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  1. The one kind of downer re: "Why not us?" is that the first domino that needed to fall (Cory turning it around) did...he's a .932 save% goalie since 1/2. Kink is at .903 over that same stretch (seven appearances), with his last two games really dragging down that sample (it had been .948 prior to those two games). It just sucks that some terrific goaltending hasn't led to that many more wins in the grand scheme. Only 11-8-3 over this time. I don't know if I can ask the goaltending to keep this up...though one can argue that if a guy like Cory should finish the season somewhere near his typical save%, he might still have some terrific puck-stopping left ahead of him.
  2. .928 save% in January and .936 save% in February. In his last 18 appearances, he's been at .912 or better in 14 of them. On a team that clearly has some piss-poor defensemen on it. It's hard to play much better than that.
  3. I get the "Let me down a case of Sunny Delight everytime I talk about the Devils" mentality, but they're 5-5-1 in their last 11 games. If you want to feel a little better about their recent performance, they're 9-6-1 in their last 16...go back a little further, and that becomes 9-8-3 over their last 20. What exactly should we be confident about? Based on what I've seen, sure, the Devils might win tonight's game...only to lose their next two. Because that's what this team does. They've strung together three wins exactly ONCE since that 9-3-3 start. They've been a roughly .500 point% team for a while now...just hovering. The schedule was pretty forgiving over the last several weeks (starting with the new year), with some lesser opponents and lots of home games, and the Devils really didn't do nearly enough with it...they went 11-8-3. They managed to lose a little less/win a little more, but not nearly enough to make a real dent in the standings. You seem to do a lot of "Well, this loss was bad, but if they win this game and then that game" posting...only that the Devils don't win this game and that game. Maybe they win one, but lose the other. That's why they keep spinning their wheels in the mediocre mud that's slogging their way to the final Eastern Conference WC spot. The ONLY reason the Devils are still somehow kinda-sorta in this thing is that no one else seems to be capable of putting something together...yet. I wish the Devils were the team that could eventually do it, but nothing they do shows me that they will. I'll still be watching and the pure fan in me will always keep rooting for wins...I do that no matter how bad my teams are. But I think we already know what this team is made of. I've been watching it for 59 games. All the above being said, LET'S GO DEVILS!
  4. I think if the Devils are trying to make the playoffs and are still in a game entering the third period where one goalie simply doesn't seem to have it, and the one on the bench has been playing well, you roll the dice. It may not have worked out of course, but I would've preferred that to some suddenly-automatic "can't yank the backup" rule. Of course, you can make the argument that Kink having a rough game in a spot the Devils needed him to play well is just another indication that this team simply isn't good enough in 2016-17 to truly compete for a playoff berth. Just another case of the Devils not getting enough contributions.
  5. Why do you automatically assume that Cory couldn't have possibly played in any capacity last night?
  6. I don't think Cory would've fallen to pieces if he had been given the start. I think there are times where you can make exceptions to "rules". That being said, I have a much bigger problem with Kink never having been relieved than his starting the game. I wasn't thrilled with him getting the start under these circumstances, but I can at least see why some would make a case for it. But at the VERY latest, he should've been yanked at 5-3.
  7. I didn't see this game, but I didn't have to. Just the fact that Kinkaid would get this start over a hot Schneider tells me all I need to know: the Devils were never serious about trying to nab a playoff berth, and this notion was reinforced when Hynes refused to go with Schneider to start the third period. It was still very much a game on the scoreboard heading into the third, and Hynes chose not to go with his best. It's fine if I as a fan never thought the 2016-17 were playoff-bound, but for the head coach to treat this game as though this team is already done by not pulling out all the stops to try to win...I don't know what to say. And as long as I imagine Raymond Babbitt narrating MB's bullet-point post-game "thoughts", I can kind of have fun with them. Time to put Cam back in, not because I'm remotely convinced that Mr. Destined-to-Disappoint will actually help on the ice, but because maybe there's the slightest chance that this dead weight will actually get hot enough to get someone to take him off the Devils' hands (though the Devils will clearly have to both pick up a chunk of his contract and expect little in return).
  8. No thanks to Ryan. Guy has been extremely ordinary for several seasons now. And getting paid way too much money to boot.
  9. Hard to believe the Devils are sort of in the WC conversation for the moment (don't see them staying there, as the schedule is about to turn brutal again before much longer). But somehow they are, in spite of everything. Cory's season save% now up to .914. Anyone still think he's complacent and needs to be pushed? Sometimes guys can have a rotten couple of months or even a lousy season. Doesn't automatically mean that they don't care or are somehow less motivated. Derek, your last post to SH is exactly why it inevitably seems to go wrong for you was always starting with the cheap shots (which leads to the inevitable meltdown/I'm outta here/I come back in peace and am a changed man cycle). And enough with the links to your blog's starting to feel a bit desperate. If anything, I would suggest starting a thread where you post links to your (and fellow contributors') articles, if it's that important to you. But SH is right, Has is fully capable of posting his own links to his articles. And a Ranger fan starting a GDT at 1:09 am in the morning on a Devils site...did you really think that wouldn't aggravate someone?
  10. I pretty much think they're already there...I just don't trust them to be consistent enough to do enough to nab a playoff berth, even if they did manage to sweep the Isles. But yeah, anything less than four points this weekend removes ALL doubt about what Shero should do at the deadline.
  11. Same old Devils...every time that they look like they just might have a chance to make things a little interesting, they have a game like this. Just not much of a surprise anymore when this happens. Oh well.
  12. Cam is Cam does...destined to disappoint, either due to injuries that take away from his more productive seasons, or due to less production that you're hoping for. Just a guy that's impossible to count on. But yeah, goes back to the same thing...who's that obvious candidate to take his place? Hope he plays well enough and picks it up through the end of the season or the deadline, and then see what you can get for him. Probably not a ton of course.
  13. And wow, the refs once again try to fvck the Devils. Of course they do.
  14. One of these "I really hate this fvcking team" kind of nights. So aggravating.
  15. Damn MITB...that was hucking filarious!