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  1. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    I'd be fine with 2016 Kipnis...2017 Kipnis, not so much. Bruce on a multi-year four or five year deal would be terrifying. He's slashed .237/.303./457 the past four seasons (though he's been pretty productive the past two seasons) and will be 31 when next year starts. This is EXACTLY the kind of hitter I want the Mets to start steering clear of...especially for a team that won't even attempt to spend its way out of mistakes. The Mets have tried how many of these low BA high K power guys...they problem with them is that they don't hit enough. This team should try to build around speed and contact guys who hit doubles. Enough with hitter who might jack 30 HRs and beat up on back-end BP guys. Been there done that.
  2. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    Pretty much a crapshoot kind of signing...the hope of course is that he has another 2017 kind of season in him (or 2013), because not much more that he's done has impressed much. A very meh-ish move, but that's Sandy...wait meekly with your plate near the buffet while everyone else jumps ahead of you and gets the good stuff, then see what's left.
  3. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    The fries were usually cold too...if you snagged lukewarm ones, you were lucky. And the pretzels were god-awful...they never cooked them correctly. Yeah, I remember the hot dogs being decent, but that was it. The sweets (cookies, etc) were pretty good...but the Somerset Patriots have better quality food than the CAA ever did. I met someone through my wife (a co-worker of hers) who was a season ticket holder and we were also in 217, but much higher up. I used to go to at least 15 games a year with him (starting in 2001-02), including playoff games...that continued at the Rock for a couple of years (in 225), but once I had my kid, that changed, and I simply couldn't go that often...and he later got married and had twins, and money got very tight for him, so he gave up his tix 2-3 years ago...I think the Devils being lousy helped him with that decision. I remember when they would play the preview video of the Rock...and Gomez would say "See you in Newark!"...I'd always say, "Yep, when you go there as a Ranger." Just kinda knew that it would happen.
  4. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    I used to let those runs build my optimism when it came to Robles, but I'm so done with him...he's a gutless punk who wilts in a lot of big spots, and does things to rile up opponents. Guy is a loser, and for once the Mets need to stop stocking up on losers.
  5. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    But this is how they roll...of course Robles will get another look. It takes the Mets so much to just fvcking move on from someone...what is so hard about holding SOMEONE accountable around here? It's so goddamned infuriating. Lagares owns a lifetime .663 OPS and was at .661 last season. He's about to enter his sixth...yes, his SIXTH...major league season. But we're going down this route AGAIN?! Lagares' contract is sh!tty and will remain so, because he never improved offensively and he can't stay healthy. Stop trying to make fetch happen Sandy...for ONCE.
  6. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    That's a fair point too. Really not fair to Nimmo at all. And not knocking him, but the reason guys like him are still around is that SANDY LETS PLAYERS HANG AROUND SEASON AFTER SEASON AFTER SEASON, instead of attempting to upgrade. On the WFAN this morning, Boomer and Jerry were talking about Lagares manning CF everyday...can you believe this is still even a topic of conversation? And heaven forbid your drafts might start to produce something Sandy...Omar was light years ahead of you there...he's a big reason for the success you've had to date, really, much as you don't ever acknowledge any of that when you're writing your sh!tty books. Being a Mets fan means your threshold for nonsense tends to be higher than a lot of other franchises' fans, but I'm really getting fed up now. I knew this was going to be a bad offseason, yet it's actually going to be even WORSE than I originally thought. If I'm deGrom, I seriously start questioning what the hell I'm doing here.
  7. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    As far as the CAA worker misery factor goes, it got even worse once the Devils were a lame-duck franchise. Much worse. They clearly weren't the slightest bit interested in hustling or putting forth any effort whatsoever, and at times almost seemed hostile and confrontational. For those reasons I bought less and less food and drink when I went to games, but TBH I don't know why I bought ANY of their crap over the last two seasons. Considering the (abundant lack of) options, I was always better off just buying drive-thru fast food before or after the game...McD's, BK, Wendy's, whatever...any of their offerings were light-years ahead of the slop the CAA was serving. One time I was in the bathroom line during a playoff game, and I hear a familiar voice behind me in line ask "Man, the Devils are really struggling on their power play tonight, aren't they?" I turned around and sure enough, there was Chico. We chatted for a few (the first of several I had with him through the years...the guy always took "fan friendly" to the highest level), and then like you pointed out, everyone made way for him. Some years later I happened to be wearing my white Rockies Resch jersey, and was in that same bathroom when Chico came in. Someone said "Chico, check out that guy's jersey!" (my front was to him at this point)...he said "That's nice, sharp jersey!". I then turned to show him whose name was on the back, and his face lit up...it was cool. When he came out of the bathroom (I was in the concourse by now, heading towards my seat) he came up to me and asked me if I wanted him to sign it...unfortunately, time between periods was winding down, so I told him thank you very much, would love that, but I didn't want him to go out of his way, so I could I come meet him when he had more time...he said sure, no problem (I think he appreciated it, as I think he had actually lost track of time a little). So he wound up signing my blue Rockies Resch jersey (in the white #1 on the back) later that season...I felt bad because he was deathly ill that night (seemed like he was fighting a very bad cold, if not something worse), but he was still as friendly and accommodating as ever (though he didn't say much, as he was trying to save whatever little voice he had left for on-air). Unfortunately I was there for the VERY last game played there...they lost 3-2 to Ottawa in the playoffs, which eliminated them in five games (I went to all three home games...Langenbrunner's 2OT goal was from Game 2...Ottawa was just better that series). Most of the fans were plenty pissy after the game...I think that loss along with the anticipation of moving into a better building just made me want to move on from CAA that much more.
  8. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    This is EXACTLY why you're a useless c*nt Sandy. Your jokes aren't remotely funny and never have been, and not one Mets fan is in the mood for your bullsh!t. We get it, the Wilpons either don't give a sh!t or are just too incompetent to ever get out of their own way, and for the most part, you never really seemed to care a whole lot either. This offseason has been every bit the disaster most predicted it would be, thanks to you...passive, meek and zero creativity...not even a fvcking HINT of a pulse from you. Seriously, fvck off, resign...at least then the Wilpons might be able to find someone who actually gives a damn about where this franchise is going, as opposed to some zilch like you, who's clearly just showing up to collect some golden age paychecks at this point. Hell, right now, I'd give Ray fvcking Shero the job...even coming from another sport, he'd do a better job than Sleepy Sandy. http://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/mlb/mets/2017/12/11/mets-gm-sandy-alderson-ripped-twitter-not-needing-giancarlo-stanton/940960001/
  9. GDT - Devils vs Kings 12/12/17

    Fingers crossed that Taylor will be OK...because that looked bad, even though he was able to take a few more shifts. Obviously a big-time game-changer if he's seriously hurt...I don't know how the Devils get by without him AND Palms AND MoJo out of the lineup. Just hope that team morale doesn't take huge nosedive. But not much point in going heavily into what-if scenarios until we get a firm update. With a healthy Taylor, last night shows why the team shouldn't collapse...they can score (they've quietly scored 14 goals in their last four games), and Cory has a .925 save% over his last 15 GP (.920 on the season)...unfortunately, if KK continues to be as meh as he's been lately (.880 save% in his last 7), the Devils may have to ride Cory a lot more than they want to. Also, hopefully this puts to bed the myth (believed by some) that KK can be any team's #1 goalie in the NHL. At his best, he's a pretty good backup.
  10. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    I had a feeling the Pats weren't going to play well yesterday...and Brady's had some clunkers down there. Highlight for me was the building. Hands down the best renovation I've ever seen. I never could've imagined such a thing in 2014. Looks pretty amazing at night too.
  11. GDT - Devils vs Kings 12/12/17

    Devils are 7-7-4 in their last 18...and have been about as up-and-down as that record would suggest. I think they'll be better than that over the rest of the season, but I'm not sure by how much...the young guys are starting to look more like young guys (the talent is there but the consistency isn't), and unfortunately guys like Andy Greene can't be fixed. Even if they finish with "only" 90 points or so, this season will represent serious progress, especially compared to last year. LGD!
  12. 2017 Miami Dolphins thread

    As MD already knows, I went to this game last night. First things first: the building...in two words, holy sh!t! Pictures don't do it justice...what happened to the aging dump that I went to in 2014? Both me and my friend (a Giants fan) were completely blown away. The Hard Rock Stadium is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. As for the game...nights like last night remind me why I'm not a big Puppetricia fan...Jay Cutler and one of the worst offenses this season was too much for his defense. Guys open all over the place. Dolphins clearly showed up and wanted it more...don't know if the Pats got caught looking ahead, but it does go to show that in today's NFL, anyone can beat anyone. Credit to the Dolphins fans...there were a TON of Pats fans there (always are), but the Dolphin faithful were much louder than their numbers.
  13. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    Forgot about the Winner's Club...I was only in there once, after a game. It was pretty nice from what I remember (insanely overpriced food, to be expected) but I don't remember it being terribly accessible...which would it make it the kind of refresh that not too many fans got to benefit from.
  14. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    I wouldn't say all of PC food offerings suck, but there's definitely a wide variety of quality...and some stuff on the lower end of the spectrum is pretty bad. Yeah I've noticed the bathrooms too...they're overdue for some TLC.
  15. Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    As far as the 10-year-old observation goes, it helps a lot that the building has been given a nice series of refreshes. The Fire and Ice Lounges (kinda cool initially but quickly became dated, tacky and cheap-looking) being deep-sixed for the current designs was a smart move. The new scoreboard is truly a marvel. Also lots of nice touches and updates throughout the concourses...they were a little bland when the Rock first opened. The bathrooms are starting to look a little beat up, but I've seen much worse. I could be wrong, but outside of the seats being replaced (and the colors changed), the addition of the center ice scoreboard, and some name changes/exterior styling, I can't remember the CAA ever having gotten any significant refresh, ever. It was cool when it first opened because it was brand new and had a very modern look to it, but yeah, its limitations (especially the mistake of having only one concourse) became apparent very quickly. At any game that was even close to selling out, if you didn't get in a food line (for mediocre chow at best) before the end of a period (especially if you had to traverse a lot of steps just to exit your section), you were screwed. That part was even worse at the end, when the food service employees (never a ray of sunshine to begin with) clearly no longer gave a sh!t with the Devils set to leave.