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  1. Hi all, I have a 2003-04 authentic black Albany River Rat jersey for sale. It's a #31 goalie-cut Ahonen. The history of these things is that they were apparently designed to be worn for games (they're 100% authentic, fight strap and all), but then Lou caught wind of it and squashed the idea. The team then decided to use them for community events...basically whenever the team was out and about in Albany or anywhere else, they'd wear these. After one season, they were made available for sale, at various price points...Rob Srklac's #32 was the most expensive, at $375. My Ahonen was $275. It's in excellent shape...I've worn it 2-3 times to games, but never anywhere else, and I'd guess it's been at least 10 years since I last wore it. It's just been hanging in my closet, smoke-free environment, etc. It's not this exact one (this is a #23 Guolla), but it's just like this otherwise.
  2. Heh heh, no Met win comes without a price somewhere. Nice outing for Lugo...all things considered, he's been pretty good since coming back. Five out of his seven starts this season have been decent to good. Really a shame how mightily Blevins has struggled lately...doesn't look like anyone will be as eager to overpay for him as they would've been just a few weeks ago. I'm actually starting to think our CPU (Comatose Passive Uncreative) GM might not do a single thing at the deadline. That would require work and - gasp! - effort.
  3. I with you '7'. Either it's a massive overpayment or he stays. Even then I'll hate to see him leave. He's by far and away the easiest Met to root for.
  4. Some rumors going around that Sandy could possibly move deGrom (I'll believe that when I see it) much as I don't want to see him dealt (unless it's for an overwhelming overpayment), his career splits are interesting...he is MUCH better at home than on the road: 48 home starts: 2.02 ERA, .553 OPS against 47 road stars: 3.87 ERA, .711 OPS against Almost makes me wonder if the team that would deal for him would wind up being disappointed...his overall numbers probably won't be as good with his new team as they are here. If I'm another team, I think I'm VERY cautious about giving up a boatload for Jacob. I think if anything, just keep him...he's been damned near lights-out at Citi, and is still decent on the road...and if Sandy can ever build an offense that doesn't fvck over its starting pitchers (Jacob has a 2.76 ERA in 29 career no-decisions), this guy can definitely flirt with 20 wins.
  5. You wonder if going to a team where he was going to be more of a very good complementary piece helped him. He very well could've been a PITA in Toronto, but simply grew up and is in a place that's perfect for him.
  6. Don't forget the Jack Johnson (and a conditional 1st) for Jeff Carter trade. That made the Kings a better team than they'd been for much of that season. They were clearly better than that 8th seed would lead people to believe. As for the Penguins...doesn't hurt when you can add Phil Kessel, who both NEVER EVER misses a game (unlike Crosby and Malkin), and somehow INCREASES his offensive production for you come playoff time. 45 points in 49 playoff games in two seasons with Pitt. He's been nothing but reliable and productive for the Penguins.
  7. Yeah, he's never really scored much in the NHL, AHL, or KHL. One of those guys who might tease in short bursts, but just seems destined to never be all that much.
  8. Unfortunately, I think Sandy is really going to botch the whole seller thing horribly...hope I'm wrong. re: Reyes, the problems remain the same: he's now bad in the field and even with this surge, he still has an OB% under .300. He's just not going represent much of an upgrade for most teams.
  9. Sandy likes low BA, high-K, solo HR hitters who are below average defensively and walk somewhat. Sure seems that way.
  10. Jesus Sandy REALLY?! I am so done with him.
  11. Keep bullying up you p*ssies. Same ol same ol.
  12. 2014 Rangers didn't have to contend with 2012 Quick. Guy was a wall that year: .929 save% regular season, .946 save% playoff (including .947 in the SCF). In 2014, he was .915 regular season, .911 playoff...he did save his best for last though, putting up a .932 save% in the SCF...he'd actually been pretty mediocre up in the three seven-game series prior to the SCF (just .906 through those three rounds). That 2012 season was such an outlier for him...he's been pretty good for much of his career, but that really was an All-World kind of season for him.
  13. Don't see them going as crazy offensively as they did to start last season either...they scored a whopping (for this era) 81 goals through 20 games last season (allowed 47)...they had a goal differential of just +1 (not adjusted for SO phantom goals) from Game 21 though the end of the season. Kind of amazing that a team that gets off to such a flying start offensively doesn't even have a player that finishes with 60 points.
  14. Re: Duda, yeah, someone gets hurt and suddenly he has a little more value...his career numbers are respectable enough (.802 career OPS, .830 and .838 in 2014 and 2015, .893 this season) that GMs and scouts who don't see him everyday don't realize how much he fattens up on bad arms...and how he's the king of meaningless solo HRs. But yeah, the best you can hope for with him is a Class A+ BP arm with a lot of potential that's still a couple of years away. He's a rental and might not even be all that good of one.
  15. As much as I hate the Rangers, if I thought they were on the cusp of something big, I could be partial and admit it. But Shattenkirk is really minimizing Lundqvist's age and possible (soon to be inevitable) decline...Lundqvist has 742 career regular season games under his belt, along with 128 playoff games...over his last six seasons, he's averaged a tick over 71 GP per season. And he's getting paid handsomely over the next four seasons, which makes it a lot harder to bail on him if he's struggling; also, if he gets hurt or slumps badly enough, there's no Talbot or Raanta to turn to's now Pavalec...he of the 39 starts and .901 save% the past two years. Raanta was at .921 as a Ranger (44 starts), and Talbot .931 (53 starts over the prior 2 seasons). Ranger fans got VERY spoiled by the level of play from their backups...they got, on average, about 24 starts of mostly stellar play from those two...they went 60-29-9 in their games. No one can tell me that their goaltending won't see a serious downgrade from the previous four seasons. Maybe Lundqvist can somehow buck the odds and come close to what he was at his peak, but nothing really suggests that the Rangers should count on that. They should continue to be a playoff team for the foreseeable future, but it's hard to see them doing much more than getting to the second round now. They're kind of on the other side of the mountain now...just feels like they had their shot to win their Cup and simply couldn't do it.