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  1. As much as I don't believe in him or trust him, it's really hard at this point to say that Montero hasn't earned a shot to start the season with the big club (whatever his role may be). I also just can't see any reason to send him back to Vegas...seems like that would be a disaster waiting to happen, unless he's basically told "Just keep throwing strikes and don't worry about the results."
  2. Well, at least d'Arnaud is hitting...and he'd better, because he's still a defensive zilch behind the plate...base stealers are now 12-for-12 against him. I think we pretty much have to take an "anything that Harvey and Wheeler give the Mets is bonus" approach to this season, because I'm expecting next to nothing from both of them. In Wheeler's case, since he was only slated for 110 IP or so, I don't consider that a big deal. With Harvey, it's going to hurt, and it's going to be same thing after each meh-to-poor start: my mechanics were off, blah blah blah. If this were deGrom in this situation, I'd be more optimistic because I think deGrom has bulldog in him. I don't think Harvey has that same battle and fight mentality. The above aside, I'm excited for the season to get underway. I actually believe that the Mets can overcome a lousy Harvey if they have to. I just hope they can hit enough. This offense has maddeningly frustrating written all over it.
  3. Can't watch much Devils hockey right now (I'm in Aruba), but very happy for the team and the Devils fans in attendance. Don't know if anyone saw Blandisi's postgame comments, but apparently he and Q are the best of buds. This game was clearly a blast for them...thrilled for both of them. Hope they enjoy the moment, in a season of so few enjoyable moments. And screw the Rangers and their dipsh!t fanbase. Really look forward to the days when we won't have to live for (technically) "meaningless" highlights in dreadful seasons like this. Keep playing the kids...don't need to see Cam take so much as another shift this year (and hopefully never again as a Devil, though I think he'll be back...and if that's the case, hopefully he's got something approaching 2015-16 left in him).
  4. Reading through this thread, and there's definitely some falsehoods: Cory was a fine #1 in the two seasons prior to this one. Not his fault that he was stuck on bad teams. He has clearly been up and down this year. He's had extended stretches where he's been just as good of a puckstopper as he's ever been. He's also had stretches where pucks just keep finding holes, at an alarming rate. It's been an odd year for him, and clearly not a good one overall. And he's not a kid anymore (though not old either). Right now I'm in the "Isolated meh year" camp. This has been an awful season for the Devils and I think it's affecting just about everyone, including the fanbase...who are not happy about the state of the team, and want to assess blame. It's easy to point to an inconsistent Schneider, but he's just one of many problems in 2016-2017. I absolutely still think he can bounce any rate, like others have mentioned, his value is down, and who knows how much demand there really is at the moment anyway. This just doesn't feel like the right time to discuss trading him. Derek, re: Brodeur, here's how you evaluate him: one of the greats, no doubt. Freakishly durable. Insanely long peak (but not awesome year in and year out...I'll explain). Often able to make the big save in the big moment, and capable of raising his game (he did this on multiple occasions during the playoffs, especially during his team's Cup wins). And of course, he was the best puck-handling goalie the league has ever seen. He had a four-year period where he was pretty average overall, and it came during two of his team's memorable playoff runs. In 2000, he was able to raise his game come playoff time like I mentioned, and really was excellent (possibly his only true run of sustained excellence in those four seasons). In 2001, much as I REALLY hate to criticize Brodeur too much for anything, he was simply not good during the regular season OR those playoffs. He was propped up by a franchise that had put its best-ever team together, and that team was often having to overcome him...hard as it is to believe, goaltending was a weak spot on that team (especially when Terreri was still there). On a team that good, a goalie having a meh year is going to still rack up a lot of wins. Crazy as it sounds, the post-lockout version of Brodeur on that squad would've helped them win the Cup, probably easily. While there were other issues with the 2001 team (peaking too early, etc), Brodeur was a big culprit as to why they didn't get it done...especially when his play declined from meh-ish/inconsistent to downright awful in the 2001 SCF (.860ish save% during the Finals, and he looked every bit as off as that number suggests). Outside of his decline seasons, I'd say the 2000-01 season might have been his worst overall, but that team's excitement factor and overall success (despite not winning the Cup) overshadows that. What makes Brodeur Brodeur was that he was able to be (for the most part) consistently above average, with a number of elite seasons sprinkled in, for a very long time. He showed that he still flourish even when the big names on defense retired or left...though it's wrong to say he was always elite season in and season out, it's also wrong to say his career was purely a result of a killer defense (as his detractors often do..."duuuuuh, he only faces 14 shots a game, blah blah blah...").
  5. We get it love fvcking us every fvcking chance you get, but you don't have to wear spiked condoms as you do it. Enough.
  6. This is like getting miffed about a fringe former major-leaguer who did very little for your team (maybe hit a home run here and there), because you later saw that guy hit a 450-ft moonshot grand slam in AA ball somewhere. Yeah, in the end, he just wasn't good enough to hack it in the NHL long-term. Good for him that he found work elsewhere, but I couldn't be less interested in anything that he's doing now.
  7. I hate most Ranger fans considerably more, for the reasons you just stated. The whole "We lost so now we're gonna show YOU" end-of-game crap that the Flyers have been pulling on the ice for years is what I was objecting to, more than anything Flyer fan-related. The Devils are a bad team, and the Flyers are a slightly less bad team, neither team is playoff-bound, and the Devils beat them pretty good...just take it, instead of pulling the "now we're REALLY mad" BS.
  8. Deb kind of looks like a Hanson brother from the side. Never noticed that before.
  9. Same old Phaggot end-of-game bullsh!t. The players change but that sh!t franchise never does. When is Leisure Suit Night at Wells Fargo? You know, wear the same leisure suit you wore the last time the Failures won a Cup. fvck those little scumbags.
  10. I don't think you can lump Hightower into that group...I think the Jets AND Steelers handled this one right, in that they gave it a good shot, but they weren't going to be participants in Hightower's "Let me see if I can use your offer to get a little more money out of the Pats, the only team that I really want to play for" their credit, both franchises basically said "If you're serious about joining our team, then sign right here, right now. Don't take our offer back to your old team." I get that there's technically nothing wrong with doing that, as players and agents do it all of the time, but at least the Jets and Steelers were smart enough (in this case) to not allow themselves to be used. Apparently both teams dropped out when Hightower left the building. They saw through the BS. The market wound up being pretty soft for Hightower for a reason...sure, Hightower's shopping around worked a little, in that he was able to get some more money out of the Pats (supposedly they had offered about $10 million per year on a potential extension before last season, but Hightower wanted to test the market)...but probably not as much as he thought...and a big part of the reason for that was the Jets' and Steelers' outright refusal to get into bidding wars.
  11. More meh pitching from Harvey. Gotta wonder if he even sticks in the rotation this year. If he's performing like he did last season, he can't be a lock to take a turn every fifth day. Especially with the Mets having some rotational depth.
  12. Nothing can EVER be simple with the Mets. Only this team.
  13. If you're saying that Larsson isn't flashy or has any one big skill that stands out, OK...and I know this number has its flaws, but Larsson was a +15 last season (though it's fair to point out Cammalleri was too, in a lot less games), and he's a +17 this season (both compared very well to his teammates). The non-flashy "rock" guys can contribute too, in different ways. Again, the Oilers clearly needed a solid, steady defenseman, and it looks like Larsson can be that, for many years. He doesn't have the upside of a guy like Hall, and you can argue that Edmonton should've gotten something else along with Larsson in that trade, but at least the Oilers dealt from depth to fill a need...of course, once you luck into a guy like McDavid, it opens up other overpaying to get Larsson. But at least the guy the Oilers got has helped them, and like you noted, he's not hurting them.
  14. Agreed...almost like they were saying "OK, let's do this, let's commit to a rebui...wait, maybe if we throw a bunch of coin and some cupcakes at Hightower, we can get him?" If you're Hightower, you've got to wonder what the plan is...even if it turns out that the Jets will be the team offering the most money (and as we've seen, sometimes that's more than enough to get a player to sign with any given team).
  15. This could be the next "Dewey Defeats Truman", in that no one else is reporting Hightower re-signing with the Pats except for this source:’a-hightower-spurns-jets’-cupcakes-re-signs-with-the-patriots/ar-AAonTws?OCID=ansmsnnews11 Apparently he's still mulling it over. That being said, it makes sense for the Jets to sign him if they truly think he can help their team beyond 2017, and also give them a little credibility right now. Bad teams need that first piece, that guy who can not only turn things around with his ability, but his presence among his teammates...but even then, unless a huge influx of new talent comes in, that guy isn't going to make a huge results difference on his own. That's why you have to be convinced that Hightower can still be Hightower in 2018 and possibly 2019. Or even later. Just hard to tell how long it will be before the Jets are ready to contend, as it's hard to tell if they're truly embracing a rebound or are one or two moves away from going back into "right now" mode. If the Jets bring in Hightower just to try to get to NE (and think that it will weaken them to the point where the Jets will be able to cash in), then they're definitely doing it for the wrong reasons.
  16. Yeah, noticed the bolded immediately. I didn't realize it was that old already! I have yet to wear it.
  17. Damn this is pretty funny...and very true! I guess that makes me irregular? I definitely have a fair amount of Devils stuff, including about 10 jerseys (Scouts, Rockies, and Devils), though only one game-worn courtesy of DM84...correct me if I'm wrong DM, but is that Kevin Dean jersey you traded me for the M&N Ramage a preseason game-worn? It's been so long I honestly don't remember! I have mostly photos with some giveaways sprinkled in, but other stuff as well (new old stock KC Scouts pennant, mini-Brodeur goalie mask, etc). Every now and then we have to have something serviced in the storage room (boiler is in there, among other things), and you have to go through my cave to get there...pretty much everyone who sees it for the first time utters some variation of "So I guess you're kind of a serious Devils fan?" I guess the massive red wall with all of the Devils stuff kind of gives it away. I guess as long as I'm not made to look like any more of a whack job than I already am, I guess there are worse things I could be involved in. Sounds like it could be cool. Thanks for the endorsements! Here's a link to a thread with pics of my cave...there's some slight differences (there's now a second arcade game to the left of the Pac-Man's Arcade Party, I bought a different Jagr dispenser, and Marty has since been added to the retirement wall), but this is pretty much how it looks):
  18. Not saying that Shero shouldn't have made the deal...under the circumstances and this team's needs, he absolutely should have. He had to take that chance. Just saying that Hall may ultimately not be as productive as we hope, and really NEED him to be. And that losing Larsson hurt more than we'd like to admit. Hopefully Shero can find someone to complement Hall sooner than later.
  19. He's had a bafflingly low shooting% for roughly half a season's worth of games...REALLY hope that's isolated, but his shooting%s have been meh-ish in recent years.
  20. Based on you declaring as such? Larsson is helping the Oilers, even if he's not a big glamour numbers offensive numbers guy...they needed a good, young defenseman, and Larsson has been good for them...they paid for it, but it's not like they're missing Hall much, if at all. Like we've noted, Hall hasn't had great puck luck this season, but his shooting%s haven't really been anything special the past two seasons prior to this one. Hall was brought in to help the Devils evolve and make a difference, and this top-line forward (yes, he should be that) isn't really doing that. Obviously it's not all on him, as guys like Cory Schneider being up and down and trainwrecks like Killjoy have nothing to do with him, and we've seen some moments from Hall (enough where I'm far from giving up on him), but for you to declare in classic "because I'm Tri" fashion that the Devils already won this deal in a landslide is just wrong. And that's been my point since the deal was made...not that it was ever a mistake to make it, not that Shero shouldn't have done it, just that this deal could turn out to be a lot better for Edmonton than many thought.
  21. The 1983-84 Devils lost 18 out of 19 games early in their season (on the way to a 2-20-0 start). The Scouts and Rockies had some pretty putrid stretches as well...the 1975-76 Scouts won exactly ONE game in their final 44 games. You'd think that they would've won at least five or so almost by accident.
  22. Sure hasn't been a fleece job in Year 1. I'll give you that Hall hasn't always been lucky this season (the metrics crowd always falls back on the luck factor), but face it Tri, that deal didn't turn out to be the instant slam dunk no-brainer you and others thought it would be. The Devils miss Larsson, and Hall may not be the true impact player we all hoped for. But like I've said, I still would've taken the risk, and you can't judge a deal on one's not fair. Still at least three seasons to go.
  23. I was at that one too (the Kovy flub). He was really starting to hear it at that point. I don't think he could've gotten off to a much worse start that season, given his abilities.
  24. The bolded: exactly, no harm intended. It's been a long year here, and the "blank-and-counting" currently losing streak that the team is on is only making the season seem that much longer and then some. All we have left is humor. My mommy's maiden name was Holahan, so there's some Irish in there. I'm a mutt in general though. As far as the state of the team...the crash and burn was inevitable...the team was terrific for a long time, then "merely" competitive (though it did have a fun surprise run in them in 2012), but like many GMs do near the end of a prosperous run (including many great ones), the Devils' GM at the time (Lou Lamoriello) tried to keep an increasingly leaky ship afloat, but it finally succumbed. And since the beginnings of a true rebuild didn't really start until last season, this will take a while to get righted. This is becoming Shero's team now, and the good news is that I think he's going to at least try his best to expedite the process a bit...partly because of the presence of Schneider and Hall. Schneider's prime years are rapidly passing us by, and Hall is only signed for three years beyond this one. Schneider desperately wants to be part of the solution (based on his quotes), and I'm sure Hall is not only tired of losing, but can't be thrilled with the "See, the Oilers are better off without you" viewpoint some might take...after this season, he's a UFA in three years. I think Shero sees these guys as key players on the "new" Devils (he made a big deal to get Hall in the first place, giving up a rising young cost-controlled defenseman with the Devils having iffy depth at that position), but with Cory about to turn 31 and Hall signed for only three more seasons, Shero doesn't have forever to make this happen. Hopefully we can target 2018-19 as a realistic season to start thinking playoffs. And hopefully next season can at least see March having some meaning, playoff berth or not.
  25. Great find MD2020. I don't really have any issues with anything Shero's done so far...I think Hall might be overrated, and that trade clearly wasn't the fleece-job that many made it out to be initially, but the Devils needed a skilled forward in the worst way, and those guys are very hard to get...especially for a team like the Devils, which had very little to give back. Shero did a good job "just" to give up only Larsson, and no other assets. And though it's already been brought up, I get why he's gone the Penguin Dollar Store route to this point, but enough with that. Just doesn't seem to be working out much.