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  1. Roman Lyashenko Found Dead

  2. Roman Lyashenko Found Dead

    Here's the Babel translation of the site I mentioned above (it's real rough): Russian forvard of cloud/club NKHL "New York Reyndzhers" 24- summer novel Lyashenko tragically camber, being found on leisure in Turkey. The details of the death of young hockey player are not thus far known.However, information about the death 24- summer of eks- that attacking team Russia (Lyashenko it was drawn into the national composite in 1999, but into the composition of the composite of Aleksandr yakusheva to the championship of peace/world into Norway it did not fall at the last moment/torque) in the telephone conversation with the correspondent "gazety.Ru" confirmed the general manager of Yaroslavl "locomotive" Yuri Lukin.Lyashenko before its departure in NKHL it spoke in favor of Yaroslavl cloud/club, because they perceived the tragedy of hockey player in Yaroslavl' closely to the heart. On one of the versions, in Turkey it was located on leisure together with the family and died of the heart insufficiency in the hotel number.In all likelihood, Lyashenko it died in the sleep.Turkish policemen arrived in the hotel in the morning revealed/detected Lyashenko by already dead.The hockey community of Russia is found in the shock and it is not thus far ready to give the official explanations to the occurred tragedy.Thus far sharp/acute heart insufficiency the lethal outcome considers the most plausible version of death Lyashenko, although they speak both about the auto-catastrophe and about the fact that Lyashenko it sunk/drowned in the sea. Lyashenko no longer first loss, which bears the Yaroslavl hockey. During January of 2003 years, let us recall, on the balcony of its own apartment was found the body of the trainer of the Yaroslavl cloud/club of Aleksey Traseukh.As a result of investigation it was established that it was shot down from the gun. Then, on 6 June of this year, into the auto-catastrophe fell the shielding the colors of "locomotive" player team Russia, close friend Lyashenko Vladimir Antipov.As a result of emergency perished the wife of hockey player Mary, player himself with the numerous damages was delivered into the hospital But is still earlier, in 1999, in the auto-catastrophe camber player then even Yaroslavl "torpedo" Vladimir Zhashkov. It is necessary to say that the interseason is frequently turned around by tragedies for the Russian hockey players.Several years ago, being found on aqueous leisure, by the nelepeyshim means camber Russian enkhaelovets Dmitriy Tertyshnyy;however, present in spring, already after the end of season in Togliatti, in the emergency seriously suffered one of most talented Russian yuniorov of Igor Grigorenko. By the way, Lyashenko, that was the captain of youth team Russia on the championship of the peace/world of 1999 victorious for it, in the future season completely could become odnoklubnikom Grigorenko.After five years, carried out after the ocean, the hockey player, who played in the finale of the goblet of Stanley 1999 - 2000 years, lost place in the basic composition of cloud/club NKHL. after passing by the spring of last year from "Dallas" to "New York Reyndzhers", novel Lyashenko so could not become its in the new command.Forvard of defensive plan already conducted negotiations from the tol'yattinskoy "Ladoy", which heads the former trainer Lyashenko on the Yaroslavl "torpedo" Peter Vorobyev, apropos of his return to Russia, but from completing them him death prevented.
  3. Roman Lyashenko Found Dead

    I read a translation of the original article off a Russian news site. It was tough to make out, but it sounded like a former teammate and the coach of Lyashenko's former team in Russia have also died recently of suspicious causes. Something very odd about this one.
  4. FOOOOORREE! Says the Rangers

    A 0.921 save % is all-star calibre.
  5. Devils Up For Sale...

    Maybe he could become Elias's agent.
  6. FOOOOORREE! Says the Rangers

    The Rangers are playing Devils hockey! No square tonight!
  7. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    I don't recall anyone saying that, Scott.
  8. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    Yeah, it wasn't just the Rangers in 1994. You all keep telling yourselves that.
  9. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    But that one didn't count. Half a Cup. Though that sounded much better until you won the second one in 2000.
  10. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    I respectfully disagree.
  11. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    StarDew, I stand corrected about the ownership of the Devils. But you are wrong about Bettman. The NHL has never been so popular as the spring the Rangers won the Cup. Actually, all I care about is the Rangers making the playoffs. I don't care how they do it. You would feel the same if in my shoes. I was going to avoid this thread until Jerry showed up in the NYR Cafe with the kinder, gentler version. Don't be PC, Jerry, say what you feel.
  12. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    I never said they did. But it is silly for Jerry to bitch and moan about the Rangers spending the money that their fans give them to make the team better.
  13. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    One other point... where were all the naysayers back in the early 90s when Pittsburgh had the highest payroll in the NHL? They were borrowing big time to pay guys like Lemieux, Stevens, etc. spending way more than they were taking in. They brought on their own demise, not the NY Rangers.
  14. Yeah, I Know The Rangers Stink

    Jerry obviously thinks the Devils are still owned by McMullen. This is hillarious coming from a fan of the team owned by YankeeNets. Bettman would be doing cartwheels if the Rangers make the playoffs and make some noise. Come on, Jerry, you're smart enough to realize this.
  15. Affects Of Kovalev Trade

    Just a corrected version for Chico is god