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  1. No thanks to Ryan. Guy has been extremely ordinary for several seasons now. And getting paid way too much money to boot.
  2. Hard to believe the Devils are sort of in the WC conversation for the moment (don't see them staying there, as the schedule is about to turn brutal again before much longer). But somehow they are, in spite of everything. Cory's season save% now up to .914. Anyone still think he's complacent and needs to be pushed? Sometimes guys can have a rotten couple of months or even a lousy season. Doesn't automatically mean that they don't care or are somehow less motivated. Derek, your last post to SH is exactly why it inevitably seems to go wrong for you was always starting with the cheap shots (which leads to the inevitable meltdown/I'm outta here/I come back in peace and am a changed man cycle). And enough with the links to your blog's starting to feel a bit desperate. If anything, I would suggest starting a thread where you post links to your (and fellow contributors') articles, if it's that important to you. But SH is right, Has is fully capable of posting his own links to his articles. And a Ranger fan starting a GDT at 1:09 am in the morning on a Devils site...did you really think that wouldn't aggravate someone?
  3. I pretty much think they're already there...I just don't trust them to be consistent enough to do enough to nab a playoff berth, even if they did manage to sweep the Isles. But yeah, anything less than four points this weekend removes ALL doubt about what Shero should do at the deadline.
  4. Same old Devils...every time that they look like they just might have a chance to make things a little interesting, they have a game like this. Just not much of a surprise anymore when this happens. Oh well.
  5. Cam is Cam does...destined to disappoint, either due to injuries that take away from his more productive seasons, or due to less production that you're hoping for. Just a guy that's impossible to count on. But yeah, goes back to the same thing...who's that obvious candidate to take his place? Hope he plays well enough and picks it up through the end of the season or the deadline, and then see what you can get for him. Probably not a ton of course.
  6. And wow, the refs once again try to fvck the Devils. Of course they do.
  7. One of these "I really hate this fvcking team" kind of nights. So aggravating.
  8. Damn MITB...that was hucking filarious!
  9. This is what happens when you have extra rounds in the playoffs now. But they could probably shave a week or so off spring. Even the players admit that they get sick of waiting for the season to start during the last 10 games or so of the spring season.
  10. Hard to believe, but: Pitchers and catchers tomorrow. Full squad 2/17. First full squad workout 2/19. First spring game 2/24. And the season starts off pretty home-heavy for the Mets...41 of their first 69 games will be played at home...only 40 out of their remaining 93 games will be played in their own building. Gotta get off to a good start.
  11. I'm usually one of the more optimistic fans out there (one of the reasons that I pointed to the "easier" schedule coming up once the Devils got through that brutal stretch), but there's nothing wrong with tempering optimism with realism. One doesn't have to be over-the-top positive for the sake of doing so. The Devils have a point% above .500. They are NOT a game over .500, as far as wins and losses go. They've won 23 games and lost 32 (sure, 10 of the losses came after regulation, but they're still losses). They're pretty damned close to last place, though to be fair, there isn't that true bottom-feeder in the East, like in the West. From a pure mathematical standpoint, everyone in the East is still kind of in it. As far as the "five points out of a playoff spot" argument goes...sure, that's what the standings say, but that team (the Leafs) has a game in hand on the Devils. There's also four teams ahead of them in the standings. Unfortunately in that situation, it can feel like it's impossible to move up with any real significance, even with a nice little 6 or 7 game burst...the 2010-11 Devils found this out when they started to get closer. If you want to play the pure optimist's card (and I'm not saying I'm completely against that), then I think it's fair to set a probable playoff cut-off point total, as far as points for the season goes, and shoot for that. Right now, the Leafs are on pace for 93 points. So let's say 94 gets the Devils in, just to pick a number. That means the Devils need 38 points over their final 27 games...that means a point% of .704 from here on out. That's a record of 19-8-0, 17-8-2, 16-7-4, etc. So there you go, as far as a goal. Here's what the Devils will need to have even a remote chance of that happening (among other things, though these are the ones I would hope for): Cory to leave November and December further and further in the dust (basically be a .930+ guy through the rest of the season). Zacha to both continue AND expedite his progress. Henrique and Palms to flirt with 30 goals each on the season (yes, they'll both have to get very hot to do this). And for the D-men who are making us all crazy (we know who they are) to stop doing that. If all of the above happens, then it's going to be one exciting stretch run for sure. As far as "pure positives" go for this season...glad to see a 19-year-old Zacha stay with the big club and show progress, glad to see Santini with the big club as well, happy for Cory in that he's recovered from two of the roughest months of his career, and glad that Taylor Hall is here.
  12. NJDFan1711...I'm a huge Patriots fan, and it's not like the Pats took Brady thinking that he would wind up becoming the best QB of his era. For one, they weren't even sure whether they were going to take Brady or Tim Rattay with that pick, which tells you plenty. For another, it took the $100 million man in Bledsoe getting hurt for Brady to get his shot, and the fact that Bledsoe suffered such a serious injury (guaranteed to keep him sidelined for a long time) was extremely beneficial to Brady, in that he got needed game experience and was able to grow more comfortable and confident with each passing week; if Bledsoe had suffered a minor injury and is only out 2-4 weeks, maybe he gets another shot to keep his job. Basically, the point of the above is fleshing out what Tri said about him...lots of luck involved. No one takes a guy 199th overall and thinks he's just drafted one of the greats. If everyone thought he had that kind of potential at the time, he gets scooped up a lot earlier than the 6th round. As far as trying/not trying, here's how I break it down: The PLAYERS should be giving their all as much as humanly possible (and there's always going to be that handful of games where they're not feeling it or are simply gassed). They're paid to play, not to purposely tank games or mail it in until the next season. Not like anyone here has earned any passes anyway. It's obviously a different story with the front office. Shero has to know that there is no reason to prop up this team with any right now/Band-Aid deals to try to get them to squeak into the playoffs. They're not ready and it gets reiterated quite clearly during games like last night's. I agree 100% with Tri in that I think this team does try most of the time, but the talent just isn't there, and as a result, losses are inevitable...and we might as well keep track of where they might draft (and how teams winning around them could help their position). So I think Shero needs to deal PA Parenteau, Cam (if at all possible), and not worry if any other deals he makes for the future make the Devils a worse team right now. I saw last season's team luck and overachieve its way into more points than it should've had...I don't need to see that again. As I said before, not saying they should all quit trying (especially on the ice), just that the organization shouldn't do anything to try to make anything more happen with any short-term fixes. Keep racking up the picks and pieces for the future.
  13. You ain't missing a thing. Don't bother.
  14. Yet another fugly reminder game. Not like we haven't seen this before. There's just some teams that the Devils seem to be incapable of competing with.
  15. A Patrik Elias ceremony (complete with jersey retirement) carefully planned out will be as great as Marty's jersey retirement. That one was awesome. Something hastily thrown together will likely turn into Ken Daneyko Day, Part Deux. No thanks to that. Next season will be just fine. Wouldn't mind if it was in mid-October or so, where the days are still somewhat long and you could actually have some solid outdoor pregame festivities.