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  1. It's a tough one. You can make a case either way. Shero actually snagged a 3rd-rounder for Gelinas and a 2nd-rounder for Stempniak last a way that was both exciting and pleasantly surprising. If Cam had managed anything close to his prior two seasons, and the Devils were willing to take on some of his remaining dollars, maybe they could've moved him too. Just sucks that nothing worked out from that standpoint: Cam having a lousy year, and Pap getting hurt at the worst possible time.
  2. This feels like one of those "Would you rather" questions that my daughter throws at me from time to time. I think this one feels a little worse just because this deadline was so meh (not that I was really expecting any crazy miracles), and Schneider's November/December and Cam's mostly brutal year have just been really hard to take. And three more words: Ben fvckING Killjoy
  3. PAP probably nets a 3rd or 4th if healthy. Rotten timing. Sometimes sh!t just happens. Or if you're the 2016-17 Devils, it happens in an endless cycle. Now I just want sh!t to not happen.
  4. We lost Pap Smear and gained a fart. What a day.
  5. Yep, had a feeling that PA was going to be a "what the hell, why not", almost zero-risk move for someone. Oh well.
  6. Pretty much where I am now. At the very least, maybe this move keeps Shero from going back to the Penguin Dollar Store to bargain shop for a defenseman in the offseason. Prout is still kind of young (27) and might be a passable stopgap, if he's still here next season. Not like he's going to be asked to do a ton.
  7. This passes the Raymond Babbitt test. Well played sir, well played!
  8. Hopefully he'll be a stealthy sneaky big hitter...Silent But Deadly.
  9. Re: hoping for a 3rd round pick or so, partly because his numbers don't look that bad...he's a +4 on a bad team full of minuses. Obviously a LOT more to look for in a player than just +/- relative to teammates, but yeah, definitely nothing that remotely excites at the moment. Not even sure what the point of this deal was.
  10. The Dalton.
  11. No one's "day is going to be made" if/when Kyle Quincey's one thinks anything sexy is going to happen today. But the fact that the Devils already have a lot of picks (with possibly more by the end of the deadline) will at least increase offseason flexibility, as far as trading goes. A 2nd and a 3rd went to Anaheim for Kyle Palmieri. That deal worked out pretty well.
  12. It was a long time ago (1990), but Devils defenseman Craig Wolanin went to practice on deadline day, then the deadline passed, and he thought he was free and clear...only to find out minutes after that he'd been dealt to the Quebec Nordiques for declining star Peter Stastny...said it was crushing mostly because he was so sure at that point that he was safe from being moved. So yeah, hopefully Shero moves Quincey today. Not going to make anything out of him being at practice.
  13. They could still move him I guess, but now it's probably going to be for a "what the hell, why not?" 6th or 7th-round draft pick...assuming he could even come back this season. Which almost feels like what's the point?
  14. Guess he broke it. I didn't know about it either. Starting to feel like nothing is going to happen, as far as the Devils are concerned. Hope I'm wrong. I wasn't really expecting anything more than draft picks coming back, but it's still going to be disappointing if nothing at all is done.
  15. Damphousse was in that deal too? Thought it was just Selanne. Fell through because Selanne shot it down IIRC.