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  1. Anyway, since I guess this thread is supposed to be about the AFC and NFC Championship games: Feels more and more like it's Aaron Rodgers' year. He'll find a way to will his team to a win in Atlanta. I think Pittsburgh will score some points and make the Pats' D look as vulnerable as it usually is...I think the Steelers score at least 24 points, probably more. It's really more can the Steelers' D stop Brady & Co? There will be a lot of scary moments for the Patriots in this game (I can see Big Ben leading a game-winning drive that just comes up a little bit short), but I think they'll ultimately do enough to get to the Super Bowl. Can't say I will be that surprised if the Steelers win though.
  2. Tomlin's comments themselves aren't the problem at all...he didn't say or do anything wrong, as far as I'm concerned, and the Pats probably couldn't care less about his comments...none of this stuff is going to make any difference come game-time. It's what Brown did that was just such a d!ck move.
  3. It's just too hard to say right now...all depends on draft picks/position, if the young D can improve and stick...and just like no one really saw Larsson-for-Hall coming, Shero might have another surprise deal or two up his sleeve. Also curious to see if Shero starts exploring free agency and higher-tier free agents...the Devils do have money to spend (though to be fair I have no idea who the appealing UFAs-to-be are). One thing I think we can safely say though is Shero is never going to try to buy his way out of this with 2 or 3 splashy free agent signings. I think if there's a relatively young upper-tier guy out there who Shero might have to overpay but seems like a good fit, he'd make an attempt to sign him.
  4. If I'm Tomlin, I'm beyond furious with Antonio Brown; hell, everyone in the franchise should be furious with Antonio Brown. That had no business leaving the lockerroom.
  5. Something you have to keep in mind: lumping the end of Lou's era into the beginning of Shero's is unfair, as far as the current run of futility goes. Lou kept Band-Aiding his team (and the owners allowed him to) and he didn't seem like he was ever going to tear it down. Shero is clearly not going that route (obviously a very good thing), but when you think about it, how long has Shero had to do any rebuilding? Just like the Devils didn't get here overnight, they're not going to get out of this overnight either. What's unfortunate is that the young defensemen who we were hoping would pan out have so far turned in mixed results, and one of them (Gelinas) is already history. Hope it's different with Santini. I think people sometimes forget how little Shero's inherited.
  6. A lot of it is going to come down to Cory...he's capable of sustained .930+ save% runs, and that's what this team is going to need to have any outside shot at squeaking into a playoff berth. Cory pretty much used up all of his slump time in November and December...he needs to be dynamite from here on out. Agree on the offense, it is what it is, and I don't see it getting much better (though it probably will a little). Santini has helped on D in his short time here...obviously, a big reason the Devils are 4-2-2 in their last 8 games is that they're suddenly giving up a lot less goals (take out the two empty-netters given up in the 3-0 Panther loss, and the Devils have only allowed 13 goals in those 8 games). But that seems more flukey than anything else. Right now, Ottawa is on pace for a 96-point season. Just to pick a number, I'll go with 95 points as a Wild Card cutoff point. Devils would need 50 points in their final 37 games to pull that off...basically, 25-12-0, 24-11-2, 23-10-4, etc. Just doesn't seem doable...this still feels like a low-80s point total kind of team. And Shero should definitely sell on PA Parenteau (he couldn't be a better rental), and if he gets really lucky, Cammarelli as well. But yeah, as far this trip is concerned, the Minnesota game is gravy. I would've taken a split on this trip. What I'm hoping for now is that Minnesota doesn't make the Devils look as bad as so many other of the better teams do...but damn, the Wild have been beastly lately: 17-1-1 in their last 19 GP, 74 GF, 41 GA...basically one of those games where if the Devils get whupped 5-1 or something like that, you just accept that these Devils aren't ready to compete with a team like that, and move on.
  7. In fairness, I can't lump this latest Dallas playoff loss in with some of the Romo-era failures...the kid played well at QB, and they did fight hard to come back, after being buried early. Rodgers and his receiver had to make an insane play just to set up a long FG try. Green Bay played just that little bit better and deserved to win, so give them all the credit in the world for pulling it out. This one wasn't a choke-job for the Cowboys. Green Bay will be an awful matchup for NE if the Patriots get there (I think the Steelers can absolutely beat the Pats...still a lot of doubters as to whether NE's D is for real, as they've been facing a lot of shaky QBs and offenses). I think the Pats could win a shootout against the Falcons, but they gotta get there first. Starting to feel like this might be Green Bay's (and Aaron Rodgers') year. Feels like Rodgers is tired of people who started knocking him a little earlier this season, and is on a serious mission to get another ring. Check out both Rodgers' and Brady's TD-to-INT ratio since 2008 (Rodgers' first season as a fulltime starter): Rodgers: 135 GP, 296 TD, 71 INT Brady: 125 GP, 256 TD, 66 INT (if I throw in Brady's final 10 games of the 2007 season to even out the sample from a pure GP standpoint, then the numbers go up to 285 TD and 72 INT). Pretty outrageous stuff, though like I've always said, as terrific as both of these guys are (as are some of their peers, like Big Ben and Brees, to name two), the numbers in this era have just gotten goofy.
  8. Well, NHL-.500 anyway, though as I learned last year, apparently some have their own interpretation of what NHL-.500 actually is. But the Devils now have a .500 point%. The "incredible" stat is why I can't take the Devils seriously...they just have such a hell of a time putting pucks in the net. It's SUCH a struggle for them most nights. And the standings show why anyone who's saying "Well the Devils are only 5 points out with a game in hand on the Flyers!" isn't reading the standings properly (not accusing anyone here specifically of doing this, but I'm sure some fans already thinking the Devils are somehow in a playoff hunt). Ottawa is three points up with four games in hand, and Carolina is four points up with two games in hand. Anyway, happy to see the Devils go 5-3-2 in their last 10 (they can probably hover around a .500 point% for a while or even go a bit above that with the easier schedule), and especially to see Cory putting up a .940 save% for January. Still a ways to go for him to make this an overall respectable season (his .910 save% ranks 29th among qualifiers), but gotta start somewhere.
  9. No. Greene is a player, not part of the coaching staff. I think people over-romanticize the idea of what a captain really is. Not all of them are making endless stirring speeches and constantly leading by example. I think part of the reason Greene got the job was due to longevity and relative durability...he's one of very few guys who's been here for a long time. A bit of captain-by-default. But Scott Stevens himself wouldn't get much more out of this group than what they've done to date. Team is what it is. They need better players.
  10. I would call that WIN WIN!
  11. Mine was just too spent tonight to tune in...but as I was kissing her goodnight, she said "Tell me as soon as I wake up if they won!" I made it through the first period, then pretty much passed out. Sad, 10-12 years ago I would've been going out at the time that I went to sleep. It's funny...I remember finding out that we were going to have a baby girl (that's actually what I wanted), and wondering what she would be like as she grew up...and yeah, one of the many things I pictured was her watching Devils hockey with seemed so far away at the time. I've taken her to games and she saw others on TV prior to this year, but this is really the first season that she's really not only getting hockey, but taking a much more active interest in it. It's more awesome than I ever could've imagined, on all levels. Glad the Devils won...after this road trip is over, Devils get 12 out of 16 games at home. Not expecting them to go too crazy, but that's favorable as the schedule is going to get.
  12. I gotta admit...spending so much time with my little girl, watching these games, seeing my daughter catching on to the nuances of hockey (and LIKING it)...that's made it a lot easier to keep tuning in. She can't wait to watch the Devils with me. I love every minute of it. Nice Palms!
  13. The refs just can't wait to fvck us these days. Getting really fvcking old.
  14. Sandy taking care of some potential arbitration candidates, in addition to Wheeler: Lucas Duda (bleech): 1 year, $7.25 million Addison Reed: 1 year, $7.75 million Jeurys Familia: 1 year, $7.425 million Josh Edgin: no detailed info, but is said to have settled Travis d'Arnaud: 1 year, $1.875 million So looks like deGrom, Harvey, and Flores are all going to arbitration. deGrom and Harvey settle. Flores the only Met going to arbitration...Flores wants $2.2 million, Mets offering $1.8 million.
  15. I agree, if I'm Cory I'm probably wondering about possibly playing for a better team, but sometimes these guys surprise you. Not everyone craves playing for a contender first and foremost...not saying that is the case with Cory, but sometimes other considerations (a player not wanting to move or uproot his family, etc) that most fans don't really think about sometimes come into play. And some of these guys really do want to slog through the lean years and be a part of the improvement process, or are simply that loyal.
  16. Trading Hall this quickly is REALLY throwing in the towel too soon. Right now, the Devils need young pieces, and Hall is one of them. If they're still looking hopeless in three years, they can move Hall as he's heading into his walk year. If Cory was younger, I would feel the same way...of course, he has a no-trade, so any trade talk about Cory might be a waste of time.
  17. Hall is still young enough that he can be part of the solution...he's only 25. Plenty of good years left in him.
  18. At least Cory is starting to come around. But all that will lead to is the Devils being less bad, as opposed to flirting with good.
  19. I'm all for optimism, and that's how I try to roll...but this team just looks too overmatched and overwhelmed too often to feel like anything magical is coming...there's just been so little progress, and that's all I wanted to see...I actually expected the Devils to put up less points than last season from the get-go, but I thought they were going to become a more compelling product, with reasons to say "Yep, we're going the right way." Sure, the record's not awful over the last nine, but that was to be expected with the schedule easing up. But no matter how you slice it, when you consider that this team has all of four regulation wins in their last 29 games...FOUR!...and only nine on the season...that's just another reminder of how shaky this team is. For the first time, I'm actually very open to the Devils moving Schneider in the near future (though I doubt it will happen anytime soon). The guy can't win here...if he has a bad month or two, the team can't overcome it...when he plays well and helps keeps his teams in games with little to no margin for error, they can't score enough to support him...every iffy goal gets blown up as a result. November and December were bad months for him, goes without saying, but for the most of his time as a Devil, he's been very good (.921 save% as a Devil, even with his .909 mark this season). And he has nothing to show for it (81-85-34 record here). If he was 25 or 26, I'd say keep him...but he'll be 31 in two months, and I don't see this team being able to challenge for a playoff berth for at least two more years. That will make Cory 33 or 34 by the time the Devils might be icing a decent team. It's really too bad, because he's obviously quite good a lot of the time, and an easy guy to root for. But his career is being wasted in NJ. I'd be very sorry to see him go, but he's quickly becoming an unnecessary luxury here.
  20. Maybe the jersey change will be switching to the Lowell Devils jerseys...only the "L" will stand for Losers.
  21. 7-15-7 in their last 29 games. About as fugly as it gets. Very discouraging and depressing season. Just feels like there's less and less hope with each new loss.
  22. Could they have looked any more overwhelmed in OT? They never stood a chance.
  23. Turtle...damn that's good.
  24. It's actually 8 points now (behind the Flyers), with a game in hand. Doesn't sound that bad until you consider the fact that there are 6 teams between the Devils and Flyers. I'm just going to try to enjoy each game as a separate entity, and not worry about the playoff race (until the Devils are actually truly in it). LGD!
  25. Hope you're not referring to Rob...