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  2. Not me. Black as the dominant color of a given jersey feels very played out to me. I don't ever want to see the red relegated to secondary status. I still love the black and red as is, but have always been open to the concept I discussed previously (some trim styling similar to the old red and greens, or finding some way to work a little green into the current design).
  3. Started following in '83-'84 (mostly through the Star Ledger sports section), but didn't really get to watch them on TV regularly until '87-'88...that's when my dad finally caved and subscribed to SportsChannel. I also got my license that year, so I started driving myself to games (sometime with others, sometimes alone) parents weren't thrilled with the idea at first, but once I came back alive from the first time, they were usually OK with me going. I went to Montclair State College starting in the fall of 1998, and once I realized how close I was to BBA, I started going to games like crazy...from '88-'89 to '11-'12, I went to an absolute ton of games...the best of which was being there for the 1995 Cup win, on my 25th birthday, in my brand-new white Devils jersey (the first one I ever owned...I couldn't afford one before then, and a girlfriend had bought it for me just before the game...I had to run to her place in Jersey City to pick it up, then had to bolt to the game in time for some tailgating...was a brilliantly beautiful but windy summer day). Haven't been able to go as much in recent years because my daughter has so many after-school activities, so lots of running around...but we watch a lot of games in my basement (I'll get some pics up of it...I already have some up here, but I've since added and tweaked...suffice it to say the Devils are VERY well represented down there). My daughter wants to go to some games next year, so I will definitely make that happen.
  4. Bleech. Thanks again Sandy. I don't blame you for giving Gsellman a shot, but this offense... Hope the TC watch has begun. This dead-men-walking sh!t can't continue.
  5. Doc Emrick almost looks like a little like Luke Wilson in that pic, heh heh. Larry Brooks looks like he was a lot less of a nudge back then...hard to believe these guys were that young once. I have an original '74-'75 KC Scouts media guide and a couple of Rockies media of them was for the '81-'82 season...I know this because it came after Merlin Malinowski's breakout season, where he scored 25 goals and added 37 assists in 69 the time, everyone in Colorado was hoping that would just be the beginning, but he quickly faded, was traded to Hartford in '82-'83 despite getting off to a nice start with the Devils through five games, and played so poorly for the Whalers that they released him at the end of the season, and his NHL career was kaput, though he was only 24 years old, and had some skills. I forget what year the other Rockies media guide was from. I gotta dig this sh!t up. Speaking of the oldern-day time's a great photo of Doug Favell in a Scouts/Rockies "hybrid" jersey. Apparently when the team first moved from KC to Colorado, the new Rockies jerseys didn't arrive in the Scouts logo were hastily ripped off the old jerseys and replaced with Rockies logos. It actually doesn't look too bad, but I prefer the "cleaner" look of the actual Rockies jerseys...especially when they stopped screen-printing the logo and numbers onto the jerseys...I don't think they started going with actual patches and twill until their final season in Colorado, but resident jersey expert DM84 (who has an insane jersey collection that's always evolving) would know the answer to that one better than me.
  6. I have one of those black jerseys (#31 Ahonen)...they were used for community events, and not worn on the ice. I tried to get Ahren Nittel's jersey first, but that was already gone, so I bought this one instead. I've put it up for sale here a couple of times, but with no takers.
  7. Oh I agree, the Mets aren't to blame one bit for Montero...if anything, they've given him enough chances at the major-league level...this last one was a big one, and he did nothing to take advantage of it. He could go on a nice roll in AAA, and it would make no impact on me at this point.
  8. You're probably not going to get much of a response on this topic...many of the members here are under 40 years old (many of whom are WELL under). Hirsch is REALLY going back (I have some memories of him, but not a ton of them). He managed to be very enthusiastic despite having to talk about an awful on-ice product. I did enjoy Mike Miller and Chris Moore; Randy Velischek and Tom Chorske, not so much. I like Matt Loughlin, but always found Sherry Ross to be awkward. Here's an interview I found from a while back with Hirsch:
  9. What does one have to do with other? Not every Sharks fan roots as hard for the Giants and Warriors as they do for the Sharks by default...and even for the ones that might, that doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't be seriously bummed about the Sharks failing to get to the promised land yet again...the Patriots winning their 5th Super Bowl in a relatively short time frame isn't making the Devils now routinely missing the playoffs any easier for me (ditto the Mets having gone what's coming up on 31 years since their last World Series). I'm all-in for all three teams, though the slightest of edges will always be to the Devils...I think partly because I was always able to go to so many games in person, from the first season I got my license (1987). I couldn't give a fvck about basketball, on any level...just never took for me, though I tried to get into the Drazen Petrovic, and later the Keith Van Horn Nets. At any rate, your implication that Sharks fans are somehow automatically mollified by two other local teams' success is pretty weak...especially coming from a Devils fan who roots for the Phillies, like you (no, NJ obviously doesn't have a MLB team of its own that would be the seemingly "obvious" choice, but those who insist on assumptions would probably think most Devils fans, by simple proximity, would either be Mets or Yankees fans) should understand that, now as much as ever, it's not at all uncommon these days for fans to root for teams from multiple (and occasionally unrelated) geographic areas.
  10. Rosario slash: .397/.444/.466, .910 OPS Smith slash: .346/.388/.506, .895 OPS Montero actually turned in a good start for Vegas on Sunday (5 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 7 K)...but after this latest major league run of disaster, I can't get excited about anything Montero does anymore.
  11. Welcome to the boards. I started with the 1983-84 Devils myself. My parents took me to a 8-2 curbstomping at the hands of the Flyers (I was 13), but that was all it took for me to jump on board. Jersey design/re-design talk has been discussed a lot on here, with the usual cross-section of opinions. Some are fine with no changes at all, some wouldn't mind some tweaking as long as it's nothing too extreme (one member would like to see the black shoulder trim done away with, some others would like to see some green make its way back into the current design, etc), and some are OK with the idea of a more radical re-design in theory, but are afraid of Buffa-slug/Fishsticks-level disasters. I'm actually pretty open-minded on this (though I wouldn't complain one bit if the jerseys remained as is). There was a mashup of the older style jersey with black replacing the green, and the general striping and trim pattern being part current and part retro. I thought the very last photo on this thread (page 3) was kind of interesting:
  12. Kelly Johnson is still a FA BTW...he's slashed .260/.319/.441 overall as a Met (and was even better in his second stint). No, he's not the second coming of Babe Ruth, but he's a decent hitter who gives you some quality ABs. You could do a lot worse. ----------------------- On a completely unrelated note...I was always kind of interested to see what Jack Leathersich could do, if he could ever fully harness his control. There was that infamous 57-pitch abuse outing that Wally Backman put him through, shortly before Leathersich would undergo TJS...he then went to the Cubs organization, where once he recovered, he pitched in three levels in the minors, but appeared to still have control issues once he pitched in AAA (6 BB in 5 IP, though he didn't allow a hit). Looks like it might soon be over for him...he's walked 10 hitters (two intentionally) in just three AAA innings this season, and has also hit a batter and thrown two wild pitches. What I'll always wonder about it how much of that 57-pitch trainwreck ruined him...he had actually shown something with the Mets in 2015...still obviously needed work, but had moments.
  13. We know how impossible it is to evaluate PLC numbers by sight alone...d'Arnaud, Conforto, Ike Davis and others have absolutely shredded it in PLC stints. Rosario could come up here and hit less than .200 or so, sure; the majors is a long way from PCL AAA. But Matt Reynolds is what he is...he had one BABIP-bloated season (nmig brought up the BABIP, to his credit) in 2014 that made him kind of interesting, but this is a guy who's going to be a fringe, fighting-to-stick-in-the-majors kind of guy, who will bounce back and forth between the minors and majors...he's turned in two incredibly mediocre PCL seasons the past two years. This is not a potential difference-maker in the slightest, and I'm just beyond tired of this kind of call-up...we've had so many of these the past few seasons. It just would've been to nice to see Sandy do something bold for once...but no, with Passive, in what's supposed to be a go-for-it kind of season, it's more tread-water types like Gilmartin and Reynolds...because heaven forbid we ever think about right now. Total bullsh!t.
  14. How creative Sandy. Way to think all means, bring up another one of your AAAA stiffs. Reynolds hit .225 and struck out 34 times in 96 ABs last season (and walked a whopping four times)...oh, but wait...he did have 8 doubles and hit three HRs, so he had some occasional power. So: low average, lots of strikeouts, some power Sounds like Sandy's wet dream.
  15. Rosario now slashing .414/.455/.486 after going 2-for-3 with 2 BB last night. For the love of God Sandy...
  16. Sounds about right.
  17. And that's the thing, re: the bolded...they pitch just well enough that you can't really kill them, but for once I'd like to see a game in a series like this where one or more of the Mets' vaunted starters goes out there and is flat-out untouchable...of course they won't and can't do that every time out, but I'm just so tired of these "not too bad, well at least he battled" kinds of outings in these spots. Obviously there's been plenty of other issues with this team (and I know sh!t happens, but Cespedes missing the young season's biggest series really bothers me), so the starting pitching in general has gotten off a bit light compared to the offense, Terry, etc...but I just think they came up too small in this series, and they've earned some criticism.
  18. Cory is three years younger than Kovy...that's fairly significant, especially since both players are in their 30s. Another negative, as far as Kovy goes, is how much of Lemaire's work is still ingrained in him? Kovy was never going to be a defensive stalwart, but Lemaire at least got Kovy to start addressing the weaknesses in his game. Like Tri alluded to, Kovy's been playing on great KHL teams where he can probably get away with an awful lot. The Devils would need him to be better than he probably is at this point.
  19. Took all of 19 games for this season to become a complete mess...after a 7-3 start no less. Plenty of blame to go around...just about everyone has played a role in this...and that includes the overrated starting pitching. Obviously in general there's plenty to like about these starters, but there's just been too many games where they haven't provided that real shutdown game...too many 5 to 7 IP, 3 or 4 ER type of games...not downright awful, but just not good enough, especially for a rotation that gets fawned over as much as this one does. The Mets are a fragile bunch right can't give up 2 runs right away in one game, and then a grand slam right away in the other...great, you battled back and gave your team a chance, but for once, can it NOT be a friggin' battle? Can you just go out there and turn in 7 or 8 IP of scoreless or one-run ball, where the opponent is completely flustered by the sixth? If you guys are that friggin' good, that shouldn't be too much to ask. I'm sorry, but Harvey, deGrom, and Wheeler combined for 19.2 IP and 10 ER, with each of them giving up at least 3 ER. That's far from awesome. And far too often these guys aren't awesome when you really need them to be...I know their D doesn't always help them out, and that they get screwed out of wins, but it always seems like we're bending over backwards to look for silver linings or excuses when they turn in yet another meh-to-pretty good outing when the Mets need real brilliance. Maybe it's unfair to lump Wheeler in with these guys at the moment (we should probably just be happy that he's pitching at all), but I can't continue to think of the rotation as being beastly when they've far too often had a knack for doing a bit less than expected in a series like this one. And agree with '7', Conforto might have been awful for much of last year, but that was last year. So far, he's been excellent at the plate. Keep him in the lineup...of course he'll cool off somewhat, but he's fvcking hitting. Speaking of fvcking hitting: Rosario is now 16-for-35 in his last nine games. And had a triple last night, so suddenly the XBHs are coming as well (3 2B and 1 3B in his last four games). This team needs something...yeah, it's the PCL, but he's still hitting .403 there. Bring this guy up...Sandy, for fvcking ONCE, act with something resembling urgency and think outside your stupid little box for a change. Just once.
  20. Big reason the Nats are off to a big start: Harper, Murph, and Zimmerman (who's off to a tremendous start)...their offense is helping to cover up for the 'pen (and of course, the Mets can't do any damage against it). It's fair to note that the Nats haven't always had big offseasons (though they did land Scherzer), and have struck out on some of their targets (easy to forget that Murph was really their Plan C). But the Wilpons and Sandy haven't shown much desire to address the Mets' shortcomings and find upgrades, and I find THAT aggravating. To me, Sandy should really be the one feeling the heat at this point.
  21. My problem with Kovy will always be the same: I don't trust him. If he gets off to the same kind of start that he did in 2010-11, I could see him saying screw it, I don't need the NHL, I gave it another try, but it just wasn't meant to be. I'd rather see the Devils bring in someone who they can count on as being more committed. That being said, I would consider bringing Kovy back on a one-year deal, with the understanding that he probably won't be here past the trading deadline...more of a "OK Ilya, tell you what, now you decide that you want to come back to the NHL, fine, but since you have to go through the Devils, you use us to show other NHL teams what you have left, and we'll use the opportunity to try to get more for you than we would right at this moment" scenario. If I thought the Devils had a legitimate shot to make the playoffs next season, then I would feel differently, but it still feels like they're not terribly close, and this team needs assets for the future. I don't see Kovy being much of a positive in the locker room, though there's only five current Devils who were here for Kovy's last season: Zajac, Greene, Josefson, Henrique, and Kinkaid. How much bad blood would there be? Who knows. The above is predicated on the belief that Kovy doesn't have that much trade value at the moment, as it's been a while since he last played in the NHL...of course, if someone offers something that's to Shero's liking right away, then just deal him and be done with him. I can't welcome him back with open arms...I've never judged his reasons for leaving the Devils, but the simple fact is he left, when Lou bent over backwards to keep him. He turned his back on this franchise. So fvck 'im.
  22. Great posts '7'. A win today would really help, as far as the "this is all going to sh!t in a hurry" feeling goes. What I really hate is that it's already feeling like the Nats are becoming the Braves of yesteryear...that the Mets are just destined to play second fiddle to them...almost like they're deferring to them. For once, I think Sandy has to be very proactive...and to me, with the current state of the team, he can do one of two "shocking" things: fire Terry if things don't turn around very soon, or call up Rosario. We know the situation with Terry...somehow, he's managed to survive here, in spite of the fact that he's a pretty lousy Xs and Os guy, and doesn't come off as very bright. Yeah, his strongest attribute is that his players usually play hard for him and genuinely seem to like him a while lot. But like you say, they're just comatose right now, and sometimes the one and only thing that gets them to look in the mirror and truly take themselves to task is when something (or someone) is taken away from them. Firing Terry would send a solid "If you guys loved him so much, you should've played better!" message. Part of the problem is that no one is ever held accountable here, so actual consequences for not getting it done would be the kind of shock to the system that these players need. Of course, as much as I am not a TC guy, I'm not sure Sandy would find someone significantly better or more interesting, as he doesn't seem to respect the position all the much to begin with. As far as Rosario goes...he went 3-for-4 yesterday (with his third 2B hit) and is now hitting .387. We all know trying to evaluate PCL players is damned near impossible based on quick-glance numbers alone, but it's not like he's hitting .290 or so. I just like the fact that he'd be a new face and new blood. His arrival also wouldn't derail the infield too much...hopefully Cabrera could move to third, because he doesn't deserve to lose his job. I feel like Reyes should absolutely start to be phased we've all said, his upside isn't what it once was, and his plate approach has not only been awful from Day 1 this season, but I have yet to see him trying to make any adjustments. And I don't want to judge the guy, but for a player who is clearly no longer in his prime, he carries way too much off-the-field baggage...I just don't see why the Mets should blindly stick by him to the extent that they have. One last thing: it would be nice if these starting pitchers could start turning in real shutdown ace-like performances in more of these bigger games. Too many "well he battled, he was decent at least"-type starts. Be good or great, not just OK.
  23. Thanks for putting another awesome lineup together Sandy...heaven forbid you showed just the slightest bit of creativity. Guess getting to the World Series two years ago was good enough for you. Same sh!t different season. '7' is right, the Nationals organization wants it more, from top to bottom. Feel for deGrom and others who have to be fvcking perfect.
  24. I'm really tired of watching the same game...did anyone think that the Mets were winning that game in extra innings? Damn we've seen this so many times. Feel for Bruce...guy is dialed in...just came up a bit short. I know the Reyes crap is getting beaten to death, but little does he have to do before Terry actually shows this guy the pine? Exactly TWO Mets position players have played in every game this season...why the fvck is Reyes one of them?! He can't sit for a few games? The Mets have been plenty generous in giving him chances to get it going...and he's showing zero signs of breaking out. Could there be some semblance of accountability here, just fvcking ONCE?! Anyway, it's the same ol sh!t...solid pitching performances forever being wasted by this sh!t offense that never ever seems to get the big hit. Really hope Smith and Rosario are cut from a different cloth. Speaking of: Smith mired in his first AAA slump (1 for his last 14), Rosario currently on a seven-game hitting streak (10-for-26).
  25. Same old Mets. Getting fed up with Familia in a hurry.