made, just that this one has a little more insight into Marty the person).  Great stuff.
  13. The Marty Night thread

    Yeah, at this point, just fix 'em both and be done with it.  It's funny, but now with Niedermayer AND Brodeur being off, it's like they each bring out the mistakes in the others that much more.  Would love to know what one of those banners actually costs. 
  14. The Marty Night thread

    If the Devils never corrected the Niedermayer banner (with the wonky fonts and that god-awful "4" in 2004), they might not fix the Brodeur banner either.  At least the fonts are correct on the Brodeur banner.  Amazing how the last two have gotten screwed up though. 
  15. Around the League 15-16 Edition

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh...once a dumb fanbase, always a dumb fanbase.