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  1. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    The problem is we have no d, it's not Marty. To even consider trading Brodeur, is a fools thought.
  2. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    We need one or two star defensemen, to fill the skates of the Scott's.
  3. Name that Captain

    LOL! Exitio, you got me. I admit. I'm a self-confessed EA NHL nerd.
  4. Brodeur asks NHL to protect goaltenders

    If a skater interferes with the opposing goalie in his crease. The skater should only be credited with an interference penalty, if his actions appear intentional, or he does not make a valiant effort to remove himself, pronto. However, in the event a goal was scored, and said skater, made no attempt to remove himself from the crease. That goal must be disallowed, regardless of the circumstances and/or intent.
  5. Name that Captain

    No, I had requested community aid, because after conducting a grueling search, I was unable to find the info I once needed. And, since the members of this community are global. I thought they might hold the answers, which I desired.
  6. Name that Captain

    Thanks to all those, whom actually helped. After painstaking research, I found what I was looking for.
  7. Name that Captain

    You forgot to list the Alternate Captains.
  8. Name that Captain

    Please list thee Captain and his Assistant Captains, for all of the NHL teams listed below, this 2005-06 season. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - Boston Bruins - Calgary Flames - Colorado Avalanche - Edmonton Oilers - Florida Panthers - Minnesota Wild - Nashville Predators - Phoenix Coyotes - San Jose Sharks - Tampa Bay Lightining - Washington Capitals
  9. Who are the Devils 05-06 Alternate Captains?

    Who are the Devils Alternate Captains, for this 05-06 season?
  10. Something the NHL Missed...

    Here's my take: WIN=3 Points LOSS=0 Points
  11. Who is Erick?

    Stop... really... your all too kind.
  12. Game Thread: Devils vs Rangers-10/8

    My thoughts exactly. Say, game day.
  13. Devils Games via the Computer/Internet

    Is that my only option?
  14. Devils Games via the Computer/Internet

    Is it possible to watch televised Devils games via computer/internet in real-time? If so, how?
  15. Captain

    It makes sense.