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  1. Yeah, took some more sh!t going wrong for him to get this latest opportunity, but at least he's actually doing something with it. I'll admit it, I didn't think he'd even manage this much...not that any of us can buy into him any time soon.
  2. You know that you're truly awful when a dead-man walking team like the Mets curb-stomps you in a three-game sweep. A lot of bats got to fatten up their numbers this weekend...guess we'll see if they can actually carry any momentum into the Marlins series.
  3. Didn't see that one...the one I read was a transcript of an interview with the press. Would've been a lot more awkward if Kathryn had asked Nolan that same exact question had he been taken by the Devils...yikes! Meh, so maybe he wanted to be a Flyer more than a Devil. Not like too many kids grow up dreaming of playing for the Devils...especially a kid whose dad and uncle both played for the Rangers. He's just another player to me now anyway...the guy the Devils took seems genuinely thrilled to be here, so that's plenty good enough for me.
  4. Not sure what interview the OP referenced, but in the one I read, Nolan was asked something like "After the first pick was announced, what were you thinking?", to which he replied "I hope I go second!" (makes sense). He also said it wasn't like he was ticked at the Devils for not taking him, and wasn't using that as any added motivation...he's actually become good friends with Nico and said that he was happy for him. I think Nolan would've been fine with the Devils drafting him if it had gone that way...even if he had said something implying that he didn't really want to come here (sure not seeing it), so what? He's a friggin' KID and kids as much as anyone can get caught up in a moment and not watch every last word that comes out of their mouths. It won't be long before he'll sound as prepared and rehearsed as 90% of professional athletes do. Anyway, let's go Devils, very happy with Nico.
  5. John Smoltz for pitching coach...might as well, now that he's doing Dan "The Solution" Warthen's job for him. Great to see deGrom turning his season around...nice to have SOMETHING positive to talk about. Giants are really a whole higher level of awful right now...good lord.
  6. Richard Matvichuk is his coach...really raved about him:
  7. Somehow this just feels "right", and I thought they would take Nolan. Wish we could skip ahead to Nico's NHL debut. Very excited to see this kid "love to hockey"...hope it goes a lot better than ''this is team", Funny hearing both of those guys talking about putting weight on...I remember being that age and being skinny as hell (I'm 6' 1" and after a bout of mono was down to 139 lbs at one point...once I recovered I was up to 155ish, but was still very slim...the doctor actually said "Eat whatever you want, doesn't matter at this point, just eat.") I was constantly saying to myself "Man, I wish I wasn't so friggin' skinny!". Now I'm about 225...much of it is muscle, but not all (36" waist), and if I slack off with my weight training, diet, and aerobic exercise, I start inching towards 240 very easily...I pretty much HAVE to stick with my regimen to stay in the 220-225 range. Kinda makes me miss the days when I dreamed of weighing 170 or so...
  8. Re: his defense, it wouldn't surprise me if the Mets handled this in their usual half-assed buffoonish kind of way. Kinda what they do. I could see why he's pissed...but at the same time, he's gotta realize that he's been very shaky at the SS position this season...that's just not debatable. Of course just about everyone who batted for the Mets last night (including the fvcking PITCHER) had at least one hit, except for Nimmo (0 for 1 as a PH), and...drum roll...Jose fvcking Reyes. Cabrera's probably not happy about that either: "You mean that fvcking guy who's done next to nothing all season long just gets to keep playing my position no matter what?! Can he actually hit his fvcking weight first?! Goddamn..."
  9. I haven't bought a jersey in several years...came VERY close to buying a red Kovy during the SCF, but that was it. I think I haven't bothered because I rarely wear jerseys outside of going to games, and I really enjoy wearing the ones from my "select" group (and all are still in tremendous shape). What's kind of funny is that these new jerseys are making me want to start adding to the stable again, but with older jerseys...I think I'm going to add either a white classic (would love a Johnny Mac) or an "old" red and black (not sure who yet). Very much this, I think the new jerseys need equipment and shoulder pads underneath them to look "right" (or as right as they're ever going to). The shoulder yoke on Nico in the pics I've seen so far just seems very off...the whole thing does...the elements just aren't coming together, and the pic that SH posted seals the deal for me in that regard...I wish I could learn to like these things, but I can' least they'll look a little better on the players. Can only hope that there's something to MD2020's post. I'll say this much...if the Devils ever did undo this disaster in a season or less, fans will absolutely fall in love with these owners...there's something to be said for an ownership that simply says "We heard you, we understand, we're sorry, we'll fix this." That would buy a ton of goodwill with fans who still aren't sure what to make of this new regime.
  10. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give the reds a 3 and the whites a 6. The problem I have is that they're replacing 10s. But I'll live with them for the next couple of least they left the logo alone...they could've gone full retard and ditched the logo for an actual devil. At the least the line was drawn somewhere.
  11. Some pretty funny responses in there.
  12. Better than the reds for sure.
  13. Yeah sure seems like it.
  14. I already hate Lias Andersson.
  15. Thanks Asdrubal, you were terrific last season all-around, but you've been lousy at SS this year. Get over yourself. Adios.
  16. Gotta admit, for some reason I thought the Devils were taking Patrick (not based on anything in particular, just a feeling)...not that I'm at all disappointed that they didn't. Welcome to NJ Nico...can't wait to see you do your thing for the NEW JERSEY DEVILS!
  17. All four of my e-bay jersey transactions have been remarkably smooth on e-bay...and out of nearly 200 overall, only one or two didn't go well. Yeah, doesn't pay to go in full-barrel unless the seller is truly screwing ya. That hasn't happened to me yet.
  18. Heh heh, good one. Actually (and quite sadly) I was nine...born 6/24/1970, will be 47 as of tomorrow...or as I see it, 50 - 3. Dammit.
  19. Trevor something or other, IIRC. He had sold a Brodeur jersey on e-bay that he had customized himself (I put in a bid but lost), so I contacted him and asked him if he would do mine...very nice guy, did my Brodeur and a Driver for someone else...both came out awesome. I had one of those Starter blacks, back in the 90s...made the one-time mistake of having it dry-cleaned...the chest logo shriveled up like a prune. Won't ever do THAT sh!t again. Man, glad that all worked out so well! Pretty cool that he was willing to go the extra mile to make it up to you.
  20. I wonder if Ramage was the undisputed consensus #1 pick that season, or if that was Colorado botching the pick? I do know from what I've seen that he was expected to go high in that draft...just not sure if it was #1 overall high.
  21. Sweet find mfitz. I have a knockoff classic white from a company called Athletic's actually very surprisingly well-made and has aged very well...found in a guy in Canada who did a bang-up job authenticating fonts, so he made my jersey a #29's already about 10 years old or so. I still wear it when I actually go to games...for me, it's pretty much my Y2K red Daneyko, classic Brodeur, my home or away Rockies Resch, or white Scouts Paiement, as far as stuff that gets worn. I have several others that I just never seem to wear anymore, for some reason: Blue Rockies McDonald (along with a second one with McDonald misspelled "MacDonald"...I was going to re-name plate it to Lever, just never got around to it), red preseason game-worn Kevin Dean, white Gilmour (this one's a little beat up compared to the others), black Albany River Rats Ahonen (one of a kind...they wore them for community events only), and a blank white Rockies (was going to make this a #16 Malinowski, just never did). I keep telling myself that I should sell the ones I don't wear, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it.
  22. Are you gonna eat dat...OH MY GOD...
  23. Well it's the right mentality for sure. Get what you can without getting completely fleeced, and call it a day. 2018 here we come. And no being stupid Sandy...chances are you're not going to sign most of these guys anyway, so don't pull a fvcking Justin Turner this time...get something back. I don't need to see these guys for a few more months on a dead team...hell, until some of the current crop is moved, I won't be watching all that much anyway. I'm not missing anything. Anyway, the lineup I'd like to see when the dust settles (can obviously change depending on what the Mets get back): OF - Cespedes, Conforto, TJ Rivera/Lagares/whatevs 1B - Smith 2B - Cecchini SS - Rosario 3B - Flores C - Anyone but d'Arnaud As much as I hate the idea, I'll suck up having Reyes around for the rest of 2017, as infield flexibility, if it comes to that.
  24. I remember someone giving me and my girlfriend at the time freebies to the final 1992-93 preseason game...for some reason (can't remember why) I assumed that they'd be wearing the red and blacks, which is the main reason I went (that was the first and last preseason Devils game I've been to)...I was so bummed when they were still in their red and greens. When I saw the red and blacks for the first time, I was blown away...just felt like a solid evolution at the time, just "right". Yeah, I'm always on the lookout for a font-correct "classic" jersey too (there's two different fonts: the first was narrower, the second more bold). I prefer the Xmas whites over the Xmas reds when given a choice, mostly because I always thought the Xmas red sleeves never looked quite right...the upper white stripe border always looked like a misplaced piece of tape to me.
  25. Yeah, guess I just flat-out missed it.