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  1. The problem is we still have no idea how much money they've really got. I'm no fan of the Wilpons (I definitely haven't made that a secret), but I think even they know putting a little more money into the on-field product will likely pay off. But do they have it? You know (or should know) how it works with cost-conscious need to develop your own players and keep them coming through your system, so replacements are available as guys become too expensive (at which time they're allowed to walk or moved for replenishment prospects). You also have to hit on your bargain/non-sexy signings. We know the drill: Sandy's farm isn't producing hitters (part of the reason too many players seems to get absurdly long leashes here), and his bargain signings have often been disasters. So yeah, you can then make the argument that the payroll needs to accommodate a costly guy who should at least be almost guaranteed to produce...but that goes back to the original point: is the money actually there? I've detailed it in several posts throughout this season, but this has not been a good season for several Met prospects and young players, which really hurts. Montero is basically now at Ground Zero and and starting over. Conforto's sophomore season couldn't be going worse. Herrera has not been as good in 2016 in AAA as he was last season, and for the PCL, he has not been terribly good this year. Same old sh!t with d'Arnaud, who should be a pretty good bat when he's on, but has never gotten better behind the plate and remains injury-prone. Wilmer is Wilmer...just hard to believe in long-term, and not a good fielder no matter where he plays. And even with Nimmo raking in the PCL, no one seems to think he'll be anything more than a fringe starter/4th outfielder, so there's only so much a package centered around him will bring back. This all being said, I'm not sure the Mets have anything the Brewers really want, unless Sandy was somehow willing to overwhelm them with a lot of bodies (say 4+ players), and even then, the Brew probably say "Great, but all talks start and end with Rosario." The Mets just don't have enough prospects and young talented position players to make big splashes without giving up the few players they actually covet. Look, you can make the argument that Rosario helps the 2018 Mets at the earliest, and that the 2016 Mets need to think about right now...especially with the starting pitching that the team is built around being both a bit fragile AND a little overrated. Even though they're young, their window is not the several years many project. I would really try to hang on to Rosario myself...but like Fulmer last season, Sandy is going to have to give to get. Would've been nice if a lot more Mets prospects were having big years, but they didn't. Get the feeling Sandy's not going to do much at this deadline.
  2. As far as Conforto and d'Arnaud go for Braun and Lucroy...if the Mets were willing to up their payroll by $20 million or so, yeah, they'd do that. But why does that make any sense for the Brewers? d'Arnaud is a poor defensive catcher who's been an inconsistent hitter so far and a constant injury risk, and Conforto has regressed significantly. The Mets would probably have to also give them Rosario and possibly someone else (maybe Verrett). And even that might not get it done.
  3. '7' is right about Familia's walks...this is becoming disconcerting. They've got to get that under control, literally. Lack of blown saves aside, he is clearly not as effective as he was last season.
  4. The funny thing is, now that he finally blew a save, don't be surprised if some fans start championing Reed and Familia to switch roles. You know that will come up. I wouldn't be surprised to see Familia muff a few now...not in a row, but I think things are going to even out a little. Sucks mostly because this team has so little margin for error. And can't keep spinning its wheels the way they do. This loss stings.
  5. capo usually doesn't think this stuff through. Sometimes sounds like a WFAN caller with some of these ideas. Agree, Rosario is the big "Should we or shouldn't we?" piece. If he goes in any deal for Lucroy, it suddenly feels like a very small window, unless the Mets radically change the way they do business (translation: stop thinking like a smaller-market franchise). I don't see it.
  6. Yeah, if anything it's kind of a surprise that it took this long. He's enjoyed some serious luck at times this season. And now the kick to the balls for good measure. Same old Mets.
  7. You make no sense with the deGrom crap capo...he's inexpensive right now and still relatively young. Also under team control for a while. Why should the Mets move him? Mets aren't going after Braun...he's making way too much money for potential decline years, and his being here would mean no Cespedes for sure. I'd love to see them get Lucroy though.
  8. Gotta give him credit...he's continued to be a special player as a Met. Gotta give credit to Verrett too. No, he's not a guy you have confidence in long-term. But he's done a nice job in his last three starts.
  9. This team is a broken record '7'. And in Sandy Era tradition, you just KNOW many of these dipsh!ts will be back here next year.
  10. Reyes, for the most part, hasn't really delivered. It's really hard to get excited about a .239 BA and .278 OB% from your leadoff guy...and like we've seen, it's not like his presence here is really making much of a difference when it comes to wins and losses. It's not like he was really starting to hit his last three games, he was 3-for-15 with 0 BB (and he's not like late-career Rickey Henderson, who still got on base despite declining BAs. Reyes was never better than pretty good at drawing walks, and now he doesn't draw nearly enough of them). Reyes has had some loud hits, but that's about it. Outside of the three (solo) HRs, he's been about what I've expected him to be. Right down to this latest injury. Reed has obviously been awesome for much of this season (0.85 WHIP) and Familia has managed to keep baserunners from hurting him despite several high-wife acts, but one thing that has really helped both pitchers is the fact that they don't allow home runs. Reed has only given up 3 this year, and Familia has yet to give up any, in almost 100 IP combined. Impressive...just hope it doesn't start to go the other way. Worth keeping an eye on.
  11. Of course the Mets don't even get a productive out that inning. What does Kevin Long do exactly?
  12. The one thing that sabes can't ever measure is brain matter. Sabes guys tend to treat players as emotionless Vulcanized robots. But with this team and its very well-known follies in the's impossible to think that these guys aren't pressing big-time when they're coming up to bat with runners on. They've gotta be gripping those bats pretty tightly at this point. They're just SO bad at it.
  13. Miraculous that Noah made it though six today. Still a frustrating outing though.
  14. Of course they don't scratch a run home in that inning.
  15. Scary, the lack of clutch on this roster. Everywhere.