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  1. Around the League: 2016-17 edition

    Their RW depth is poor. He could easily find himself with Monahan and Gaudreau. Jagr, to his credit, likes to select teams where he can play a prominent role. I would not be shocked at all to see him replicate last year's numbers. Happy he is back for sure!!!
  2. GDT: 9/18/17 Washington Capitals @ NJ Devils

    I prefer the old jerseys, but I'm not too butt-hurt about the fact that the new ones are a bit different. I admit that we don't look like the classic Devils of old, but who knows, maybe that will prove a good thing in the long run. More excited about the on ice product itself.
  3. Fire & Ice Website

    ok ok, a tom cruise meme will ALWAYS save the day. well done. [shakes hand]
  4. Bryce Salvador to join Devils' broadcast (Replaces JMac)

    Sal is a good guy. Like this move. Should do well.
  5. Fire & Ice Website

    from the board where people are yapping about Deb's tan in another thread, pretty rich to be "called out" on not loving "video-blog" journalism. but to each his own, pal. you wanna poo poo as your m.o. instead of a more human "yeah, it is kinda lame/strange", i guess that's what you'll continue to do. after all, you've got 20,000 posts, so, your word is gold. lol, THIS!
  6. Fire & Ice Website

    oh brother, get off your high horse. NJDevs is a fun forum, but it's a real boys club. if a person doesn't have 20,000 posts, you guys make people feel like they can't create topics or post anything more on the lighter side. i just thought this was funny that Gross posts videos, definitely a sign of the modern times.
  7. Fire & Ice Website

    What's with Andrew Gross posting so many selfie "reporting" videos on Fire & Ice? Am I the only one who doesn't want to see him this up close and personal?
  8. 2017 Training Camp thread

    I can understand that perspective. If you view Franson as nothing more than a 3rd pairing D, absolutely, agree with you with your conclusions. And it is quite possible that he wouldn't have wanted to come to a bad team and be in a situation where they were trying to flip him. All plausible. The difference of opinion is that even though I've never been a fan of Cody Franson through his career, I do think on this Devils club, he could play at 3-4 and be of use. However, he's not a difference maker between a bad club and a good club. He's more a complimentary piece on an already good team. So by this logic, I can again see why NJ would prefer to give the minutes to their kids. All this said, if you're trying to ice the "best team" this year, I think Franson should have been offered something (if he wasn't). That's all. At any rate, definitely excited to see what the youth can bring. Hopefully both Mueller and Butcher look good out there. Mueller has a surprisingly good shot in EA's NHL 16-17.
  9. 2017 Training Camp thread

    Not to beat a dead horse, but Franson (per 82 games) over his career averages 31.8 points per season. He's just about even when it comes to career +- (not that most care about this stat in today's world), and the advanced stat nerds seem to think he's a positive possession guy. Even if Butcher develops into something similar, Franson is already this right now. Right-handed D. On a 1 year deal, it seems like a bold conclusion to me that he'd have no value at the trade deadline. That's an assumption based on the fact he couldn't find a job easily, but trade deadline teams couldn't care less about the prior summer. All they care about is adding a helpful piece of the guy has played well. I still think Franson is a better player than Lovejoy or Moore overall and would deploy him 1000 out of 1000 times over those guys. Of course if NJ didn't want him, that's why they didn't sign him. But the motivation for not signing him, I doubt, was unproven prospect Will Butcher. It was more likely (my guess_ that Shero has allegiance to Lovejoy and knew that bringing in a proven NHL-level defenseman would absolutely mean Lovejoy (or Moore) would be sitting regularly. And that, for me, is a poor reason to not go out and sign a guy (Franson) who would have improved the defense. That's the point of why they should have had more interest in Franson. But hey, who knows. If they truly want to get the young guys big minutes, and fully expect it to be another difficult year, I can see not pursuing a Franson if they didn't think it'd be worth a 3rd or 4th round deadline pick. As per Erixon, seems like a reclamation project, throwing sh** to see if anything sticks. But what others have said is probably true. Guy probably slots in better in the AHL.
  10. 2017 Training Camp thread

    Anyone know much about this Tim Erixon character the devs brought in on PTO? All I can gather is that he is 26, has never played more than 31 games in an NHL season (has a few seasons with 10-20 games), has played for NYR, CLB, TOR, and CHI (likely as a 7th), and is Swedish. Here is what Eliteprospects says: A very smart defenseman that plays a solid two-way game. Erixon is not very spectacular, but plays an effective and rather simple game. He does not throw his body around, but can be aggressive and has active stickwork. Hockey sense is very good and so is his offensive positioning. Not a pure offensive force, but has enough skills to put up points and quarterback the powerplay if needed. Furthermore, he has good size and mobility and handles the puck well. I don't know what his odds are of making the team since NJ wasn't willing to go out and sign Cody Franson at the cost of nothing, but maybe they envision Erixon as a guy who can rotate in here or there to relieve Moore or Lovejoy. Or simple insurance in case Mueller doesn't have sea legs.
  11. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    More from Todd Cordell, who wrote a good blog on this: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Todd-Cordell/The-New-Jersey-Devils-were-smart-to-sign-Damon-Severson-long-term/159/87324
  12. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    Mike Green also had Backstrom and Ovechkin logging tons of ES time with him and was their exclusive PP D-man. The Devils have never had anything like either of these players. My argument wasn't that Severson is > or = to Green, it was just that Detroit paid Green 6M per when his two final seasons in Washington were 38 pts and 45 pts respectively. I think they knew they weren't paying for the 76 point Mike Green of 2010. And yes, they signed him as a UFA where coin is always inflated (generally to the point where teams rarely get good value if a guy is signed on day 1 or 2 of free agency), but the point remains that Detroit felt a guy who can put up 10 goals and 40 points is worth 6M in the marketplace from 2 years ago. Since the monetary value of defensemen seems to increase year to year, that may even represent an adjusted value of something like 6.25 or 6.5m. All this being said, I agree that Severson has not shown yet that he can score a ton of goals, which is an important factor in D-value. But he has shown he can drive play and put up 30 points. Paying him 4m, in today's NHL, is a good contract. There is always inherent risk in every signing. If he regresses to some 20 point D, then perhaps it's not good value. However, he has youth on his side, and a Devils team that can only go up. I expect that within 3 years, we'll all be screaming at what a good contract this is, if we can't already immediately see it.
  13. Damon Severson Re-Signed

    Anyone who thinks this a bad deal doesn't watch the New Jersey Devils play with regularity. Absolute perfect deal relative to league averages. I'd even call it a "great" deal since we all know what 30-40 point defenders have the potential to pull in. Hell, Johnny Boychuk made 6 million last year for 23 pts in 66 games. PK Subban made 9 million for 44 in 66 at the top end. Not that Severson is on a PK Suban level, but there are many guys in the top 20-salaried D who make way more than they should relative to what they produce on the ice. Mike Greene had 36 pts, a -20, and made 6 million. Sekera, Leddy, Myers, even these guys make 5.5m. Severson coming in at just over 4 is about as good as anyone could have hoped for, and the six-year term locks the kid up for a while. Even if he develops into nothing more than a 30 point guy with good advanced stats, the price we're paying now is below market value. In 6 years, it may be far below market value. And on the flip side, if he starts ripping off 40 point seasons, which I think is quite possible, let alone more than that, he'd easily be asking for (and getting) 6m per. The Devils will most likely not be a good team this year, and it will be another long season. But this is another right move in a summer that saw several.
  14. Hischier: What are your projections for season 1?

    Given that there's a good chance this kid makes the roster opening night and sticks around for the full season, what kind of basic numbers do you knuckleheads think he will put up? I'll say 15 goals, 30 assists, 10 PPP, 240 SOG. I'll optimistically say he plays 75+ games.