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  1. Game Thread: Devils vs Rangers-10/8

    man i wish i was down there but i guess i'll have to watch the game from the comfort of my house
  2. Hi

    Thats so true LOL
  3. Hi

    Thanks i'll try to remember that lol it's not that easy living near dallas and being a devils fan
  4. Hi

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone
  5. Hi

    Thanks i think i will
  6. Hi

    Lol i'm still here
  7. Hi

    I live in cleburne it's not a real big town
  8. Hi

    Thanks for the welcome i live about 30 miles from dallas
  9. Hi

    I just wanted to to say hello i'm from texas and i have been a devils fan since 2001 so i'm hoping to make some friends here