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  1. Log in issues today.

    Couldn't get back on till now I should also mention that I can't see any of the avatars either. : I don't remember it being disabled for guests Who do you use for internet access? Hasan AOL TalonSmith: I sent in a support ticket for the software company, I spent all day on the issue. I can't figure it out TalonSmith: when you dont see the image, do you get an X or nothing shows at all? Hasan Shows nothing, not even a space where it's suppsoed to be. TalonSmith: That is odd TalonSmith: does the rest of the forum look ok? Signatures and text? Hasan I don't see the sigs, they're left out too. And the smiles aren't visible, they come up as instead of actually showing the emoticon. Hasan I do see the vital info on the left side (posts, rank, username), admin tags but that's about it lol Hasan: I can at least see all the posts themselves now (before I was only getting a few of the forums, OT and all the other folders in that section didn't show up). TalonSmith: wild TalonSmith: Try registering under a new name Hasan: Well it logged me in but I don't see my control panel or the other stuff (avatars, sigs, etc) Hasan: So I guess that doesn't work either TalonSmith: AOL has been real funky for me today. taking email a while to go in it Hasan: I forgot to read the Yahoo! e-mail (had to use that for the e-mail address). TalonSmith: try and using the activiation link
  2. Log in issues today.

    Hi, I am Hasan and I cannot post or see the forums! HELP!