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  1. How I'll always remember Crosby: Amazing talent...obviously a generational great. Impossible to root for unless you're a Pens fan...and even then, some of them probably find him kind of annoying. Hard to believe he's already wrapping up his 12th NHL season...still feels like he just got here. And he still hasn't turned 30 yet.
  2. Same here, that's always been my ritual (post-game radio show after going to a home game). IF her being honest and critical factored into her not being picked up again (though admittedly I'm pretty indifferent on this one) that's a shame. If the team isn't good and has issues that need to be addressed, I don't need to hear some shill just gloss over it all, and over-pump up the positives.
  3. Nice. The NYP will churn out some good ones I'm sure...they sure did with "Derek Eater" (after a picture surfaced of him looking like he had a gut), "Clod Hundley", and of course, for A-Rod "A-Hole", with the perfect picture of A-Rod to boot.
  4. Not all Devils fans think that he's going to just step right in and pick up where he left off (not implying that 1711 specifically is saying that he will)...and yeah, his rep I would say is kind of meh at this's just too hard to try to determine how committed he'll really be this time around. He's an intriguing wild card to some teams, the kind of guy you try to buy lower on and hope for higher-than-expected reward, but is most definitely a wild card...not to mention he'll be suddenly asked to play in 82 regular season games (and possibly additional playoff games) when he comes back...he hasn't had to do that since 2012...and he's not a kid. He also spent last season playing for a team that couldn't have been more stacked.
  5. Congrats to Pill...even if he gets shelled, he can at least say he made it to the majors (when that seemed impossible the last couple of years). If he turns in a solid effort, you just know all of the headlines will read something along the lines of "Mets finally find the antidote for ailing rotation in Pill", etc...too easy. Would be nice to see Sandy actually not take his sweet ass time making a decision for once, but at least he fvcking made one. Maybe, just maybe, Montero is finally out of opportunities. If he is, man is it about fvcking time. He got too many of them as it is...and couldn't have made less of them.
  6. That's where I am. For all of the dopey soundbytes, for all of the iffy decisions, over the last two seasons the team found ways to win somehow in spite of his constantly getting in the way. Now he just gets in the way when the team cannot afford to throw away ANY winnable games. I've obviously never been a fan of his, but when is enough enough? He just couldn't be more wrong for this team in its current state.
  7. I know it came up on occasion during the season...hence the "less-than-compelling on-ice product" reference. Like I've said elsewhere, when the team isn't good and isn't chock full of top prospects to get excited about, other stuff that would ordinarily fly under the radar starts getting more attention during the season...when a team is playing THAT badly, there's only so many ways to say "Goddamn does this team suck." If the Devils are annual playoff locks like they used to be, you hear a lot less about Dano, Mac, and others' shortcomings and flaws...hell, if the Devils had simply been competitive to the point where they were at least in a general hunt for a playoff berth as the season wound down, even that would've helped. Anyway, with Sherry not being retained, and not much else to talk about until the offseason really starts cooking, it was natural to expect that this was all going to be brought back up in this thread. Your "constant moaning" observation isn't really accurate, but your perceptions in general often aren't accurate (or are blown up, possibly for effect?).
  8. TC just needs to go's simply time...he just can't ever stop getting in the way. And he's actually starting to sound dumber than an odd way that was sometimes part of his charm, but no more. Yeah, Sandy will replace him with some puppet, but that shouldn't mean that Terry never gets held accountable. We all know that he was never supposed to be here this long anyway. And as far as Sandy goes...Mr. All-In couldn't have met this latest crisis with more apathy. Even with the market being limited at this point in the season, he could've done SOMETHING more than roll the dice with two zilches that were practically guaranteed to contribute nothing. Nope, can't bring up Rosario. Nope, can't give Pill one fvcking start. If Milone hadn't landed on the DL, he was going to get yet another start. WHY? HOW?! All I gotta say about Sandy, the Wilpons (especially P. O. S. Jeffy) and this organization in credibility. None of it. All in...yeah.
  9. You send him if you're either sure, or if you have a decent lead and are trying to speed things up to make the game official. Neither scenario applied here. Bruce looking more and more like the guy who we couldn't wait to see Sandy trade in the offseason.
  10. Nice send Sherlock.
  11. Montero done after 87 painful pitches. Sadly yet again, there's just not much positive to take away from his outing. Just nothing resembling progress.
  12. Well that was weird. Montero will be at 100 pitches by the end of this inning.
  13. 64 pitches for Montero through two innings. Is there ANYONE one this staff capable of expeditious innings? Some of this HAS to fall on Warthen.
  14. Watching Montero is like getting a root canal, vasectomy, and colonoscopy all at the same time. Without anesthesia. So many chances, so little payoff. You just hope the decision to start him doesn't come back to bite this team in the ass...but under the circumstances (this game having a chance not to become official), I can't hammer the Mets on this one.
  15. Milone DL'd today. At the rate Colon's going, the Mets are going to have to give up next to nothing, and will probably get Atlanta to take on a chunk of his remaining money. BTW in his last 7 starts (totaling 36 innings...he's not even eating innings now), he's allowed 60 hits (6 HR) and 10 BB. It's really hard to make a case for him suddenly finding it again if he came back here.