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  1. Devils fans that hate the shootout

    all I can say is ....let's see how fans react when their team is eliminated from the playoffs through a shootout. I think it's fun - but hate the idea that it "counts" as the games get more meaningful, it could become a really painful way to lose an important game.
  2. Restaurants near CAA

    thanks guys ... very helpful! can't wait!
  3. GAME THREAD: Senators @ Devils 7:30pm

    i'll be going, too ...my first devils game in a LONG time. I asked this question in "heaven" ...but I'll post it here, too. Where to eat near CAA? Something fairly nice (I guess the food is the important thing) thanks in advance
  4. Restaurants near CAA

    Sorry if this is an oft-covered subject ... but where's a decent place to ear near CAA? We are going to the game tonight ... but don't get up to that part of the world very often (we tend to go to the games in Philly, which is closer). Something like a pub, diner or even a little nicer would be great. thanks

    this may be a big stretch, but I wonder if Pat Burns condition is making the decision difficult? I haven't read any recent reports on him .. but a few positive medical reports may make Lou feel he only needs an interim coach for now.
  6. Game thread: Toronto at Devils 7 PM

    wait a minute .. why was belfour allowed to handle the puck in the corner?
  7. The devils cannot afford to wait for Elias

    I agree totally (was at that game, too). Brodeur's head was not in that series. He seemed distracted. I'm trying to remember .... something about the backup goalie being traded that pissed him off (or am I confusing years)?
  8. Game Thread: Capitals @ Devils - 11/12/05, 1:00pm

    even though we gave up a two goal lead, I'm still taking some positives from today's game. Mostly, the 3rd period. There was a very different feeling about the team and very little of the "panic" that has been plaguing them. Seemed like they were changing shifts quicker than normal? If so, it might have been a ploy to keep everyone fresh and focused and it was working. they also kept attacking ...not sitting back. It just seemed a little bit of the "old" devils surfaced in the 3rd period to my eye.
  9. Criticism of Devils Fans by those on the board...

    another fan in Hunderdon, here. It's just too far. Newark will be closer and I can take a train - that will be a huge improvement (hate that traffic getting out of the arena parking). There's my "one hour" rule ...seems like getting somewhere under an hour is cool.. over an hour drive puts it into the "do I really feel like going?" territory. Here's a question .... where are devils fans concentrated? I assume it's central jersey. I always though that, if the area had been in Piscataway or Edison area (on the train line) that it would have been a bigger success. any thoughts?
  10. Again, hockey is a young player's game

    hey ...thanks Jester ...they are a great band (playing the House of Blues in AC on Oct. 26th BTW) I kinda feel sorry for buccigross.. he obviously loves hockey #1 and he's stuck on a network that is not hockey-friendly. Went from hosting a show to ... whatever odds & ends he gets now. i only met him once but he seems like a sincere enough guy. As for the state of hockey; yes we are being a bit premature in our negativism, but - for me - it's the knowledge that our sport is no longer this special little place that seemed wonderfully untouched by modern Hyperbole. It's lost some of it's purity in my eyes. that, and, the basic idea that they wanted to legislate the "defense first" teams out of the standings ....
  11. Again, hockey is a young player's game

    hey ...that's my boss ! (mickey, that is) (i'm ween's manager) Mickey .. a die hard flyers fan and flyer's season ticket holder is one guy who is NOT happy with the new NHL. He tried to get John to commiserate but Buccigross is holding the company line on how great hockey is now. Wonder how he *really* feels? Hopefully that will eventually leak out in a future column
  12. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    My thoughts on Marty. I don't think he's lost his confidence. I think he's pissed. I think he's sulking because of the new rules. Let's face it, the rules were changed with the Devils in mind. And Marty knows that. He probably thought at first "oh, let them change the rules, we'll still do well anyway ...we'll show 'em" ..but when it was obvious how much the team was impacted, he got mad. I don't blame him. It's obvious that the rules changed were partially designed to dismantle the Devils. It's working.
  13. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    hey !! i'm watching hockey. now all the games are on - so somebody figured out their error. If only the devils can do the same.
  14. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    OK ...turns out I can get the game on the Carolina feed (630 on directv). this is so weird ... never had that happen before. I don't want to go thru the season watching the *other* teams announcers. still cant' get rags or isles.
  15. Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils-10/15/05

    not getting football... but I'm not getting hockey either (i'm on directv)