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  1. When deGrom immediately gave up three runs after the Mets had taken a 2-0 lead, I was thinking "Here we go again", with yet another not good enough performance coming from one of the Mets' "vaunted" starters...but deGrom really just slammed the door shut after that...and turned in seven innings no less. Got it done, and for once, so did the Met offense, though it was pretty much the same old story...home runs or bust. One thing I won't miss about Grandy are these insane funks he goes's truly amazing how invisible he can be when he's in a slump. And with Cespedes out for god knows how long, the ABs are likely for Grandy will likely keep coming...unless Lagares magically shows something with the bat (highly unlikely). The hole is stlll pretty deep...Mets really need to sweep this series somehow.
  2. I don't think it's me this all reeks of having absolutely NO plan whatsoever. What other explanation is there?
  3. You're not kidding...the 49ers gotta be loving this...they not only get the player they wanted anyway, but they get what amounts to three free picks out of the whole thing. Lynch already looks like a genius, lmao.
  4. This is what happens when no one is ever held accountable for anything...I know I'm beating the dead horse with the lack of accountability throughout the organization, but this kind of sh!t just keeps happening, and nothing ever seems to come out of these incidents.
  5. Ironically, it's when Fat fvck is throwing his tantrums that he tends to be at his most articulate...almost like his brain functions a little better when he's fired up...otherwise it's endless stammering and a lot of "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh"s. Not that the team made anything easier for Harvey when they apparently didn't tell him that he was starting until three hours before game time, but I heard clips of him talking about how he had lifted weights on Wednesday, and how he was planning for Friday, etc...and of course, mechanics made their way into the conversation (you'd think the Mets' staff was working in a fvcking auto body shop, with the constant talk of mechanics): Still just never seems like Harvey can ever have a bad game without there being some excuse...that's what's really getting old with him.
  6. I don't love him either, but we need him to produce. But he's nothing special anymore.
  7. No, it's not all on him for sure, can't argue that, but something's gotta give. And there's plenty about him with regards to his managing that leaves a lot to be desired. Yeah, I've made the Fontes link too. That guy won just enough to keep his job. But like you say, guys like that can only survive for so long. It's funny, because with his BB and HR today, TC will be fawning all over him I'm sure.
  8. Way to fight guys. If the Mets can't even fake trying, then the Village Idiot serves no purpose here. Get a real manager.
  9. Also gotta love that Grandy and Reyes have exactly ONE DNP between them. ONE! Guess the saying here is "If you don't hit, we don't give a sh!t!" Boomer had a great rant about the complete absence of anything resembling accountability with the Mets...glad other people are noticing.
  10. O'Flaherty with a 1-2-3 I hate this fvcking team.
  11. Harvey's luck finally runs out. At least Sandy's hands are warm from being sat on.
  12. Cespedes out for a pinch runner. Which one of you called that one (that he'd by out by the fifth inning or so)?
  13. Harvey is so obviously not Harvey anymore. Doesn't mean he can't be decent going forward, but he can forget ever getting a mega-contact from the Yankees.
  14. Agree. Just get through a friggin' start without some kind of ailment first. Mets go down one-two-three with 2 Ks in their half of the first. But nope, can't bring up Rosario and least give him a shot...would be nice if Sandy could dare to adjust to circumstances. Get the feeling he'll be punting 2017 by the end of May at this rate.
  15. The Braves are probably thinking "How long before the Mets call us about Colon?" Yeah, Syndergaard will be out at least a month, probably longer.